Anime Review: Galilei Donna


It seems like the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity for some of these anime originals. Even if the subject references hundreds of things that came before it, the synthesizing of these ideas is what generates a unique story to the library. However, not all original stories are considered “Masterpieces,” or even particularly “Good,” for that matter. How does this series fare in that regard? I have my own opinion, but as always, I’ll let you decide.

Galilei Donna puts us in the not-too-distant future of 2061. The world is in a global energy crisis, as nations war over the last bit of resources left on the planet in order to survive. And yet in this mix, there are three Japanese-Italian sisters: Hazuki, Kazuki, and Hozuki Ferrari, who decide to put their heads together to find an energy source that is rumored to save the world from its current environmental emergency. And why is that? That’s because they are the descendants of the world-renowned physicist who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church before it was cool: Galileo Galilei!

The Ferrari Sisters

The Ferrari sisters (from L to R): Kazuki, Hazuki, and Hozuki, are descendants of Galileo Galilei.

Now I could argue that there are plenty of logical problems in this series on the premise alone, such as how Galileo could only have three very important descendants who are alive, 400 years after his death (he should have tens of thousands of descendants by now); or how the world suddenly became dependent on a would-be lawyer, a high school student, and the world’s most adorable lolita engineer, whose credibility for being actual sisters seems to be in question (more on that later). But this is anime. I stopped asking stupid questions like that a long time ago.

The plot itself is mainly an action adventure series, as the girls become the thorn of a multinational company’s side and are therefore labeled as world-class criminals. But aside from their seemingly anti-heroic persona, they are tasked in gathering the hidden moon sketches of Galileo all over the world in their flying goldfish of a mech, designed and piloted by the youngest of the sisters, Hozuki.

A fair warning: the series does also head in the direction of violence, and if you are watching the DVD/BD version, some nudity as well. And don’t get me started on the mega feels I had for various characters I never had enough of a chance to get attached to (it still hurts)!

Of the three sisters, I do have to hand it to Kazuki Ferrari, the middle child. She is by default my favorite on the grounds that she is a middle child like me; but she’s also my favorite for her personality as well as her tactical reaction to critical situations. I’m still a little confused whether Kazuki is Hazuki’s and Hozuki’s biological sister, as there were plenty of moments that hinted that she might have been disowned at some point, or that she was adopted. Regardless of the unexplained disconnections she has, Kazuki is still ready to help her sisters out and lend her skills to the task at hand, when it’s needed the most!

Kazuki Ferrari

In desperation for her sister’s sake, Kazuki fights back!

And of course, since the series does mention him a lot, we can’t expect nothing less of a flashback and/or time travel event as well, when Hozuki meets her ancestor in a much lighter, yet awkwardly romantic sequence, in order to solve the mystery.

Galileo Galilei

Anime Galileo! My inner physics fan boy is screaming!

The series as a whole was a very enjoyable ride for me, up until the a very anticlimactic ending. I won’t spoil the details, but I guess it goes to show that we can’t always expect things to go as planned, even for an anime original series like this one. But hey, at least one mystery was solved, and that is the mystery behind who Galileo was writing to in secrecy of all his moon sketches?

Hozuki Ferrari

Yeah, let’s not go there…

So if you’re looking for a science fiction adventure that brings together Galileo Galilei, cute girls, and the rise of an energy-depleted apocalypse, check out Galilei Donna. It’s a decent watch, but don’t get your hopes up too much from it.

And even though the series doesn’t actually have a cover from the J-Pop sensation Galileo Galilei (“Aoi Shori” from Ano Hana), it does have upbeat theme songs by Negoto and Earthmind.

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