Funny Moments of Summer 2015 Anime


Summer is over, and that means no more lazy days for some of us (awww). But before I start preparing for other things including the Fall anime season, let’s revisit some of the moments that came from a handful of anime from this past season.

This highlight review’s theme is Hero, thanks to this season’s Ushio and Tora.

Obligatory disclaimer: these are the funny moments of the season, not necessarily the funniest moments of the season. These moments come from a limited list of things that I watched and does not include everything that aired in Summer 2015. You can find all of these anime and more on Crunchyroll.


14) The Eromanga Artist (Aoharu x Machinegun, ep. 7)

aoharu-07Toru Yukimura of team Toy Gun Gun may as well be Yuki Aito from The Comic Artist and His Assistants (but that’s for another review), and he’s got a thing for boobs… of course! So when fellow sniper Ichi Akabane goes one-on-one against him, she switches to a close combat weapon so that she can see his “dying” face when he loses.

That’s great and all, but Yukimura does the same thing! Well, at least he got his reference material?

13) The Rich Girl’s Master (Wakaba*Girl, ep. 5)

wakaba-girl-05Mao wants to learn how to act like a rich girl, so she turns to the one rich girl she knows, Wakaba! But what she learns is that Wakaba isn’t as gracious as she is just downright strange in every way! By the next morning, Mao finally realizes why Wakaba acts so pecularly for a rich girl: Wakaba’s been copying her!

So if you ever wanted to learn how to be a rich girl, ask Mao. As it turns out, she’s Wakaba’s master!

12) The Mannequin Senpai (Miss Monochrome 2, ep. 6)

monochrome2-06Miss Monochrome has been asked to do another mannequin act for a shoot. But this time, she’s accompanied by the idol group Caramel. Monochrome isn’t too happy to have to share the stage with these girls at first (even though she’s technically not the star), but quickly assumes her role as the most experienced mannequin idol. So when the Caramel girls struggle to hold their difficult positions without moving, Monochrome takes center stage to teach her kouhais something.

Step aside, girls. Let Monochrome-senpai show you how it’s done!

11) Mommy — err — the Saint of Mountains (Braves of the Six Flowers, ep. 6)

rokka-06The prophecy always said that there were six braves that would fight the Demon God. So when the braves realize that there are seven of them, they immediately assume that Adlet is the impostor, seeing how he broke the temple seal and all. Hans and Chamot are itching to just go ahead and kill Adlet, when Maura, the most authoritative figure among these braves, steps in.

Yes, Mommy — I-I-I mean… Maura!

10) Napoleon on a Giant Lobster (Food Wars, ep. 23)

shokugeki-23Do I have to explain this one?

9) Tamakoma’s Cannon (World Trigger, ep. 38)

world-trigger-38So technically this should’ve made my Great Moments of Summer 2015 Anime review, but let’s take a moment to realize just how crazy strong Chika Amatori is!

Chika is Tamakoma-2’s sniper and she has a very large amount of trion flowing through her. But up until these B-rank wars, she has never been in a real combat situation. But that’s okay, because she’s being guided by the cleverest (and in my opinion the cutest) operator, Shiori Usami. So when Shiori gives the signal to blow a building to pieces, Chika relentlessly opens fire!

That is one insane display of trion, Chika. But let’s not forget who the real monster is: Shiori, the puppet master of Tamakoma’s cannon!

8) The Ninja from Accounting (Classroom Crisis, ep. 5)

classroom-05No one’s really thrilled that Angelina is A-TEC’s new assistant homeroom teacher, not even Angelina! So when the class decides to have a beach outing, Angelina throws a fit with the class’s designated pilot, Iris. Mizuki the class rep tries to cool things off by assuring her best friend that Angelina from accounting isn’t as hostile as a ninja or something.

Yeah, about that… Angelina-sensei just put away a kunai, like, just now!

7) The SANZIGEN Family (Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life: Phantasmagoric Arc, ep. 6)

wooser3-06It’s no secret that Wooser is a tightwad when it comes to producing anything, especially an original film. So when he needs a set to shoot it, he turns to the one group of people that he might be able to trust: the family (the SANZIGEN family, that is)! And why not? Arpeggio of Blue Steel is also produced by them. But little do we know, Wooser didn’t just borrow a set from them. He got the entire ship!

If SANZIGEN studios ran like some crime organization, the Blue Steel fleet would be the bodyguards, Miss Monochrome would be the facade, and Wooser would be that weird cousin everyone says terrible things about at family reunions.

6) The Hamburger Girl (Ushio and Tora, ep. 4)

ushio-and-tora-04Tora has been waiting 500 years to devour a human, yet for some reason, he still hasn’t eaten one since Ushio’s Beast Spear keeps getting in the way. Tora is about to go on a human-eating binge (starting with Ushio) having defeated their latest poor excuse of a yokai. But when Ushio’s friend Mayuko Inoue comes into contact with Tora, she meets him without fear and gives him a hamburger instead, because she’s very certain that they taste better than humans.

I think we all need to applaud Mayuko for a minute. She just saved the people of this town from getting eaten by Tora with a single hamburger. That’s awesome!

5) The Chocolate Maker (Actually, I am, ep. 8)

jitsuwa-08This world is about to come to an end, thanks to a mysterious asteroid that is being controlled by a certain tiny devil named Akane Komoto, the school principal! And why is she doing this? Because she REALLY wants resident alien (no, really), Nagisa Aizawa’s chocolate!

The fate of the world is in the hands of Nagisa’s chocolate? Best. Destiny. Ever!

4) The Yukika Detector (My Love Story, ep. 21)

ore-monogatari-21Yukika Amami likes Suna, and she’s been keeping a very close eye on him for 10 years. I mean really close. Like, yandere stalker level close!

So when she finally tells Suna that she likes him, she finds every excuse to avoid him. But this time, Suna’s best friend Takeo has become fully aware of Yukika’s existence, and tracks her down with a Nagisa Aizawa-style antenna (cf. Actually, I am)!

You’re not getting away this time, Yukika! Takeo’s found you!

3) The Time Traveler (Non Non Biyori Repeat, ep. 8)

nnb-repeat-08Like I said, the summer season is over, and the girls of Asahigaoka have to go back to school, too. But wouldn’t it be great if Natsumi Koshigaya found a way to bring us back to the beginning of summer?

Nice try, Natsumi. But that ain’t happening, and I need to write this review. Better luck next time!

2) The “Normal” Little Sister (Himouto! Umaru-chan, ep. 5)

himouto-05Taihei Doma is an office worker who keeps his private life under wraps. But he doesn’t intend on having it that way, really. So when his coworkers Bomber and Alex ask him about his little sister Umaru, they first ask him if she’s cute.

Taihei pauses for a moment to remember that the cute “public” Umaruun is nothing like the “true” tantrum-throwing Umaru, to which he then replies, “Nah. Normal.” Now his coworkers are even more confused, as they imagine a plain little sister that looks a lot like him.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a little sister too, and she’s much more similar (in how I relate to her) to Umaru than whatever you guys are thinking. Sounds pretty normal to me.

1) The Power Stone Fairies (Rin-ne, ep. 17)

rinne-17No one ever expects Tsubasa Jumonji to save the day. So when he purifies his Power Stone by essentially flogging himself, the talisman’s true potential is realized, as he summons the fairies that reside in it. These fairies immediately spot Masato as the source of the evil activity going on. And without another word, these angelic thugs pummel the demon with a barrage of holy slaps he will never forget!

Wow, Tsubasa. I had no idea you had it in you! (slow clap)

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