Great Moments in Spring 2015 Anime


Anime Expo begins in 2 days (or 1, in my case). But before I start working there, here are some of my favorite funny moments from the Spring 2015 anime season.

As always, these are great moments, but not necessarily the greatest moments of the season. You can find all of these titles and more on Crunchyroll. There will also be SPOILERS!

Click the following link for my Funny Moments in Spring 2015 review.

The theme for this review is From Here, and There, thanks to this season’s Wish Upon the Pleiades. Hope you enjoy them!

14. A Tribute to Hanako-san (Rin-ne, ep. 5)

rinne-05Hanako-san is a WWII era elementary school girl who haunts the third stall of the girls’ restroom. As a Japanese legend, kids often put on an act of bravery if they can enter that stall and call upon her. But this Hanako-san has a different story: she had lost her binding to the toilet because Tsubasa Jumonji failed to exorcize her completely, and thus sought revenge on him by selling her soul to the closest thing to a devil.

But after a long battle with some comic routines here and there, Rinne, Sakura, and Tsubasa help get rid of the spirit that binds her to a cursed contract. After forgiving Tsubasa, Hanako-san finally has no more regrets and enters the Rinne no Wa for reincarnation.

The legend of Hanako-san continues to exist today, but at least this version of her can finally rest in peace.

13. A Good Husband (I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying: 2nd Thread, ep. 2)

danna-02Kaoru is worried that she and Hajime aren’t very compatible at all. She’s relatively normal compared to her otaku of a husband, after all! She tries to find all the clues to show her that nothing is going right with her relationship, leaving her unstable. But at the end of the day, Hajime finds her and plants one right her lips, no questions asked.

Take notes, fellas. This is what a good husband does for his wife!

12. You Messed with the Wrong Ito (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, ep. 2)

yamada-02At first, Ryu Yamada thought that Miyabi Ito was the most annoying girl at school. But when he realizes how much Ito had been bullied, Yamada decides to take matters into his own hands. When some thugs come to harass Ito for money, Yamada comes by to try and stop them. The thugs then beat up Yamada and grab a hold of Ito? Big mistake. Because Yamada and Ito had already switched bodies, so Ito’s the one who rips these guys a new one!

These guys clearly would not have known any better, but more importantly, this scene shows how far Ryu Yamada will go for the sake of others. Something about Ito reminds him of himself, and that’s why he decided to execute this plan. And he will continue to aid the witches he later finds in the series in a similar fashion.

11. Mixed Match (Baby Steps 2, ep. 9)

baby-steps2-09I have been waiting an entire year for this scene to happen in this anime, ever since the first episode back in Spring 2014! In preparation for their final matches at the Kanagawa Junior, Eichiro Maruo and Natsu Takasaki play against each other in a mixed match to learn from each other, seeing that they both have two different styles of playing tennis. Eichiro prefers a logical strategy, while Natsu uses her intuition.

Mixed matches are rarely played as official tennis matches, since the physical compositions of men and women are different. But when it comes to tennis, Baby Steps knows that the game is more than just about strength and stamina. It’s about mental and emotional constitution as well. What I found most important about this match was not that Eichiro won because he’s a boy, but that Eichiro has come so far after only two years of playing tennis, to the extent that he can play against a champion in her own right, Natsu. That is one giant stride forward from all those baby steps!

10. Crowd High (Tribe Cool Crew, ep. 30)

tri-cool-30To settle things once more, Lui and Moe challenge Kumo and Mizuki on stage at Green Square, with a large crowd present. This was not only a chance for the pair to get their final answer of who was better of the two groups, but also a chance to show the world their new style: Crowd High.

I should add that there is nothing particularly “evil” about Crowd High. While the show calls it the forbidden technique, the dance is similar to that of krumping; and even Kumo, who dances in the New Jack Swing style, acknowledges that their performance was good. But what does make it a problem is that the style takes a toll on the body much more than the other routines found in this show, as it puts even more strain on the heart and muscles. How long can Lui and Moe really last?

But the goofy pair that Lui and Moe once were is now long gone. And the rise of Crowd High has now become the tone of the remaining half of this series.

9. Tigger, Off! (World Trigger, ep. 34)

world-trigger-34Yuma Kuga is in trouble when he’s facing off against the Aftokrator elite Viza. Viza not only uses a special trigger similar to that of black triggers, he’s also had decades of experience beyond compare. How can Yuma defeat him when he’s been weakened, and every strategy up to this point has failed? Do the one thing Viza would never expect!

Yuma attacks Viza head-on, only to be vaporized by Viza’s trigger. But that was Yuma’s plan all along! Now that Yuma’s black trigger was lost, he returns to his regular body, but still has some trion energy left. With that small burst of energy, Yuma uses that opportunity to finish the job!

Way to go, Yuma! That’s how you catch a veteran off guard!

8. Nya-tan’s Answer (Etotama, ep. 6)

etotama-06In the battle against her mentor and zodiac supporter Shima-tan, Nya-tan continues to try and kick the can before Shima-tan’s foot. Shima-tan makes the claim that Nya-tan is hopeless and a disappointment, and she should hand over Takeru Amato and his Sol/Lull to someone else in the zodiac like the battery he is. But Nya-tan doesn’t see Takeru as a battery, knowing there are other good things about the human. Shima-tan thrashes Nya-tan back after Nya-tan fails to explain what those good things are exactly. But Nya-tan doesn’t give up so easily.

Nya-tan stands her ground with Shima-tan’s other foot planted right on her forehead. And with each step forward, Nya-tan gives her answer:

“When I’m with Takeru, sesame oil tastes better, hot baths feel nicer, and breakfast and trips out of the house and everything else is fun! It’s because Takeru is with me that I can give all I’ve got to making my dream of joining the Zodiac come true!”

Nya-tan may not know exactly what it is that makes Takeru such a good person, but all of these experiences clearly show the impact he’s had on her. I kind of agree with Takeru on this one. Nya-tan may be incredibly annoying at times, but there is something about her that makes me want to cheer her on. Also, sesame oil has been saved up to this point, after that Uri-tan fiasco; but that’s for my Funnies review!

7. The Precious Treasure (Joker, ep. 22)

joker-22Inspector Oniyama and his assistant officers Momo and Ginko are the comic relief villains to phantom thieves like Joker. But when Oniyama’s daughter Haruka is kidnapped, things get much more personal! For the first and perhaps only time in this show, Oniyama and Joker team up to get Haruka back, with the treasure on hand to pay the ransom.

But when Oniyama goes ahead and makes the exchange, he wants to ensure that Haruka will be safe. He does so by doing something quite unexpected: holding the coveted scroll painting over his lighter! Needless to say, kidnappers think he’s bluffing, but Oniyama and Joker for once will agree on the intention. “There’s no treasure more precious than children!” Oniyama says. And if you think he’s bluffing, he goes ahead and burns the scroll when he’s tricked!

I would say something like how Inspector Oniyama was the last person I would ever respect out of this series, but the truth is, he’s still acting very much in character. He may be a failed international police officer, but Oniyama cherishes his daughter like any loving father would. And while he still hopes to someday lock Joker up for stealing so many valuable treasures, he respects the phantom thief for his cleverness and his will to never harm others in the process. Oniyama is so cool!

6. Ito’s Battle (Punch Line, ep. 11)

punchline-11 Justice Punch goes into action, but these residents of the Korai House find that Qmay has also had the aid of the US Army to stop them! So to face all the tanks and aircraft, Ito Hikiotani straps into Meika Daihatsu’s customized mech to take them all down! In one of the most brilliant displays of animation this entire season, Ito single-handedly takes down the entire artillery force while piloting the mech controlled by a system similar to the video game consoles she’s used to. But animation aside, this scene means something more for Ito’s character.

Ito became a shut-in after an incident where girls bullied her for allegedly making moves on one of the hot teachers at school, a rumor that Ito proves to be false. Having lost her long hair in the process, she spent her days from that point on, cooped up in her room, with only her electronics and the experimental baby bear Muhi around to comfort her. This scene was her moment to finally break out of that shell and do something incredible with the skills she’s had from computers and gaming. And she will take every opportunity to act like the sadist villain to protect the place she calls home!

There are plenty of great moments in these climactic points of the series that I could have also pointed out. But for now, this is Ito’s time to shine!

5. For Yamato (My Love Story!!, ep. 4)

ore-monogatari-04When a fire breaks out at a restaurant, some of Rinko Yamato’s friends are trapped inside! Despite the mean things her friends had said about Takeo, Takeo jumps straight into the flames to rescue them, because he knows they are also good people, seeing that Yamato has made friends with them. Takeo manages to rescue both of them, but gets trapped under debris. Takeo accepts his fate, until he finds out from Suna that Yamato was ready to jump into the flames with him!

Takeo loves Yamato. And because of that, he never wants to make her cry. But if dying would make her do something even more drastic, he would regret it even more. And so, Takeo makes his decision: he will live for Yamato. And with a jump out of the second story window in a Michael Bay-esque fashion, Takeo will live to be with Yamato much longer.

4. Last Words (Plastic Memories, ep. 13)

plastic-13Whenever Isla retrieved a giftia while she was part of the SAI Termination Department, she always ensured the best support for clients by saying these words shown in the image above to the giftia. But as Isla’s own lifespan comes to an end, it’s time for Tsukasa Mizugaki to say those words to her.

Isla’s body will eventually be recycled by SAI and reestablished as a different giftia with some altercations, but her operating system and memories will be wiped clean. This is the reality of giftia that this show has eluded to since the beginning, but those last words do at least one good thing for giftia: give them a sense of purpose.

We like to believe that somewhere, someday, Isla and Tsukasa will be reunited. But whether or not that happens, I think that cherishing the memories of that special person means much more. Such a simple phrase of comfort may put a giftia at ease before finally being laid to rest, but hidden in those words is a promise, the promise that the memories left behind will continue on after giftia like Isla are gone. And so long as we continue to remember the ones we love through our memories, the promise has already been fulfilled.

3. Two Chefs (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, ep. 12)

shokugeki-12Kojiro Shinomiya is a world renowned chef in French cuisine, and a former 1st seat of the Totsuki Academy Elite Ten. Of course Megumi Tadokoro’s cooking can’t compare to his, even if Shinomiya made the simplest thing on his menu! And yet, when Shinomiya tastes Megumi’s dish in their unofficial shokugeki, something about that dish speaks to him.

Megumi’s dish isn’t nearly as tasteful as Shinomiya’s would ever be on an objective standpoint. But her dish was made with utmost care for her recipients, like a mother would cook for her son. Megumi’s craft as a chef isn’t so much about technique as it is about giving her cooking a personal touch, something Shinomiya had lost ever since he became a prize-winning chef.

The unofficial shokugeki was a challenge to see if Megumi was worthy enough to continue being a student at Totsuki Academy, but in reality, Gin Dojima set it up to save two chefs: a girl who wasn’t given a proper chance to come out of her proverbial shell, and a man who lost sight of what was important to his craft. In the end, Megumi was finally given the chance to show that her talents are worthy of Totsuki Academy, and Shinomiya has been given a chance to redeem himself one more time.

2. A Mother’s Wish (Re-Kan!, ep. 11)

rekan-11At every Tanabata, Hibiki Amami only wished for two things: to make friends, and to see her mother. But Hibiki’s mother Yuhi died in childbirth and thus never met her face to face. But when Roll-call Samurai and the Gal spirit ask Yuhi herself why she hadn’t seen Hibiki at all, they find that she is bound to a deep part of Hibiki’s subconscious. Morning glories reside in Hibiki’s subconscious, and if left unattended, a part of Hibiki will be lost forever.

Hibiki’s wish may have been to see her mother, but Yuhi’s wish is to get a chance to hold her daughter in her arms, something she could never do as a spirit. In an act of compassion, all of Hibiki’s ghost friends agree to watch the morning glories for Yuhi, even though their powers combined could never amount to Yuhi’s. And on that Tanabata night, Yuhi and Hibiki, a mother and daughter, are united for the first time like Orihime and Hikoboshi.

In such a brief yet tender moment, Hibiki and Yuhi exchange few words, and embrace each other, knowing a chance like this may never happen again. At last, Hibiki finally got to meet the ghost of her mother, and Yuhi got to hold her daughter in her arms.

1. Subaru (Wish Upon the Pleiades, ep. 12)

pleiades-12Now that Pleiadian and the girls of the Cosplay Research Club have found all the engine fragments, it was time for them to return to their original places in time, but where and when would that be? Minato guides them back to the one place where their paths were certain to cross, at the water’s edge of Earth’s very beginnings, the origin of time (at least on Earth). At this origin, the girls can go anywhere, be anything, but whatever time they decide to be in may not be the same one. Will the girls ever get a chance to meet each other again?

As they wish one last time to the time and place they want to go, Nanako, Hikaru, Itsuki, Aoi, and Subaru come up with their answer:

“It wasn’t that we wanted to become some perfect person.

It was because everyone was themselves.

And because I was myself.

And because of the time we were able to share.

In that case, I want to be me. And I want to help find lots of good and beautiful aspects of the people I’m with at the time.

I will be me.”

Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades cluster, but it is also the word meaning “to unite.” No matter where these girls will go, they will always be united. From here, and there, those connections will forever be established between them, no matter where they go, or what time they will be in. And the same goes for Subaru and Minato! And when the girls return to the time they have chosen, those po-warm feelings of being with each other will continue to last a lifetime.


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