Anime Review: Kill La Kill


Let’s get one thing straight: I didn’t like this series. The animation style is very flat, the execution of the story is practically committing itself to insanity, and the excessive use of blood disturbs me. However, I am also committed to talking about Liberation this month; and while I was coming up with my plethora of things to talk about under that scope, this anime original was the one of the first things that came to mind.

Before I get into this review, I would like to express a few limitations. First, this is not a “typical” anime review, in that I will be focusing more on themes and critical analysis rather than character and content. Second, I will not argue whether or not Kill La Kill is a feminist work, but will critique it under a feminist perspective. And third, the main discussion here begins from the latter part of the series, so there will be SPOILERS! So if you’re following along, go back to Kill La Kill episode 16, watch the 1:30 recap, and continue from there.


Thanks, Senketsu.

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