Anime Review: Urawa no Usagi-chan


No, she’s not a rabbit. No, she’s not Sailor Moon either. Usagi is a high school girl from Urawa within the city of Saitama, and she and her friends are here to tell you all about their city. But because she’s kind of loopy and can’t seem to pay attention, you’re probably not going to learn much about Urawa at all. But hey, it’s a funny short series!

But enough of these pleasantries. Let’s…

Red bean paste!


Urawa no Usagi-chan takes us on the everyday adventures of Usagi Takasago and her friends in Saitama. Together they belong to their school’s Railway Club. Why? Because Urawa has a shikansen stop in their town. I don’t know!

Together with Midori, Minami, and Tokiwa, Usagi makes every day as fun as she wants it to be with three of her best friends…


Oh! Sorry I forgot about you, Sakura!

…and some others along the way, including the Student Council President Saiko, her secretary Kojika, and the tanuki-like girl who’s always getting lost, Misono.

While we’re at it, the Railway Club is going to tell us all about their hometown, featuring this guy.

GuyOr this park.

urawa-parkOr this advertisement for ninja ramen!


Okay, let’s be real for a minute. Anyone who’s expecting this animation to have a story from beginning to end or to have information about Urawa’s history is missing the point. This is a comedy short series featuring slapstick gags between the same group of girls who just so happen to come from Urawa. So calm your butts and laugh at the silliness, because that’s pretty much all you’re going to get!

And once you’ve accepted that, the show can actually be quite entertaining.

Saiko Numakage

Sorry to disappoint you all.

But hey, at least Usagi has surrounded herself with good friends who will always have each other’s backs in hard times, right?


Eh, never mind.

For what it’s worth, friends aren’t actually nice to each other all the time in real life either. These girls may be throwing punches and going through gag routines like a dysfunctional comedy act, but they really are good friends. Usagi is very lucky to have them.

And believe it or not, there are also some very heart-warming moments in this series, too.



But of all the quasi-disappointing facts about Saitama that pop up in this show, there are some very subtle things about Saitama’s culture that do make it feel like you’re there along with the girls.


Midori must be happy it rains a lot all across Japan.

For every scene outside of the school building, Usagi and her friends walk in background scenes inspired by photographs taken of sites all over Saitama. Whether or not you like that style of animation is really up to your own personal taste.

And even though Usagi is a scatter-brained high school girl who probably can’t tell you about her hometown to save her life, there is one thing she will be happy to share with you about this town.

ShrinesCall her old-fashioned, but the energetic Usagi really likes visiting shrines, especially when she needs time away from the rest of her life. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool of her. Score one for old-fashioned stuff!

But alas, Usagi can’t be around shrines all the time, and neither should you. Because fortunately or unfortunately, life still goes on, and we all have to do other things, like work and study and whatnot. So let’s not forget to do that, even while you have all that time to relax?


Not a chance!

So if you want to watch a series with light humor or need some time for utter nonsense, watch Urawa no Usagi-chan! So here’s to making every day fun! Just don’t be like Usagi and slack it off.


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