Funny Moments in Spring 2015 Anime


Anime Expo begins in 3 days (or 2, in my case). But before I start working there, here are some of my favorite funny moments from the Spring 2015 anime season.

As always, these are funny moments, but not necessarily the funniest moments of the season. You can find all of these titles and more on Crunchyroll. There will also be SPOILERS!

Click the following link for my Great Moments in Spring 2015 review.

The theme for this review is From Here, and There, thanks to this season’s Wish Upon the Pleiades. Hope you enjoy them!

14. Wait, She’s Alive? (Etotama, ep. 4)

etotama-04Not gonna lie. I had an entire week of feels of uncertainty after Uri-tan died in episode 3. I thought this was going to be a slapstick comedy show, and even if the death felt somewhat comedic, it was surprising that they would kill off one of the zodiac so quickly! Except that in the following episode, Uri-tan is reincarnated back to her former self. The subsequent episodes then make a joke out of her death.

Really, Uri-tan? I felt so unstable for a week and couldn’t even look at sesame oil the same way for a while there. Gimme back my Feels!

13. Dreary Premonition (Urawa no Usagi-chan, ep. 8)

urawa-08Usagi Takasago and the Railway Club go head-to-head against Saiko Numakage and the Student Council in a quiz show. But because this is a short series, Usagi breaks up the two episodes that cover it with this dreary premonition:

“No one could have ever dreamed at the time that such an incident could have happened… at a quiz competition that we all entered so light-heartedly.

It’s a chilling thought, but even she doesn’t know that! And before Usagi can say “tee-hee,” Saiko totally has to call out her shenanigans on that one!

12. The Real Dark Eye (Joker, ep. 19)

joker-19Hachi considers Dark Eye, Spade’s assistant, his rival. He is also a big fan of the Shuffle Sisters, especially the eldest of the sisters, Ai. But what would happen when he finds out that THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON?!

Some folks had to look back on all the clues in previous episodes, just to make sure this wasn’t a dream or something, but it’s real. Dark Eye may seem like a weird butler guy with a mummified mask covering his face all the time, but he has awkwardly responded to the Shuffle Sisters before, whenever they’re mentioned. Also, the “Eye” in Dark Eye in Japanese is アイ, the same way you would pronounce “Ai.”

But what I think is most funny is that Hachi doesn’t seem to be fazed by this at all, as he totally goes ahead and takes the treasure that Ai just stole, apologizing to the idol with utmost respect. The only question is, has it sunk in for Hachi yet, that his greatest rival is also his favorite idol?

11. Back to the Basics (I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying: 2nd Thread, ep. 3)

danna-03Kaoru is trying to figure out why Hajime likes all that anime and manga so much, so Hajime suggests that she gets a hobby for herself. The two decide to have a couples’ night out with their friends over bowling. When the evening is over, Kaoru realizes that she actually enjoyed getting together with friends and going bowling, perhaps smoothing over some of the misunderstandings about her husband.

But let’s face it: there’s still at least one thing that bothers her about Hajime’s lifestyle, and that’s how he organizes all of his stuff! So yeah. Let’s try and fix that? Never!

10. Thanks, Shiori! (World Trigger, ep. 29)

world-trigger-29Kirie Konami is off fighting Neighbors, when she gives operator Shiori Usami a status report. Tamakoma Branch’s resident child Yotaro Rindo then makes some snide remark like he usually does, which of course annoys Kirie. Kirie asks Shiori to “do it” for her, something that only Shiori can get away with. In that moment, Shiori raises her hand over Yotaro’s head. We then cut to a crash on Tamakoma’s headquarters and Kirie’s pleased grin, knowing that Yotaro got hit on the head.

Thanks, Shiori! You’re the best!

9. “Subarun” (Wish Upon the Pleiades, ep. 4)

pleiades-04Technically, this was one of those “po-warm” moments of this series, as many of them are, since we got a chance to know the real Hikaru at this point. But while she’s in a dream state on her way to the Moon, she imagines that she arrives along with “Subarun,” (that’s Hikaru’s endearing name for Subaru). Sure, we know that the Moon is actually a giant rock that revolves around the Earth in a fixed orbit, but Subarun doesn’t think so. She goes ahead and grabs a chunk of the Moon and starts eating it with a huge grin on her face!

Well, so much for the sweet, inspiring Subaru we all know from this series. Hikaru still thinks she’s just a stupid girl.

8. “Until We Meet Again” (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, ep. 9)

shokugeki-09Takumi Aldini has always regarded Soma Yukihira as a rival chef, since both of them have worked for family restaurants. But after the test to see which of them made a better dish for Chef Inui is left inconclusive, Takumi is disappointed that he still hasn’t beaten Soma. Oh well. Takumi raises his head high and leaves the kitchen, saying ominous words like “until we meet again…” Except that they’re both in the middle of an intensive training camp, and therefore have to take the same bus back to the hotel where they’re staying.

“So, we meet again!” says Soma. What a troll!

7. Sherry the Pen Sniper (Plastic Memories, ep. 6)

plastic-06Eru Miru, Michiru Kinushima, and Isla are spying on Tsukasa Mizugaki to see how he’s doing. Eru stands atop a roof near the office, only to find that Tsukasa is reading… Isla’s diary? That’s gotta be juicy!

But while she’s on the lookout, Eru falls backward from shock, as a pen penetrates one of the lenses on her binoculars! Meanwhile, back at SAI, we find that Sherry’s been on watch the whole time, because she felt the presence of terrorists. Or so she says.

Let this be a lesson to you: don’t mess with Sherry. She will snipe you with a pen or two, and she’s got great accuracy!

6. The Hell Yen Exchange Rate (Rin-ne, ep. 8)

rinne-08Sakura Mamiya and Rokumon decide to use Masato’s debit card that clearly says “fake” on it. What they find, however, is that the ATM pours out tons of cold hard cash to be used in Japan’s part of Hell! Sakura thinks about using these Hell yen bills to buy back Rinne’s scythe, but Rokumon has a better idea. Why not just invest in Hell Dollars? The exchange rate is going well right now!

Geez. Even in Hell, the dollar is more valuable than the yen!

5. Eavesdropping Twice? (Punch Line, ep. 9)

punchline-09Yuta Iridatsu pursues Gliese, knowing that he was using Rabura to get to Meika, a well-known hacker. Gliese realizes that Yuta’s been eavesdropping on them, and Yuta owns up to it, to the extent that he has already done so twice?

He would probably tell Gliese that it was because he was a ghost from a different dimension, and has already run into him in that timeline, knowing all of that information beforehand. But Gliese doesn’t need to know that. That would be SPOILERS!

4. Iyashi’s First Love? (Comical Psychosomatic Medicine, ep. 14)

comical-14Nobunaga Oda may not be starring in anything this season, but he did make a cameo in the web series Comical Psychosomatic Medicine! After Dr. Ryou Shinnai discusses the details about grief, Dr. Ryou and the nurses all find themselves engulfed in flames, as Nobunaga is about to die here at Honnouji Castle. But before he can go, Nobunaga enters the “final stage” of grief, Hope, by proclaiming that he’s going to marry Iyashi Kangoshi, the eldest nurse who has desperately been looking for a husband.

Iyashi is very pleased by his proposal, and loves Nobunaga. Except this is all a dream, while Iyashi was reading about Nobunaga Oda’s history and a dating guide on her break!

Oh well. I’d still ship it.

3. Kiss Test (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, ep. 4)

yamada-04Ryu Yamada just kissed Nene Odagiri, only to find out that he hadn’t switched bodies with her! What’s going on? The other members of the Supernatural Research Club can’t seem to figure it out, but just to make sure, club president Toranosuke Miyamura has to kiss him again!

Nope. Still nothing. But one thing I want to know is, what the heck was going on in Miyabi Ito’s mind while this was happening?

2. Makoto the Zombie (Re-Kan!, ep. 10)

rekan-10Makoto Ogawa loves zombies. So when she finds out her zombie doll is possessed by another spirit, she runs away with him gleefully! Hibiki Amami and her friends chase after her, wondering what’s going to happen to Makoto now? Several scenarios run through their heads, including one where Makoto becomes a zombie herself.

Makoto, a zombie? No way! She’s way too cute for that!

1. The New Host at the Macho Cafe (My Love Story!!, ep. 8)

ore-monogatari-08Takeo Gouda needs cash to buy Rinko Yamato a present for her birthday; so naturally, he goes out to find a job. He finds a job that will hire him on short notice and for a short time, although they were hoping he’d stay a little longer, considering he’s such a rare employee.

Makoto Sunakawa (known affectionately by Takeo as “Suna”) swings by to visit Takeo at work, knowing exactly what’s going on. And with that meeting, Takeo gives a warm welcome for his best friend in the whole world!

Yep. Takeo is working part time at the Macho Cafe, a restaurant for gay couples!

Way to go, Takeo! He’s a keeper.


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