Anime Review: Samurai Warriors


First of all, I am very pleased to announce that Wagakki Band will be performing at Anime Expo 2015. And if you’re wondering why I’m mentioning that in an anime review, that’s because the fusion rock band made their debut in the anime industry by providing both the opening and closing songs for this series! You bet I’m excited for them to come to AX 2015!

Now that general announcements are out of the way…

We turn back to the Sengoku period once more: a time when Japan experienced its bloodiest civil war, and the rise of warlords like Nobunaga Oda, Kenshin Uesugi, and Shingen Takeda came into power. But this time, we are going back to the latter half of the Sengoku period, where the next generation picks up, right before Japan’s unification during the Edo period. And while history lovers know that Ieyasu Tokugawa ultimately wins out, our attention will be focused on the last of the great warriors of that time: Yukimura Sanada!

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