Lystria’s Ballad


Okay, so technically this is NOT a NaPoWriMo selection, nor is it anything I normally do today. My Timehop app reminded me of a time 5 years ago when I wrote a sonnet for my perennial World of Warcraft character, Lystria Densine. As you might have guessed, The True Lystria (and my WordPress screen name) came from her!

Since then I’ve just become that anime guy, and I don’t play much in the way of video games anymore. But if you wanted to know of a time when I was more depressed and less focused on what I wanted to do with my life, here’s the sonnet that I unearthed from my Faceboook account!

Oh noble Lystria of Gnomeregan,

A master of the fire and shadow arts,

Though wielding powers like a demon fawn,

She fights with heart the moment warfare starts.


With fire mage mother, warlock grandma and

Mechanic father, she will soon become

A true, heroic champion of the Grand

Alliance. Aye, she’s sure to kick some bum!


Inspir’d by her late lover Constantine,

She ventures ‘cross the mortal continents,

Assisting with spells true, precise, and keen,

Supporting balance of the elements.


She may not be a champion of the Light,

But Lystria knows how to end a fight.


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