Funny Moments in Winter 2015 Anime


The Winter 2015 anime season is wrapping up, and once again, I am taking the time to share some of my favorite moments from this season. The theme this time is Colorful, thanks to this season’s Saekano.

You can find all of the titles shown here on Crunchyroll’s website. These are some of my favorite funny moments, but not necessarily the funniest moments of the season! Also check out the Great Moments in Winter 2015 Anime.

As always, there will be SPOILERS!

12. Someone Help Chika! (World Trigger, ep. 19)

world-trigger-19Some of you may think these moments have nothing to do with the theme “Colorful,” and that’s fine. But this is Chika Amatori we’re talking about. She’s adorable. And when she’s trying to carry large coins to compensate for something other than paper bills of the same value, she’s going to have a lot of trouble!

Someone help her now! If not, I’ll volunteer!!

11. Normal High School? (Ace of the Diamond, ep. 71)

diamond-71Now that the third-years of Seido’s baseball team are busy studying for college exams and stuff, Jun Isashiki makes this outburst. First of all, I would hate to have a “normal” high school life. That would be boring. And second, you’re an anime character, Jun!

I hate to break it to you, but your normal high school life is long gone!

10. You’d Better Apologize! (Fafner: Exodus, ep. 10)

fafner-exodus-10Kazuki is the visible protagonist. Ever since the original series, Fafner in the Azure, he’s been the hero saving the day, while Soushi gets to play the somewhat less important sidekick. Furthermore, Maya always gives Kazuki the credit, but comes to Soushi for all of her troubles. Isn’t it time for Soushi to get some recognition from the hero?

Soushi ain’t having it anymore, Kazuki! You’d better apologize to him right now!

9. Escargot (Cute High Earth Defense Club Love, ep. 9)

binan-09Zundar’s favorite food is escargot. And while he’s explaining the next plan to the Caerula Adamas boys, he’s quite verbally chomping away at this delectable snack. There’s just one problem: escargot is usually cooked, but this one is clearly raw. And I’m pretty sure that thing isn’t dead yet!

That’s not escargot, Zundar! That’s disgusting!

8. Tsukimaru’s Head-Bop (Samurai Warriors, ep. 5)

samurai-warriors-05One of the things I enjoyed about this whole season was a fictional contest I called the “Battle of the Squirrels,” to see who was the best squirrel for each week. There have been several examples this season, including Nagato’s little friend in Kantai Collection, the anthropomorphic Soo Won squirrel in Yona of the Dawn, and a “Shiritori” subject in Gourmet Girl Graffiti. But there were two very active squirrels that were perpetually going at it; one of which was Tsukimaru, Kunoichi’s personal flying squirrel. Tsukimaru always seems to be attached to his human partner, and even performs ninja-like tasks for her. But the cutest thing about him is when he mimics Kunoichi. In this scene, he’s doing the classic moé head-bop with her because they gathered too many chestnuts for Yukimura.

That is one adorable flying squirrel, if he didn’t carry all those chili bombs with him! But there is one more squirrel that we have to talk about… further down this list!

7. HIIIMEE!!! (Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road, ep. 21)

yowapeda-21I’m not even going to pretend to know what’s going on in this post-credit moment for this episode. All I remember was… it was Hime-tastic!


6. The Real Monster (Parasyte: the Maxim, ep. 20)

parasyte-20I don’t share enough sarcasm during these funny moment highlights. The tone of this scene is actually pretty serious, as Officer Yamagishi has City Hall on lock-down in order to “exterminate” the parasite threat. He and his team of heavily armed police officers have already blown away a few of them, along with some innocent civilians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the search continues, Officer Yamagishi asks the murderous psychopath Uragami to continue to help identify the monsters. As Yamagishi walks away, Uragami smirks and says, “Look who’s talking.”

I don’t know about you guys, but that was funny! In fact, I probably laughed while watching this series more than I should have. But if you can’t appreciate that humor, that’s cool. We’ll see who the real monster is soon enough!

5. You’re Doing It Wrong! (Gourmet Girl Graffiti, ep. 5)

koufuku-05Kirin and Ryou are excited to eat saimin noodles down a bamboo chute (not shoot) at Shiina’s estate. In fact, you can spend an entire Summer vacation at Shiina’s place and still not get bored! But Kirin and Ryou have never actually eaten noodles coming down a chute like this, so they just assumed they’re suppose to reach for them with no hands or utensils, opening their mouths wide before the flowing water!

No, Kirin and Ryou! You’re doing it wrong!

4. The Meaning of Blue (Comical Psychosomatic Medicine, ep. 5)

comical-05Dr. Shinnai explains how different colors affect one’s mood or mental state. According to him, those who say blue is their favorite color are very calm and respectful of social hierarchies. Of course, Nurse Asuna’s favorite color is blue, which she loudly proclaims from behind him! And she’s totally respectful of social hierarchies! But in this case, she’s on the top of that hierarchy, over Dr. Shinnai!

Well since she’s the one practically running this series, I’d have to agree. Asuna’s color is very much blue!

3. The Squirrel Standing in the Blush of Dawn (Yona of the Dawn, ep. 20)

yona-20Sorry, Tsukimaru. You put up a very good fight in the “Battle of the Squirrels,” but the clear winner is Ao of the Dawn. Ao is so visible in the series, that some fans are convinced that he is the star of Yona of the Dawn. And why not? He has separated himself from his original partner Sinha quite well, and everyone seems to dote on this cute little bastard! And when he dresses up like a girl in support of Yona’s plan to board Yan Kumji’s ship, he’s reminding the entire audience who’s the real star of the show!

No critter is greater than the squirrel standing in the blush of dawn!

2. More Cowbell (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, ep. 8)

saekano-08Megumi is Tomoya’s model for the ultimate dating sim that he’s wants to create, but there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done on Megumi to be the ultimate heroine! When Tomoya meets up with his former apprentice Izumi at Comiket, Megumi “rages” with “jealousy,” wondering if this is the time to say the phrase shown above.

Yes, Megumi. That’s exactly what you would say to that homewrecker if you were Tomoya’s real girlfriend, but you said it so calmly and monotone! In the words of Christopher Walken on that one segment on SNL, it needs more cowbell!

1. Kunogi-san Speaks! (Shirobako, ep. 22)

shirobako-22Ai Kunogi is the newest hire to Musani Studio’s animation department, but she’s too shy to say very much. Most of the time, Ema Yasuhara has to translate what she wants to say after a single word and a few gestures. So when she’s asked to come by herself to discuss a scene, she finally asks something of the directors in a complete sentence!

Yes, Kunogi-san! It is underwear! And for those of you who were expecting fan service, this is probably the best kind of fan service ever, because we never actually see what she’s talking about! What she sees is up to our imagination. But at least we know one thing. They’re White!


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