Anime Review: Yuki Yuna is a Hero


No archetype in any storytelling is given as much attention as the Hero. The Hero embodies all the ideals of our society, and everything that he does or happens to him (stylistically gendered) is a reflection of our sense of morality. The Hero is often an independent being as well as a mentor to the audience. But can this Hero interplay with other ideologies that aren’t traditionally as active or triumphant? Yes, she can (intentionally gendered). Our very existence isn’t so defined by just a few values that others are posited against it so easily. And for a series like this one, the Hero isn’t just the independent individual. The Hero is a cute girl that values the power of those immediately around her, in that they can all be freed from the essences that bind them.

Before I get into this review, please know that there are a few limitations. First, I previously commented (as did many others) that this series is very similar to another anime. There are useful comparisons, but I will NOT be talking about them! Second, again, I will not be arguing whether or not the series as a whole is in alignment with feminism, but I will be critiquing it in a feminist perspective. Third, I will be discussing the ambiguous concept of moƩ: an idea that is used commonly in anime and manga today, but still in development. For purposes of this review, I will be defining moƩ as the general comparison of girls to flowers, and the most ideal form of beauty for a flower is moƩ (from the Japanese term for a flower just before it blooms).

And fourth, if you’re familiar with my style of reviews, there will be SPOILERS.

Hero Club

Also note: Yuki Yuna is A hero (de Aru), not THE hero (desu)!

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