Anime Review: Sabagebu!


As promised, this is my first feature of a series of anime I will be reviewing in the months ahead under the scope of feminism and feminist critique. And since this is also Women’s History Month, this month will be devoted to series that are adapted from manga written by women. And while I had covered an example of objectification of girls/women in my last anime review, we need to start with somewhat of an antithesis of that!

Why do you ask? Because girls with guns can actually be cool; not just for the boys, but for girls to aspire to be like them… or so we’d think. And in this parody of a series, it may look like a shounen/seinen series on the surface, as it did gain attention from a wide male audience; but I hate to break it to you: it’s adapted from a manga that’s serialized in a shoujo magazine Nakayoshi, and written by female writer and artist Hidekichi Matsumoto!

Kazue Sonokawa

Girls with guns CAN be empowering for women!

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