Anime Review: Peace Eco Smile


So technically, this is still anime. It is made by a Japanese studio, and it’s animated. But its purpose isn’t to tell a story or to even make us feel something from it; at least, I don’t think so. It’s an extended commercial for Toyota. Think of it as taking a string of Superbowl commercials, splicing them together, and calling that a TV show.

Commercial intention aside, it is a very quick and easy love story, which is why I will be talking about it here. And because it’s a commercial, you can watch the entire series in about half an hour. But please, don’t try to over-analyze the story or its characters. It’s very fast-paced, so there are no extraneous details, and it has one very fast romantic development!


And it hasn’t even been a minute yet!

PES: Peace Eco Smile brings us into a whimsical world where people live in fairy-like houses and it’s totally normal for a guy to suddenly live with a girl’s family whom he just met. Here, we find Pes, an alien allegedly from the Andromeda System, who saved the young florist Kurumi from falling into a lake and losing his spaceship in the process. Together, they start a very steady relationship, and the only one who’s concerned at all for them is Kurumi’s brother Ken, because Pes is totally not from this world, let alone the fact that he’s a boy!

Oh, and everyone — I mean EVERYONE — drives a Toyota.


I don’t know about you guys, but that Camry looks amazing with all the colors and shapes around it!

Seriously. The animation looks like the animators decided to come into work really high that day, but that doesn’t matter as long as you know to buy a Toyota!

Not to put down the intention. At least it looks pretty. But pretty stuff doesn’t always sell a car, let alone an animated feature. But I can guarantee you, a cute little mascot almost certainly will!


That alien would be so useful. And it’s cute!

But you can’t have a love story without some kind of obstacle, and Pes isn’t the only guy in Kurumi’s life! Just when Pes tries to go out on a date with Kurumi, the pretty boy Sho rolls up to steal her heart away!


Man, it’s because he has a Supercar, isn’t it?

But lucky for Pes, this is a very short series. So taking Kurumi back is inevitable. And how better to do it than to save the girl and make that guy look like a total wimp by comparison?

Jokes and spoilers aside, this series leaves something to be desired in terms of story. But that’s okay. It follows the minimum essentials for just about any romance: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, conflict arises in their relationship, boy saves girl, girl realizes boy is amazing, and of course, the punchline:

Buy a Hybrid!


Never mind that Pes’ spaceship is sitting at the bottom of a lake, polluting the water.

So yeah. This is a commercial to sell the Toyota brand, as well as to possibly be a little more environmentally conscious. Was it effective? I don’t know. Was it good? Probably not. Did it contain the essence of a romance? Uhm… sure.

Well, did they at least live happily ever after?



So if you like Toyota, need a reason to buy Toyota, or are compelled to tell your friends why they should buy from Toyota, then get a Hybrid watch Peace Eco Smile!

And if you thought this was totally off-beat from the kind of reviews I normally do, don’t worry. I’ll be covering something with a similar background to this one, but with much more detail next week!


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