Approaching my 100th Anime Review!


Can you believe it? I’m approaching my 100th anime review! And hopefully it won’t take me nearly as long to write it as I had to write my 50th (I had about a three-month hiatus just thinking about it). You can find all of my reviews here.

So to prepare for it, I have come up with a schedule for the next 13 things I’ll be reviewing on this site!

The theme for the next 13 reviews is Culture. We like to define ourselves as part of a culture, whether it is part of our personal identity, the people we associate with, or the community we live in. So what is it? And what kind of stories do they tell? Based on a long list of things I have watched but have yet to review, I decided to write about these featured anime series under three subheadings: Community, Friends and Family, and Romance.

All of these reviews are currently pending, and they will lead up to my 100th anime review, which will be written some time in October of this year (yes, I’m setting a deadline for myself this time!)

As I’m sure you know from my review style, I never give an evaluation for any of the shows I review. I may like them or hate them, but I will still recommend everything I talk about, along with personal thoughts and critical analysis. Some of these may be subject to change, arrangement wise, but they’re fairly solid in terms of me wanting to review them.


Reviews will focus on how characters work together (or not) to build a sense of community in their collective lives.

88. Nanana’s Buried Treasure

89. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

90. Ace of the Diamond

91. Outbreak Company

Friends and Family

Reviews that focus on friendship, family, and values for them.

92. Urawa no Usagi-chan

93. Joker

94. Re-Kan!

95. Punch Line


Reviews will focus on love and the values attached to them.

96. Denkigai no Honya-san

97. Peace Eco Smile

98. Wish Upon the Pleiades

99. My Love Story!!

100th Review

A series that not a lot of people really know about, but still very beautiful. And it also has to do with the number 100! I’ll tell you about this one later!

Hope you enjoy them all!


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