Funny Moments in Fall 2014 Anime


The end of the Fall 2014 season, and the year, is upon us. And since many of my simulcasts have wrapped up, it’s time to once again share some of this season’s funny moments. The following 12 moments are comprised of roughly 20 anime series I have watched, which don’t even make up half of what aired!

This season, I am doing things a little differently by including a theme for the season. Fall 2014’s theme is Stars and Flowers, courtesy of this season’s Yuki Yuna is a Hero. The moments shown here, in my opinion, reflect this theme.

These are the funny moments (but not necessarily the funniest moments) of Fall 2014 anime. You can find all of these titles on Crunchyroll.

Click to read the Great Moments of 2014 Anime.

As always, there will be SPOILERS. Enjoy!


12. Samurai Gil? (Bonjour Sweet Love Pâtisserie, ep. 8)

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie ep. 8Normally these guys are chefs who teach at a specialized high school for baking; but for this episode, they were playing on the beach (because you know… fan service). In addition to all that was going on, Gil-sensei also became a samurai. Wait, what?

Gilbert Hanafusa knows enough Japanese to get around; but because he’s French by nationality, he’s the butt of all the foreigner jokes, or more appropriately, the “weeaboo” jokes. So I guess smashing open a watermelon with a wooden sword makes you a samurai, Gil-sensei? That’s nice…

11. True Intentions (Argevollen, ep. 22)

argevollen-22So this would have been one of the more “feels” moments of this series, as Arandas’ Independent Unit 8 find their resolve. In this pivotal moment, everyone from the special mech unit makes a request of Lt. Saori Suzushiro to go against orders and track down Capt. Ukyo Samonji and his army of controlled Kybernes mechs. Lt. Suzushiro agrees and sets forth a plan to get the Argevollen back into their control. When everyone agrees and commences the operation, Pvt. Masaru Okui makes his intentions known that all he really wants to do is punch the captain!

Well, as long as we have made it clear why we’re going to risk our lives as well as our standing in the military, I suppose. Let’s go punch the captain!

10. Whatever This is (Parasyte: the Maxim, ep. 4)

parasyte-04Shinichi Izumi is still trying to adjust to the idea of having an alien parasite possessing his right hand, when the creature known simply as “Migi” (literally “right” hand) surprises him one morning. Migi has been experimenting with how long he can separate from Shinichi’s body before his functional abilities for movement give way, since he’s reliant on Shinichi’s body for sustenance. But seriously. Look at that cute little bastard!

Dude, what the Hell did Shinichi just wake up to? Not sure how I feel about this…

9. Going Out with a Bang! (Karen Senki, ep. 10)

karen-10It was Eleanor’s last performance at this local lounge for androids, as she sings her own rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do” (no seriously, it’s a pretty good variation). But since part of the reason Eleanor’s contract was over was because the machines knew she was working with a rebel group called Eleven, she was definitely not going to leave this place unscathed. In the middle of her performance, Eleanor whips out her prized machine gun and wrecks havoc on all the robot customers and employees there, leaving no witnesses!

Looks like Eleanor… knocked ’em dead!

8. The Truth About Game Gear (Hi-sCoool Seha Girls, ep. 8)

seha-girl-08Most of this series features the anthropomorphic versions of Sega’s three most beloved stand-alone consoles: Mega Drive, Saturn, and Dreamcast; but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re the only students at Sehagaga Academy! When scoping out their competition for the school’s idol contest, a lot of the other girls featured included other consoles made by Sega, including the handheld system Game Gear! The series depicts Game Gear as an emo girl shown here. She is one of the most popular girls at the school, but gets sent home far too quickly. Little do they know, she believes (as Mega Drive points out) that “she has it much worse and much better” than all the other girls.

May I remind you that Game Gear was a hand-held platform with colored graphics and a back-lit screen before other hand-held systems followed suit. It was very popular with kids (primarily boys) and was often confiscated at school because it was such a distraction. But Game Gear had one overarching flaw which it could never recover from: it required 6 AA batteries and only lasted roughly 3 hours of game play.

Say what you will about all of the weirdest fantasies fans may have gotten in seeing some of their favorite Sega consoles anthropomorphized as girls. The characteristics of each of them were pretty spot-on, especially for Game Gear!

7. Glasses… If Ya Know What I Mean (World Trigger, ep. 10)

world-trigger-10Speaking of weird fantasies, my infatuation for people with glasses was raised to a new high when this happened! Osamu and his friends are visiting Border’s Tamakoma Branch to get more information, when their Operator Shiori Usami makes a proposal for Osamu to join them. I guess she really likes guys with glasses, and wants to add more people to the “glasses” population in their ranks; but some of us read something way different into this scene.

That excited me way too much for comfort! Thank goodness this is fiction, and more specifically animated fiction, because my nosebleed can’t contain my glasses fetish! (Wait, let me try that again…)

So yeah. Huge guilty pleasure on my part, but there is just one other thing that makes this scene too funny: Chika’s face. Not sure if that was intentional, but it looks like she is totally shipping this!

6. The Scary Girl at Musani (Shirobako, ep. 5)

shirobako-05Production assistant Taro Takanashi takes Aoi Miyamori aside into Musashino Animation’s break room to work out how to fix his problem, now that the 3D animation director Ryosuke Endo decided to quit. Miyamori wants to know why he couldn’t talk to Erika Yano about this matter, who is more senior to her, when Takanashi says that Yano is too scary for him. He goes further by saying that Miyamori isn’t as scary as her, to which Miyamori gives him this unconvinced expression.

Who’s the scarier girl at Musani? Wanna run that by Aoi again?

5. Kameko’s Moment (Denkigai no Honya-san, ep. 6)

denkigai-06Of all the characters in this series, Kameko often fades into the background as an observer of everyone else. However, in this moment, she is asked by Sensei to help with touch-ups for her manga manuscript that’s supposed to be mailed in that day! Kameko isn’t just happy to oblige. She is thrilled! And she will get through the entire manuscript with the highest output of energy possible!

I still believe that Kameko needs more love from this series; but for now, this is Kameko’s moment! Nothing can take that away from her! So rock on with that kitty grin, Kameko!

4. Busted! (I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying, ep. 5)

danna-05In order to find out what makes Kaoru so sadistic when she’s drunk, Hajime has to catch his wife in the act. Of course, in order to do this, Hajime has to be sober at the same time, but can’t let Kaoru know that he is! So while they’re at a restaurant, Kaoru knocks back a few while Hajime continues to sip a homemade brew of oolong-hai. Drunk as she is, Kaoru is suspicious of this homemade “beverage.”

Well, so much for trying to trick the wife into getting drunk without you! Of course, I’m sure Hajime was very much pleased with the results later that night.

3. How to Count a Six-Pack in Japanese (Wolf Girl and Black Prince, ep. 4)

wolf-girl-04Takeru Hibiya is one of Kyoya’s friends, and his pride and joy is his manly physique. When he talks with Erika alone, he brings up his abs, while counting the clearly visible six-pack here:

“Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Six!”

Interesting to note: some of the anglophone fans heard “sex” when he said this, but that’s only because the Japanese language doesn’t have a very accurate pronunciation for the short-i vowel. But more importantly, nothing says sexy like throwing English into your sexiness! At least, according to Hibiya, it is.

2. Touché, Kohina (Gugure! Kokkuri-san, ep. 7)

gugure-07Tama wants to add Kohina to her doll collection. Kokkuri-san tries to convince Tama that Kohina is not a doll, despite the fact that Kohina says she is. Kokkuri-san’s argument seems convincing that she is in fact human, when Kohina comes up with an argument of her own:

“I may not be a doll, but you are a middle-aged, fox-eared cosplayer who drags a little girl around with him.”

Ouch! Touché, Kohina! But at least she didn’t reveal Kokkuri-san’s true identity as a fox spirit… or his ACTUAL age!

1. “There’s Nature Everywhere” (Yona of the Dawn, ep. 5)

yona-05Yona and Hak are on the run from the palace, when Tae-Jun, the first successor to the Fire Tribe that’s most loyal to the new regime, finds them in these mountatins. Tae-Jun is, needless to say, charismatic; and has a thing for Yona, even now that she’s a fugitive. Upon their meeting, Tae-Jun is far too confident that he has cornered the runaways in question, when Hak takes Yona aside to point out the picturesque view.

Not sure what was more funny: the fact that Hak deliberately ignored Tae-Jun, or his quick judgement to point out all the nature around them in his typical monotone voice. Either way, this scene was too ridiculous to pass up. My sides still hurt just thinking about it!


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  1. Juls

    the last one’s the best coz it’s the most awesome series i’ve ever watched :] all the tearsand laughs? well :] Akatsuki no Yona’s the first series i’ve watched so welcome me to anime world lol :]

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