Anime Review: Short Peace


Short Peace is a compilation of animated shorts, each done under a different director, inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s anthology, Memories. I got a chance to watch its English dub premiere at last year’s Anime Expo; and finally I have time to actually review it! And while the four featured shorts in Short Peace are quite different, each one tells a brief story that would otherwise fade into our memories, but continue to impact us in a way to show that the very peace we try to hold on to… is short-lived. (Sorry, bad pun).

Before I get into the review, here are some limitations.

  1. I won’t be name-dropping all the directors and whatnot who were involved in this project. If you would like to know who did each one, read the Wikipedia article.
  2. This is an anime review, so I will not be discussing the Short Peace video game short, Ranko Tsukumi’s Longest Day.
  3. I will not be discussing the quality of the dubs, Japanese or English. While I do tend to watch things in Japanese first, I’m generally indifferent when it comes to dubbing.
  4. There is technically a fifth short in the anime, namely the introduction, but that’s all it is. An introduction. It does have some amazing visuals and an upbeat score, so be sure to check those out.

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