Anime Review: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Treasure is something we value because we give it value. If we didn’t value it, it wouldn’t be something to covet or desire. So when the mysterious Nanana Ryuugajou has an entire collection of treasures for her island friends to find, of course they’re going to take them by any means necessary! But when it comes to treasure, there is only one for the many who want it. And thus, a community of thieves is born! And when it comes to thieves, who can you really trust?

Juugo Yama

Ugh. Juugo is so calling out your shenanigans, President.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure (Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin) is set on a man-made island where Nanana thrives. There, Juugo Yama is sent by his parents to go to high school, while doing what his family does already: look for buried treasure, and that includes stealing it if he has to. But when he checks in to his apartment, he finds a strange girl already residing there: the ghost of Nanana Ryuugajou herself!

Nanana used to love searching for treasure. The trinkets she found contained special powers that the owner could wield at his or her disposal; so having such treasures clearly made someone powerful. But when she was still a teenager, Nanana was murdered and her treasures had been scattered across the island. Her ghost has since been confined to Juugo’s apartment, never to look for treasure again!


“But I have two conditions.”

Juugo is given the task to find these treasures by his ghostly apartment mate who spends most of her time playing video games and eating all of his pudding. But he’s definitely not the only one searching for Nanana’s Collection! And so, we have our ensemble of treasure hunters, thieves, and detectives, all coveting the same things!

Tensai Ikkyu

Uh, Tensai? Are you sure you’re the “good” master detective?

I’m not going to go through the entire cast of characters, but needless to say, you probably can’t trust any of them. Where there’s treasure to be found, there are also greedy people. And when it comes to looking for treasure by any means necessary, there are plenty of chances to make alliances, double-cross friends, and deceive enemies. Allies, friends, and enemies are all pretty much the same thing, and Juugo knows that. He’s from an entire family of thieves, after all!

But still, they seem to work things out in this way of life. I guess?

Isshin and YuuIsshin Yuiga is the president of Juugo’s Adventure Club. His partner, Yuu Ibara seems to like him, but he pays no attention to her (ahem… jerk!).

Yukihime and ShuuYukihime Fuji and Shu Todomatsu are in a treasure hunting partnership called the Phantom Thief Troupe Matsuri. They may be rivals to Juugo and his friends, but Juugo respects them as a big brother and sister (and by respect, I mean getting under their skin most of the time).

It may be tough to follow who exactly is being just over who is being a deceiver, seeing that every character takes on multiple roles and personalities, given any situation. But at least one thing is certain, and that is that each character wants Nanana’s Collection. Some are looking for power, others for revenge. Some are looking for fame, others are simply curious about what her treasures can do. Taking them seems to be no easy task either, as simply finding the treasure chests are difficult to find, and there are plenty of traps to get to them in the first place!

Nanana’s Collection contains a marvel of treasures that hold special abilities and different values, and it is said that any one person who can take them all will be very powerful. But if you were to ask me what I think is the most valuable treasure, I would have to say Nanana’s smile.

nanana-smileNanana may be a ghost, but in the end, she’s still a girl. And when it comes to finding her treasure, no one other than Juugo seems to be looking for it for the girl who started the treasure hunt in the first place.

Nanana remains as a ghost because she has been looking for the one who murdered her. While each part of her collection has special abilities in their own right, there is no doubt that each treasure is also a part of herself, and gathering all of them may be the one chance Juugo can get to find her murderer. What better reason is there to find Nanana’s Collection than to find them for Nanana herself?

But Nanana isn’t so narrow-minded as to just trust Juugo with this task. She may be a tragic figure to this comedic anime, but she isn’t any more perfect than anyone else! And for her, there is another reason she remains as a ghost on this island.

She wants to see everyone on this island grow together.

nanana-ryuugajouThey may be cheating, deceiving, and otherwise cutthroat thieves in the end. But for Nanana, that’s all part of the thrill of being a treasure hunter. She was a treasure hunter herself, before she died. And that’s how she wants to see it for everyone who has lived on her island. And even though she will never forgive her murderer if and when she finds him, she can appreciate what all of the characters in this series have done to look for her collection, and the joy that they got from finding each one. Who can ask for a better heroine than that?

If you were to ask me who my favorite anime girls are, the vast majority of them are girls who can clearly show they can do things for themselves, and not transfer their situation over to some guy. But for Nanana, I have to make an exception, because her happiness is something that I would want to treasure.

But seeing that I’m a human being on this plane of existence and therefore not an anime character, she’s just too adorable and funny for words alone! So keep looking for those treasures, find justice your own way, and don’t forget to bring home some pudding!

PuddingSo if you like the thrill of looking for treasure and can appreciate the multiple personalities of some really whacky characters, watch Nanana’s Buried Treasure. And now, I have to go buy some more pudding, because they went missing, for some reason.


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