Oda Twin Chronicles 31


Chapter 31: Lord Jun’s Plan

Fan fiction inspired by Pokemon, Pokemon Conquest

Rating: Young Adult


“I thank you for your swift cooperation in these matter, Shuko,” said Lord Jun at our war council meeting in Greenleaf.

The meeting had about fifteen officers and their pokémon in attendance. Aside from Jun and I, my retainers Muneshige, Kanetsugu, Kanbei, and Hanbei were there. The Resistance of the east’s liaison Magoichi also stood by. Lady Oichi, the former Hero of Ransei Nagamasa’s wife, also sat next to me. The rest were officers within the Greenleaf army.

“You have done well in bringing the kingdoms Aurora, Ignis, and Fontaine together for our cause. You have also done well to keep these officers under control since.”

“Eh, she didn’t do much, really,” said Hanbei casually as he stretched and yawned. “Pikachu and I never liked war in the first place, even if I was born in a military family.”

“Shut up, Hanbei,” said Kanbei sternly.

Lord Jun cleared his throat as he continued.

“In any case, I humbly request that you continue your loyal support for Greenleaf as we expand our territory across Ransei. You and your retainers are my best squad after all. And with the peaceful alliance we have with the other kingdoms, your cooperation is of the necessity.”

“Peaceful alliance?” Muneshige briskly stood up in a rage. “You took them all in an unconditional surrender without our knowledge! And you laid waste to Violight!”

Kanetsugu and Magoichi restrained Muneshige from stepping any closer to Lord Jun. Muneshige’s agitated Staraptor and Emolga had also been held back by their Alakazam and Grovyle. Some of Lord Jun’s other officers readied their weapons and arrows to silence Muneshige themselves.

“Easy now, Muneshige,” said Jun, as he signaled his officers to put down their arms. “It wasn’t completely out of the priestess’ knowledge, was it now, Shuko?”

I looked down at my knees as Lord Jun put me on the spot. Of course I knew. Even though I led the campaign on those kingdoms, I swore my allegiance to him. He is, after all, the reason I was able to come home.

“Let it go, Muneshige,” I said softly. “Even if I disagree with him, I still owe Lord Jun a favor.”

“But my lady–”

“Please stop! Haven’t you had enough?”

Oichi rubbed my shoulders as her Jigglypuff assisted in comforting Ujitaro, Hotaru, and Mizuna; but I still didn’t look up from my tears.

“Ransei is my home,” I said. “Ransei is our home. Who cares who controls what kingdom, when the people and pokémon suffer the most? Have you learned nothing from that day?”

“But he killed Lord Shoun, a man I have sworn to take my revenge upon for years!”

I glared at Muneshige in more anger and grief than I had ever felt in years.

“Vengeance? Over killing a single warlord? Tell that to the lives of countless souls who lost theirs who will never be remembered! Can you name them, Muneshige? Can you name the citizens of Violight who died? And how about their pokémon: the Joltiks, the Pichus, the Mareeps, Shinxes, and Blitzles, and all of their evolved forms? How many of them died for the sake of their human partners, those bound by a strong link to fight alongside them?”

“We’ve had our share of casualties too,” interrupted Lord Jun.

“Just shut up!” I shouted and turned my gaze toward him. “Who do you think is to blame for this? What have you been doing all those years in Kanto? How can you be so merciless as soon as you return here, huh?”

“How dare you speak to Lord Jun that way!” said one of his officers. “Know your place, foreigner!”

Lord Jun stood from his center seat and halted everyone’s bickering.

“I understand how you feel, Ms. Shuko. But the truth is, I’ve been here for a long time. My wife already knows that I have been accustomed to this war culture for quite some time. I never told Shuichi this, but Kanto was only my second home.”

I was shocked. Lord Jun has been in and out of Ransei routinely? For how long? And for what reason?

“Even if you were raised here as a child, you know nothing of how things are done here, Ms. Shuko. From now on, I will fulfill my responsibility in leading this campaign. Before the next winter falls, Ransei will be in our control.”

The Greenleaf officers and their pokémon gave a signature salute to their warlord. My officers, however, didn’t budge.

“That goes for you too, junior officers,” said Jun to our squad. “I hope someday you’ll forgive me for what I have done, Muneshige.”

Muneshige smacked his lips as he turned away angrily.

“I don’t consider you my lord anymore, Jun,” he said. “From now on, I only take orders from the priestess, Lady Shuko.”

Lord Jun sat back down as he casually waved his hand away from us.

“I guess that makes things much more difficult for me then,” he said. “You are my most trusted squad after all, Ms. Shuko.”

Another officer presented Lord Jun with some documents on a scroll to continue our agenda.

“We will now turn our focus on to the next two kingdoms: Pugilis and Chrysalia. As our forces stand now, we may have a better chance at overthrowing Pugilis’ government. However, we were going to leave Chrysalia’s invasion up to you, Ms. Shuko.”

I didn’t like the sound of Lord Jun’s plan, but I still owe him. Even if my officers, particularly Muneshige, were on edge, I would at least listen to what our Greenleaf warlord had to say.

“As you may have been informed, Chrysalia is a kingdom of bug type pokémon,” said one of Lord Jun’s retainers. “Since our army is made up of mostly grass pokémon, we are at a clear disadvantage. You, however, possess a Flareon on your team. Kanbei also has his Lampent; and Muneshige’s flying pokémon will also be of use.”

“Well that’s just too bad for you then,” interrupted Hanbei. “We don’t want to fight your battles anymore!”

Hanbei’s Pikachu proudly stood on his partner’s head as he mightily pumped his tiny claws.

“I hate to admit it, but I also agree,” said Kanbei.

Kanetsugu smacked his lips as he turned to his Alakazam.

“You two are such a pain,” he said. “I’d go myself, if bugs weren’t so formidable against my pokémon.”

Magoichi sighed heavily.

“So much for the most trusted squad of Greenleaf,” I heard him mutter. “What will you do now, fair priestess?”

“That’s enough from all of you,” said Lord Jun. “I will only listen to Ms. Shuko’s response.”

I sat quietly and continued to listen to his details. I didn’t like that he was planning to send us all to Chrysalia on our own, but I had a feeling there was more to it than just that.

Another man from Lord Jun’s council stood before us. He was clearly dressed in a ninja uniform.

“We may have another option,” he said aloud. “We may not have to use them after all.”

The council bickered amongst each other. Then Lord Jun silenced them again.

“What have you discovered?” he asked.

“My lord,” the ninja continued to speak, “we have recently discovered an influx of water pokémon in the Chrysalia territory, some of which are not native to Ransei at all.”

Could it be? How could there be pokémon outside of Ransei here? Were they the ones that came from my sponsors back in Sinnoh?

“What were they?” asked Lord Jun.

“There were hundreds of them,” said the ninja officer. “Some of them walked on two feet and had a swirl on their stomachs. Others had orange skin with two tails and long snouts. There were also some Bibarels among them.”

The ninja described generations from the Poliwag and Buizel families. They were also well-known pokémon used by the Yamazaki Corporation.

“Well then this should be a simple task for Greenleaf,” said another officer. “We may not have an advantage against bug pokémon, but going against water types won’t be an issue at all.”

“Unfortunately, we found most of them maimed and brutalized, possibly as a form of sacrifice,” said the ninja. “Whoever brought them to Chrysalia didn’t plan for them to stay there for long.”

That’s terrible. Why would anyone do such a thing to them? I didn’t agree with an assault on the kingdom, but such a slaughter is unforgivable.

“There’s something else,” said the ninja. “Our squad also found these.”

The ninja placed an item before Lord Jun’s feet. As I gazed at the familiar object, I felt a sense of dread, discomfort in knowing that I was right. The red and gray design could not be denied.

They were placed in pokéballs.

“How can we take Chrysalia now, if they have these?” asked an officer.

“What shall we do now, Lord Jun?” asked another.

Lord Jun stared at the recovered pokéball, and then at me. He didn’t have to say a word. I knew what was expected of me.

“My Lord,” I said as I sat upright, “I will do everything I can to investigate this matter further. We will. Please allow us, your most trusted squad, to march into the Chrysalia kingdom.”

Lord Jun scratched his chin as he looked at me inquisitively.

“You would do this for Greenleaf, even if that meant having to conquer Chrysalia by yourselves?”

I lowered my head and bowed.

“Whatever it takes.”

“But Lady Shuko, you don’t mean to go into battle now,” said Kanetsugu.

“Are you out of your mind?” said Muneshige. “I thought you didn’t trust Jun.”

Oichi picked up her Jigglypuff and looked my officers straight in the eyes.

“She’ll be fine,” she said. “Shuko will make it happen.”

I nodded and sat upright to face Lord Jun once more. As he smiled subtly, I knew he would accept my offer. I didn’t know if I had the potential to go back into battle. I didn’t know if my officers could cooperate either.

And yet, a burning passion to seek justice had been awakened, as I pieced together the reason Shuichi and I came here in the first place. My two homes need my help.

“I will bring justice to Ransei.”


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