Reviews for the Next 3 Months!


As of late, I have been studying a great deal of feminist philosophy and watching a lot of anime that I don’t review right away (sorry)! So to make up for lost time, I will be combining both of these and writing a great deal of reviews that relate the things I watch to a feminist critique.

Not all of my reviews necessarily support feminism on the surface, as I am a firm believer in that such concepts are very fluid and diverse in terms of how to get the message across. For the next three months, I will be looking at different anime under three different themes, but keep in mind, they are not limited to those themes! As of yesterday, I kicked off this set of theme reviews with an example of Objectification in Rail Wars.

Here’s a tentative method and schedule by which I will be reviewing these anime.

March: The Girl’s Perspective

March is Women’s History Month, so I will be focusing on works that are inspired by the women who wrote them! For these reviews, I will be critiquing just how these tales are portrayed in the girl’s perspective and its effectiveness in empowering some viewers.

April: Cuteness

Anime has a very large market for things that are visually “cute” to audiences, but cuteness often goes beyond just the look. For this month, I will be critiquing some anime under the scope of what this cuteness means to each series.

May: Liberation

Whether it is the struggle to be free or just living in a kind of freedom, Liberation is a common topic in feminism, as one of women’s struggles is the struggle to be free from patriarchy. For this month, I will be critiquing what liberation means to these examples and to what extent it has been achieved. These examples also have girls/women at the forefront of the liberation.

Capstone: Becoming the Subject

For the final week in May, I will be wrapping up these themed reviews with a series I believe encompasses all the said subjects above.

Here’s the plan of reviews I have. Dates are subject to change. Dates have been changed based on when they were released. Look forward to them!

The Girl’s Perspective

March 6: Sabagebu!!

March 13: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

March 20: Blue Spring Ride

March 27: Wandering Son


April 1: Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

April 10: Magica Wars

April 17: Celestial Method

April 23: Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!


May 3: Kill La Kill

May 8: Karen Senki

May 12:Yuki Yuna is a Hero

May 22: Yona of the Dawn

Becoming the Subject

May 29: Encouragement of Climb 2


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