Anime Review: Meganebu!


Glasses are sexy. At least, they can be fashionable. Of course, I grew up needing corrective lenses; and seeing that wearing glasses was usually associated with being socially awkward when I was growing up, I have a different perspective on the current glasses trend going on now.

But that’s enough of me ranting about fashion trends and sexy glasses. This is an anime that’s totally [not] BL, but it does feature some pretty high school boys acting, well, silly. And about their obsession with glasses, too. Because as we all know, people who wear glasses have a very elitist approach to life. (Ugh… this is WHY we can’t have nice things, guys!)


Them pecks though…

Meganebu! (literally “Glasses Club”) is about the misadventures of five guys in the Glasses Club of an all boys’ high school. Each one of them styles a different kind of glasses frame: Akira Soma with square frames (my kind of frames, of course), Yukiya Minabe with top-rim cel frames, Takuma Hachimine with Wellington cel frames, Mitsuki Kamatani with under-rim cel frames, and Hayato Kimata with oval-square rims. Hayato also wears fake glasses because he doesn’t need corrective lenses, and is therefore the butt of many of the club’s jokes.

Together they attempt to create the ultimate pair of glasses: one that can see through clothing… you know, to look at girls in a perverted way. The important stuff!

But of course, their attempts have thus far always wound up in failure. While the glasses themselves seem to always have success in their intended effect, there is at least one problem Meganebu has yet to fix:


Oh… shit… RUN!

Glasses are the main subject here, and seeing that everyone has their own favorite frame, I like to this this is the anthropomorphic version of glasses as boys in an anime. But seeing that glasses practically defines a person’s look as it is, that’s probably not saying much.

Just about everyone in this series wears glasses. “No Megane, No Life” is Meganebu‘s mantra. Anyone who doesn’t wear glasses may as well be a nobody, unless they’re members of the Student Council. Those assholes just think they’re important or something, right?

There are also no girls in this show. Guys need their girl-free zone, especially if those girls don’t wear glasses! Sachie Kugishima doesn’t count because she’s a WOMAN!

Lunch Lady

And she won’t let you get away with not eating your vegetables!

Joking aside, this all-male paradise is actually not BL (that’s Boys’ Love, for those of you who are reading my blog for the first time). The boys may act peculiarly effeminate or do all kinds of activities together that boys typically wouldn’t do, but none of it is romantic or intimate. And if it looks like it is, it’s totally a gag routine in jest of that assumption.

While I’m sure director Sobi Yamamoto would love for this to be BL, this was her first mainstream anime, so it was okay to air on national television (her other works went straight to video, and I’m sure you can guess the kind of content they had).

"Your duty is to start a fire!"

Whoa, Akira! That is TOO CLOSE!

But let’s face it: I can’t be too serious talking about this show, because it’s not meant to be something serious at all. The show itself likes to poke fun at a lot of gag routines, including shoujo fan service. Quit teasing us, I- I mean, them! Yeah!


This bromance is so wrong! They don’t even need corrective lenses!


Anyone ever READ Jumanji, the original children’s book? I did. And I still think the movie is better!


English: when the animation staff has to correct the writing staff.

If there’s one thing I liked that I can’t explain in screenshots, it’s the a capella tag lines. Both Meganebu and the Student Council have their own a capella tags in between cuts and introductions; and they’re simple, but catchy lines in English (assuming you think “megane” is an English word).

So before I start trying to perfect my tenor voice and sing “All you need is… M-E-G-A-N-E,” allow me to point out that these guys in glasses really are elitists when it comes to wearing glasses. But that’s not reason to hate them, as it is a very obvious flaw that they will never actually notice themselves. It’s funny, okay?!

And when these guys try to save the Cultural festival with their lenses as a sun reflector much like how some of us start fires using magnifying glasses, let’s not forget: “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Or should I say, in the land of glasses, the kid with the fake lenses just owned all of you!


I think?

So if you like boys, glasses, or boys wearing glasses, watch Meganebu! And now, I’m off to start a quartet with all my nerd friends.

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  1. missamew

    And people say it’s hard to be original. Who thinks of this stuff, truly amazing. Gotta give it whirl.

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