Funny Moments in Fall 2015 Anime


The year 2015 is almost over! But before we start thinking about next year, I would like to share my favorite moments from this past season of anime.

The theme I have chosen for these highlights is Dear Answer, thanks to this season’s Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation. Click the following link for my list of Great Moments in 2015 Anime.

These are 14 of my favorite funny moments of Fall 2015 anime, but not necessarily the funniest moments. You can find all of these titles and more on Crunchyroll. And as always, there will be SPOILERS!

14) Priorities (Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, ep. 4)

tantei-team-kz-04Thanks to all their wits, Team KZ solved their very first mystery and found the guy who has been robbing convenience stores, and more importantly, had trashed Kazuomi Wakatake’s bike! The culprit turns out to be a college student who had been living at home while his parents were out of town. Now that their case is closed, the boys and Aya ask each other if they want to keep solving mysteries like this one. Wakatake proudly agrees, even on the hopes of getting money out of helping out the police and stuff.

There could have been so many other reasons. Following their own sense of justice, the thrill of figuring out a whodunit, or helping out the neighborhood. But these guys are currently in their 6th year of elementary school and heading into middle school. Wakatake’s looking for money! Well, at least he’s got his priorities straightened out.

13) Learning the Important Words (Comet Lucifer, ep. 2)

comet-lucifer-02Now that Felia has taken a human form, Sogo and Kaon take it upon themselves to take care of her. Felia just finished taking a bath, and now Kaon tries to dry her hair with a blow-dryer. But Felia stays away from Kaon and grabs a hold of Sogo instead. Sogo thinks that Felia might not like the blow-dryer, and suggests drying her hair with a towel instead. Kaon calls him a perv, and Felia follows suit.

Let’s be real: when it comes to learning a new language, the first words we remember aren’t greetings, simple sentences, or even names of different kinds of food. The ones that speak to us are the bad words, the ones we use to make fun of other people, because it’s just so forbidden! I don’t think Felia understands what exactly a “perv” entails, but whatever. She’s still soaking it in like a sponge!

12) A Heated History Debate (JK Meshi!, ep. 8)

jk-meshi-08Reina, Ryoka, and Ruriko just came back from watching a samurai drama at the movie theater, when they decide to go on yet another tangent about history! Reina looks back on what is called the Meiji period. She considers it a monumental point in Japanese history, where the government had allowed liberalism to flourish, thanks to the influences of the French Revolution in 1789. It was Japan’s way of catching up with the rest of the world! However, Ruriko rebukes this claim, criticizing the Meiji period for being entirely handled by the noble class, rather than by common citizens as the French Revolution had done!

Who is right? What does history really have to say about this? How did the conversation even get to this point? I don’t know, but Ryoka is hungry. So what are they planning to snack on this time?

11) That’s One Crazy Medic! (Young Black Jack, ep. 5)

young-black-jack-05Kuro Hazama and his US Army escorts arrive in a small village in Vietnam, having escaped from a Viet Cong prison camp. Hazama had already treated the soldier known as Bob, but because he didn’t have the proper tools, Bob had shown more signs of necrosis. Well, that’s not a problem, because the US Army is sending in an energetic, independently contracted Japanese medic by air! No really, they got an air-dropped medic! And he is way too excited to go and treat some soldier!

As it turns out, this medic is Dr. Kiriko, Black Jack’s perennial arch nemesis in the original series. And when you got a medic as crazy as him? It shows.

10) Cover Blown (The Perfect Insider, ep. 2)

perfect-insider-02Sohei Saikawa and Moe Nishinosono have been invited to visit the mysterious Dr. Shiki Magata on her private island/prison, something that very few people are even allowed to do. Although she is a logician like Saikawa, Dr. Magata had killed both her parents when she was only 14 years old. In order to find their way into seeing Dr. Magata sooner, Moe infiltrates the facility by telling the staff that she is feeling ill.

Moe and Saikawa-sensei successfully get inside and are greeted by Yukihiro Yamane, who is currently in charge of monitoring Dr. Magata. Yamane shows them around and even suggests if Moe wanted to rest in his room. Moe excitedly accepts, but then remembers that she was supposed to be sick!

Oops. I guess she’s not the perfect insider!

9) Convenience Store Work (Hacka Doll, ep. 5)

hackadoll-05The Hacka Dolls are rated extremely low in customer satisfaction, so No. 0 sends them all back to training by doing convenience store work! Hacka Doll No. 1 seems to be adjusting to this line of work well, and even asks a patron, “Did I help advance you?” The burly customer is confused by such a response and kindly corrects her, but because of what he looks like, he seems menacing!

Wow. What a nice guy, helping No. 1 out. But seriously, if these Hacka Dolls are going to work at a convenience store, they should learn a few things from Monochrome-senpai! Speaking of Miss Monochrome…

8) And the Winner is… (Miss Monochrome 3, ep. 8)

miss-monochrome3-08Miss Monochrome stumbled upon a poor kitten and took her in from the rain. Feeling grateful for Monochrome’s kindness, the cat invites her to her world, where there seems to be an idol contest going on. Seeing how Monochrome aims to be top idol and stand out much, much more, she can’t possibly refuse!

The contest goes on, and there are awfully familiar faces among the contestants. But when it comes time to crown the winner, everyone is shocked when the king declares the winner: Ru-chan! Why? Because while all the idols were busy doing their numbers on stage, Monochrome’s Roomba friend was humbly cleaning up the stage after everyone’s performance. Truly, Ru-chan is a model for all the kingdom’s citizens!

So yeah, Ru-chan wins the contest. But what Miss Monochrome really wants to know is… the cat can talk!?

7) Muco Sticks the Landing! (Lovely Muuuuuuuco!, ep. 4)

lovely-muco-4Muco is out for a walk with her human, Komatsu-san, and she is way too excited as usual. So when she runs off faster than he can keep up, Muco’s leash snaps and she tumbles into the air! Muco flips and glides from all that energy she had built up from that first jump. And then, she conveniently lands in Shinohara-san’s basket!

Muco is saved, but for some reason, every time Muco sees Shinohara-san, she feels a weird sensation in her belly that makes her growl. Not to mention, Komatsu-san seems to have an interest in her. Well, this is awkward.

6) The Beast Spear is Talking? (Ushio and Tora, ep. 14)

ushio-and-tora-14Ushio has had the Beast Spear for a while, ever since he freed Tora from his captivity in the Fugen’in Temple secret basement. But on his way to find out what had happened to his mother, Ushio discovers that his father’s priestly sect has already chosen others to wield the legendary weapon. Four candidates, to be precise! Ushio then wonders what exactly to do with the Beast Spear, now that others are out to take it from him. But then, Ushio hears something, as if the Beast Spear is speaking directly to him!

Wait a minute, that voice sounds awfully familiar! Ushio turns around, but all he can see is Tora’s smug face, as he continues to say terrible things about Ushio. Oh, come on, Tora! Who are you trying to fool?

5) When Nobody Does Their Homework (Komori-san Can’t Decline, ep. 10)

komori-san-10Megumi has a bad habit of not doing her homework, so naturally, she asks Shuri so that she can copy hers. But if Shuri doesn’t do her homework, they’re both going to be in trouble, so naturally, they ask Masako if they can copy hers. Well, what happens when Megumi, Shuri, and Masako forget to do their homework?

Well, they’re all doomed!

4) Not Another Fate Monger (Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation, ep. 4)

sakurako-04No, I’m not talking about the Fate series, which happens to be very popular. I’m talking about that thing that some people think rules their lives in weird, supernatural ways, much like how Officer Utsumi’s friend Fujioka believes that he is destined to die very soon at such a young age. But Sakurako Kujo? Ugh… she’s so sick of fate. All these people and their irrational behaviors, no wonder Sakurako never gets out much! She may be a weird lady who collects bones and whatnot, but she isn’t ruled by something so childish as fate!

I mean, look at that face. She is so disgusted even having to mention such a flaw in human reasoning! Sakurako will get to the bottom of whatever is consuming Fujioka, but before she can do that, she needs to call out all the shenanigans! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s solve his mystery!

3) Angry Kokopo (Utawarerumono: the False Faces, ep. 3)

utawarerumono-03Haku and Kuon join Ukon and his entourage on their way back to the Imperial Capital of Yamato to deliver all sorts of goods. But where there are roads to travel, there are bandits who are out to steal from passersby! And when those roadside thieves attack the entourage, there are all kinds of danger to be had. And I don’t mean from the bandits!

When one of the bandits grabs a hold of Haku and spits in his face, that doesn’t sit well with her. And by “her,” I mean the noble Rurutie’s big pet bird, Kokopo! And when you mess with Kokopo’s man, you’re asking for it! Kokopo then pummels the bad guys into next season!

Maybe they’ll think twice the next time they decide to cross Haku!

2) The Best Christmas Ever! (Mr. Osomatsu, ep. 11)

osomatsu-san-11It’s Christmas Eve, and in Japan, that means a lot of couples are having super hot steamy dates that will most likely end in you-know-what! So when Totoko is out on the town, all six of the Matsuno sextuplets make their moves on her! But since this segment features all of them in their super sexy grown with the anime industry standard forms, Totoko is so overcome with joy that she’s likely to explode at any minute! No, really!

But after all the boys make their attempt at wooing her, they all decide to call a truce and just share Totoko between all of them. And with that, the Matsunos and Totoko fly through the air, as they go around and destroy every last love hotel in the world. Best. Christmas. Ever!

1) True Love’s Confession (Peeping Life TV Season 1??, ep. 8)

peeping-life-08So this schmuck and his wife were at a party last night, when the wife overheard him say to his friends how terrible she is! To his defense, the man says that he was really drunk and couldn’t control what he was saying. So when his wife is about to drive off, he begs for her forgiveness. The wife says she’ll forgive him, but only when he loudly confesses his love for her.

Frantically, the man uses every last clichĆ© response, about how his wife is the best woman he’s ever laid eyes on and stuff. You know, the meaningless garbage that the wife has heard a thousand times. Finally giving up on a real response from her husband, she drives away for work and leaves him behind. As the car’s engine becomes inaudible upon driving off into the distance, he shouts at the top of his lungs, “I love you!”

Well, that is one, Dear Answer that can’t possibly be fake! Now take the bastard back!


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