Anime Review: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou


In the past month, I have reviewed a lot of anime with different styles, purposes, and lots of thought on each one. And while I still think this one is amazing, I love it because it is simply fun to watch. It’s got the funnies, the mild feels, and once again, a cover by fhána!

Ritsu and Kazunari

These two are such a cute, workable couple!

First off, I would like to commend whoever came up with the ingenious title in English. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou was marketed to the Anglophone audience as The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior. The words “complex,” “manors,” and “hostel” clearly refer to places of residence, reflecting the type of residence our protagonists live in. However, complex can also be interpreted as an adjective, meaning complicated or detailed; and manors and hostel can be interpreted as puns for “manners,” meaning etiquette, and “hostile behavior,” testifying just how crazy the residents get!

This series is a situational romantic comedy where each episode is comprised of two stories surrounding our ensemble characters. Our main focus, Usa-kun (because everyone seems to forget his given name is Kazunari), has recently moved into the Kawai Complex (Kawaisou) because his parents found jobs overseas. Here at his new residence, he finds his cute and antisocial (often called “dandere”) senpai Ritsu Kawai, who is the building manager’s daughter. Usa-kun wants to get to know his senpai in this romantic series, but as one might guess in a comedy series, he also has to put up with Kawaisou’s other nut-job residents!

Mayumi and Sayaka

Mayumi (left) and Sayaka are two of several residents who have crazy adventures.

Things get very hairy for Usa-kun, but as the series progresses, he slowly, but surely gains Ritsu’s trust; and the series often hints at the idea that she might have the same feelings for him. Of course, her feelings are much more innocent and pure; while his feelings for her are more perverted and full of ulterior motives.

Kazunari and Ritsu

I’d ship that!

Still however, all of the residents of Kawaisou have a love-hate feeling for their youngest “will they, won’t they?” couple. Occasionally they will put their heads together to help each other out in some pretty awesome schemes. They will also find ways to ruin Usa-kun’s chances of getting to know Ritsu (if you know what I mean), which is just downright hilarious!

But let’s face it, the cutest thing about this series has to be Kazunari’s and Ritsu’s relationship. Sure, they’re both pretty slow on the uptake, but occasionally they will start talking about the things they love, particularly books! While this is an anime that’s based on a manga (and therefore a graphic novel), there is a great deal of emphasis on getting your nose stuck in a good book and talking to your friends about it.

I know I’ve grown up to be a very reluctant reader (which is probably why my writing sucks most of the time), but I love the idea of just letting imagination flow, reading literature, and discussing the things I love with friends. Usa-kun seems to be like me in that regard.

And of course, I can’t forget about the greatest eye-candy of them all, which is just how cute Ritsu gets when her eyes light up. It’s a theme so perennial in the series, I have prompted to call it “Kawai Beams.”


“Kawai beams,” because her name is Kawai, which is a pun for the Japanese word for “cute.” Beams is a poetic English word for eyes.

So if you’re looking for another great romantic comedy that’s nothing short of crazy, cute, and absolutely fun, watch Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou.

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