Anime Review: Majimoji Rurumo


I am a feminist. I am an anime reviewer. But unless you can appreciate that there are more complexities to me than simple labels like that, you will be confused when I say “I like this series.” Yes, I said it! And I do believe it is severely under-appreciated, despite the content!

Now that that rant is out of the way, time to switch gears into reviewing something that is more humorous and heart-warming than about a social commentary. There will be plenty of time for thought-provoking critical analyses in some other review that I will do. Just not this one! This time, I will be bringing on ALL THE SHENANIGANS!

Sumiko Inoue

Okay. SOME shenanigans.

Majimoji Rurumo brings us into the life of Kouta Shibaki: a high school pervert who’s out to look for some panties. So basically, your typical high school deviant guy. As a member of the outcast group of boys on the campus, the Mystery Discovery Club (FHK, as in the “Fushigi Hakken Klub”), he happens to summon a cute little witch from the nether world. And just like that, Kouta’s beautiful relationship with the witch in-training known simply as Rurumo begins… by asking for her panties.

But little does Kouta know, making a wish on a witch means signing a contract with her! And so, Kouta receives a booklet of 666 tickets that will grant him more wishes from Rurumo, each wish using more tickets, depending on how much power it will take to grant the wish. There’s just one problem: once Kouta uses up all the tickets, he dies!

Wow. What was the author thinking? This isn’t the most bizarre comedy series I’ve ever watched, but come on! Whoever wrote this couldn’t have possibly written anything particularly popular among fans recently, right? RIGHT?


You have GOT to be kidding me!

Majimoji Rurumo‘s creator, Wataru Watanabe also created the hit bicycle drama, Yowamushi Pedal! You really can’t judge a book by its cover after all… literally! But anyway, back to the Majimoji Rurumo review!

Aside from all the obvious fan service that goes on, I do like the characters for more than just how they present themselves visually. Kouta and his friends are made to be goofy guys, so we really can’t fault them for being dorks all the time. And besides, Kouta has one of anime’s funniest bat-shit crazy moms!


Okay, Mom! Kouta won’t touch his alleged sister, Rurumo!

But even though this series is full of crazy, stupid, funny moments, it also has its share of some of the saddest and heart-warming moments, too.

I already talked about Rurumo’s song in my Great Moments review last year, but there is also one of the more sentimental moments when Kouta brings home a trio of abandoned kittens. Not to spoil the details of the episode, but Kouta learns one of life’s most important lessons in such a small instant.

Sad moment

“Magic doesn’t work on the Dead.”

Wishes and magic can’t solve all your problems. And no matter how hard we try to fight it, death is still inevitable. I mean, damn! That just hit really hard in the Feels and stuff, and now I’m contemplating on my own mortality… but I promised you all this would be a fun review!

Rurumo may be a witch in-training, but she also has to learn to adjust to the human way of living. And as dumb as Kouta and his friends are, Rurumo isn’t really any better! She’s a very shy klutz, often getting herself into trouble over misunderstandings! But lucky for her, she has at least one thing going for her that will get her out of any trouble that comes her way!



The show is situational, so if you just so happened to skip around, it probably won’t matter too much, as it will still feel like the same show. And while there will always be plenty of fan service, which exists in just about everything in varying degrees, I can’t help but think just how much Rurumo and Kouta grow as their adventures with their friends progress. In fact, when Rurumo goes missing and is otherwise forgotten, everyone in Kouta’s life realizes that Rurumo was the one who brought them all together.


Who was that girl?

But don’t worry. Even that episode has a very comedic ending!

If there is anything I want to highlight from Majimoji Rurumo, it’s the bond that Kouta and Rurumo share as the show goes on. Sure, Kouta is just using Rurumo for all kinds of foolery, and Rurumo is using him as a means for her to become a full-fledged witch someday, but their relationship is similar to that of a brother and sister. There’s nothing particularly romantic about that. But it is the one thing this show has that makes it more than just about ecchi shenanigans. And that’s why I believe this show can be very sentimental, and why I like it so much.

FamilySo if you’re looking for an anime that’s more than just about the fan service, even though there is plenty of it, watch Majimoji Rurumo. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I’ve decided to post so many anime reviews this week, that’s because I have a very ambitious set of reviews coming up as we get closer to Anime Expo 2015! So be ready for more!


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