Anime Review: Log Horizon


Those who know my review style know that my anime critiques contain some deep thought about the message that is often found in a series. And those who know of author Mamare Touno’s works know that he can make an entertaining story with a brief lesson in political and social science. It seemed inevitable that I would eventually review an anime based on one of his works, so here it is!

This is a combined review of the first and second seasons of Log Horizon‘s animation. Here are some limitations to my review:

  1. The bulk of the discussion will be on political and ethical philosophy as it appears in Log Horizon. As interesting as the metaphysics and epistemology are in the series, I will only mention those briefly.
  2. Most of the discussion will be coming from the second season as it is the freshest in my mind.
  3. I admit never to have read any of the light novel that the series is based on. A much more critical analysis, I’m sure, can come from there.
  4. I will not be discussing comparisons or fan theories for the series; so no “which is better” or “what if” scenarios. I will be focusing on the animation as it presents itself only.

So without further ado, let’s log in to this review!

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