My Fall 2015 Crunchyroll Simulcasts


Welcome to the Fall Anime Season! And once again, I will be sharing some of the new titles that I’ve just added to my simulcast list.

Featured here are 14 more shows that are airing for this season, but not everything that is currently out, as I’ve already made conscious decisions to drop a few shows, including some of the most anticipated ones (sorry!). Only one of these features is a sequel, but you can bet I’ve added others! You can find these and many more on Crunchyroll.

I am presenting these featured shows in order by which they will be simulcasting, from Sunday 0:00 to Saturday 23:59 (PDT). Each show description here will include genre tags, a brief summary, and my first impressions based on a pilot episode.

1) Comet Lucifer (Sundays @7:00 PDT)

comet-luciferTags: Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mecha, Seinen

In an industrialized world where humans harvest metals with humanoid armors, a couple of kids discover a little girl born from the depths of the abyss. Who is she? Where did she come from? And why is she here?

It looks cute, it feels cute, but a mecha drama should indicate to you that there is a much darker aspect to it. I mean come on, it’s got “Lucifer” (in reference to the fallen angel) in its name! But I am still very excited for this one, as it was my most anticipated new simulcast prior to starting. Oh, and it’s an original, so we don’t have any media to trace outcomes for the story. This will be interesting.

2) Komori-san Can’t Decline (Sundays @7:30 PDT)

komori-sanTags: Comedy, Slice of Life, Animated Short, Seinen

Shuri Komori is a high school girl who can’t refuse a request, and people seem to take advantage of her kindness. Is it because she’s nice? Is it because she’s got huge knockers? Or is it because she doesn’t know how to say “no?” But at least she has some good friends to support her.

Call me crazy, but I can totally relate to her. It totally sucks that she can’t really do anything for herself, but then again, she likes to help others out. So be thankful to those kind people. Frankly, that’s the main reason I’m still watching this.

3) Hakone-chan (Sundays @9:00 PDT)

hakoneTags: Comedy, Animated Short, Seinen

Hakone-chan is the spirit of the hot spring (hence “onsen” in its full Japanese title), but everyone sees her as just some little girl. In order to regain her powers, she must haunt Toya, a guy who can’t find a girlfriend, and Haruna, his alleged love interest to become a full spirit again.

Not much else to say just yet. It is funny though. I’ll give it that. There will be plenty of adult humor to be had, I’m sure.

4) JK-Meshi (Mondays @10:35 PDT)

jk-meshiTags: Comedy, Slice of Life, Animated Short

Three high school girls are making their favorite foods, and informing you, the audience, on how to make it! And occasionally talk about school stuff.

There have been quite a few food anime shows released this year, so this one probably doesn’t look as exciting. However, I found it to be surprisingly educational so far, and the subject is more focused on form than on making us super hungry. Besides, cooking healthy can be good for you!

5) Mr. Osomatsu (Mondays @10:45 PDT)

osomatsu-sanTags: Comedy, Parody, Shonen

It’s been 27 years since Osomatsu-kun the animation last aired. Now as adults, Japan’s classic series about sextuplets is making another revival in memory of their original creator’s would-be 80th birthday. Can they take back Japanese television by storm against the current trends of the anime industry?

Okay, I’ll admit. I’ve never seen any of Osomatsu-kun‘s original run, nor have I read the manga. But remaking a classic and putting a funny spin on everything else that’s out there? I think taking anime back by storm has already been achieved! Get ready to laugh out loud for this one! I’ll be watching this one closely.

6) Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note (Wednesdays @4:00 PDT)

tantei-teamTags: Slice of Life, Mystery, Animated Short, Shojo

Aya Tachibana may be your average middle school girl, but because she has failing grades, she has to take supplementary classes with the school’s soccer team! But when she becomes acquainted with these bad boys, they put their heads together to solve mysteries throughout the school! Can these delinquents come together and crack the cases before they all flunk out of club activities?

Yet another original animation, and so far, I’m pretty excited for it. The story carries itself out like a shojo series, but it doesn’t sparkle in detail like one, which I think makes it commit to form at the very least. And while these students are failing a few of their classes, it does go to show that there are still plenty of things to learn outside the classroom too.

7) Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (Wednesdays @10:00 PDT)

beautiful-bonesTags: Mystery, Seinen

Sakurako Kujo is an osteologist with a knack for solving murder cases, and her assistant Shotaro Tatewaki is intrigued by her. There’s just one little problem: Sakurako is very anti-social and makes a hobby out of collecting the bones of murdered people. Together the unlikely duo will help solve murders, but will definitely not have any more meaningful relationship beyond that (heh).

It’s an intriguing taste on crime dramas, and my family has practically grown up on watching these kind of shows; so of course I’m going to watch it. Also, Sakurako is apparently as famous as her uncle who does the same kind of work. Can someone say… Kindaichi reference in the name of his grandfather? (Yes, I’m also aware that Kindaichi Case Files Returns is having a second season this fall. And of course I’m watching it!)

8) The Perfect Insider (Thursdays @11:00 PDT)

perfect-insiderTags: Drama, Mystery, Shojo

Sohei Saikawa is a computer scientist who would rather obsess with a prodigious enigma like Sakurako — I mean — Shiki Magata, than interact with other people. The only problem is, Dr. Magata is a sociopath who killed her parents when she was a child, and hasn’t made any public appearances since. Now, it is up to Saikawa’s assistant, Moe Nishinosono, to get inside Magata’s head before everyone starts to lose their minds! Let’s just hope they don’t have to call in Sakurako when someone’s been murdered!

Okay, anime comparisons aside, I’m very excited for yet another mystery. And it’s a psychological thriller as well! And while there are plenty other anime out there these days that have pretty girls in them, I am happy to say this one is more concentrated on what they think than how they look. At least, I hope that’ll be the case! Speaking of anime where it’s all about the look…

9) Hackadoll (Fridays @8:30 PDT)

hackadollTags: Comedy, Science Fiction, Animated Short

Based on the mobile app with the same name, this original animation features at least three of the Hacka Dolls and their misadventures in helping people.

No crazy backstory. No character development. Just a lot of funny moments and digital girls being silly. I’m watching for the lulz, but I’m not expecting too much out of this one.

10) Kagewani (Fridays @8:50 PDT)

kagewaniTags: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Animated Short, Seinen

When the world is filled with UMAs that attack people without much of a trace, Sosuke Banba is there to investigate just what exactly is out there. But even though he is the expert detective on these matters, a monster may be growing inside of him!

Not gonna lie. I did not expect this one to turn out great, but after the first couple of episodes, it’s surprisingly thrilling, even though it’s really short. If you can get passed the paper puppet animation techniques, it has a chilling, yet hopeful story to tell.

11) Lovely Muuuuuuuco (Fridays @18:30 PDT)

lovely-mucoTags: Comedy, Slice of Life, Animated Short

Forgive me for spelling the title out that way, but that’s how it’s been advertised on Crunchyroll. This is the third season of a show for all ages about a dog named Muco and her love for her human, Komatsu-san. Unfortunately for Muco, humans don’t know how to speak dog, so this anime will help us to understand a dog’s life.

I honestly don’t even think you have to watch the first two seasons to understand how great this show’s going to be. Every minute of it has been enjoyable so far, and Muco’s life has plenty of adventures in it no matter how simple it is. So enjoy the funnies, because whether old or young, there is something for everyone.

12) Young Black Jack (Fridays @22:00 PDT)

young-black-jackTags: Drama, Shonen

Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack has returned to anime, but this time it’s a prequel about Kuro Hazama’s life before he went into formal practice as the famous medical doctor. What did this young medical student have to go through before he became known as Black Jack?

Okay, let’s be honest: this isn’t actually Tezuka’s work. It’s based on a manga by Yoshiaki Tabata and Yugo Okuma that was first published in 2011. However with plenty of permissions I’m sure, this series serves as Black Jack’s look in a contemporary manga/anime market, with a handful of characters who are emulated by the classic Tezuka style. It may come with mixed feelings from older fans, but I’m enjoying this so far in homage to an anime legend.

13) Utawarerumono: The False Faces (Saturdays @10:30 PDT)

utawarerumonoTags: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen

Yet another revival (or in this case a spin-off), the Utawarerumono series comes with a new addition, as the human amnesiac Haku and his guardian cat-person Kuon venture in a magical world of mages, curses, and giant insects, among other things.

Again, not claiming that I’ve ever paid attention to the Utawarerumono series before, but so far, this is quite enjoyable. Haku and Kuon make for a funny partnership, perhaps one of the better pair than most. I would like to end this preview list on a good note, but I still have one more wacky show to add. Why? Because Anime.

14) Peeping Life TV Season 1?? (Saturdays @12:30 PDT)

peeping-lifeTags: Comedy, Parody, Seinen

Your favorite characters from Tezuka Production and Tatsunoko Production are teaming up for a variety show in their contemporary CG glory!

It’s best not to think about this one too much. It’s a variety show, so you won’t be seeing a lot of scene changes, unless it’s between commercial breaks. It’s pretty dry, but if you ever wanted to understand the highs and lows of Japanese humor, this is a good learning tool. And despite classic anime characters being the stars of the show, all of the dialogue is conversational.

It may not be the most entertaining show out of these, but it if you are ever serious about living in Japan (as I am planning), you might want to get a glimpse of this one before making that decision. Just throwing that out there.


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