Anime Review: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


One thing that girls concern themselves with more than boys usually would is their appearance. Sure, there are plenty of guys who also take into consideration how they look, but not to the extent that the overwhelming majority of girls do! This is not necessarily a bad thing. Despite our desire to be whoever we want to be or to do whatever we want to do, other people will always judge us based on our appearance.

That being said, this anime comes to us from the girl’s perspective through the eyes of manga artist and writer, Ayuko Hatta. And when our protagonist Erika Shinohara identifies herself and her relationship with others, image is EXTREMELY important!

Wolf Girl

Erika’s a good wolf girl! Wait… what?

Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji) is a shoujo anime about Erika Shinohara, a girl who is desperately trying to fit in to her high school life. In order to impress her two gaudy-looking friends, she decides to set herself up with a “relationship” with the hottest guy she could find. What she finds is the school’s second-year heartthrob, Kyouya Sata, who agrees to her facade on one condition: she must do everything he says! In an odd twist of fate, Erika and Kyouya start to “go out,” but instead, she is his wolf girl, and he is her black prince!

Now I know what you’re thinking: this is a story telling us that all girls need is a good guy to take care of them; and in order to keep her man, she must submit herself to him, no matter what the cost. So long as he’s hot, nothing else matters, right? Maybe. But there’s more to this series than that superficial crap.


Hang on… This is a Harem series too??

Like I said, Erika’s a high school student trying to fit in to her niche. And just like most other girls at this awkward age, it’s all about her image! And when it comes to her looks, audiences trying to relate to her is going to have a great deal of trouble! The story does have a timeline, but it seems that Erika changes her hairstyle at least three times per episode!

Seriously? She couldn’t just settle on one look for just one episode? I don’t think any other anime girl has ever been so fickle about her hair than her!

Smart Erika

Although if I had to choose, this would be MY preferred Erika Shinohara. So intelligent and chic!

Honestly, I think even Kyouya gave up after a while, trying to figure it all out.

Clueless Kyouya

Yeah… he has no idea what to say.

It seems that whatever Erika tries to do, the “ideal” romance she has in mind with this “boyfriend” of hers was more than she could handle. There are other instances where she tries to break off her “relationship” with Kyouya, even to the extent of going out with other guys. However, it seems that she perpetually comes back to him despite all of these circumstances!

Seriously, what does she see in that jerk?


I guess, Ayumi.

But over time, it turns out there is way more to Erika’s “fake” relationship with Kyouya than even she was expecting! And yes, I put “fake” in quotes because that’s a SPOILER!

I don’t see this series much as something that is particularly empowering for girls. Rather, I find this series to show exactly what girls would find in their ideal man. Kyouya may be the black prince and Erika may be the wolf girl, but in their own weird way, they are quite compatible as a couple. I suppose it helps that Kyouya is definitely an S-type and Erika is obviously an M-type, but that’s beside the point.


No, Erika!

Although he’s extremely demanding and otherwise closes himself off from other people, Kyouya wouldn’t go so far as to break Erika’s proverbial soul. He comes from a very odd family arrangement where he lives separately from his mom and his older sister, while his dad is nowhere to be found. He doesn’t talk to his family very much, and consequently comes across as cold and uncaring most of the time. But for some reason, having Erika around has made Kyouya much more aware of his own relationship with others, and over time, says and does a few things for Erika that a real boyfriend would do and say.


Kyouya’s metaphor in response to not having at least 50 girls in his address book. You know. The “important” stuff.

Believe it or not, Kyouya will defend his girlfriend Erika in unexpected ways. And this isn’t necessarily something that happens later on. He does these kinds of heroic deeds for her throughout the entire series! If he thinks he can get away with saying this whole relationship was just on a whim, he’s definitely lying! And when it comes to his personality, Erika does what every girl wishes they could do with their boyfriend, and that’s to change him!

Now all of a sudden, that sounds too idealistic, right? Well I’ll tell you something: it doesn’t have to be! This may be a shoujo series geared particularly for a female audience, but fellas, we can do so much better! And I know we have. I have seen instances where a guy has set aside his own pride for his girlfriend, much like Kyouya has done for Erika. Girls are already too caught up in trying to make a good appearance or set a good example in the place of others. It wouldn’t hurt to show them that you actually care about her!

So yes, what started out as a series that on the surface was all about getting the right man, it turns out that love isn’t always how we expect it to be after all. But even so, we all deserve to love and to be loved. And over time, I’m sure even Kyouya can appreciate that.


Uhm… never mind.

Oh, and in case you forgot. Tomorrow is March 14. You know what that means!

White DayThat’s right! It’s Pi Day! And it’s a special one this year, because it lands on 3/14/15 and Pi is 3.1415…

What? What’d you think I was going to say?

So if you want to watch a romantic comedy that turns out not quite as you may have expected, try Wolf Girl and Black Prince. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do something “mathy.”

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