Anime Review: Witch Craft Works


Some of the more popular anime shows in the action genre feature a boy who does all the awesome stuff while the girl sidekick character does, well, whatever. In this series less about magical girls and more about witches parodies that idea. And since this series has a cover by fhána, you know I am compelled to review it!

Witch Craft Works

Who’s the damsel in distress now, fool!

In Witch Craft Works, Honoka Takamiya is a normal high school guy who has allegedly has a thing for the campus idol, Ayaka Kagari. Little does he know, however, that Ayaka is a fire witch who belongs to the order of Workshop Witches. In fact, their entire town is divided into two orders: the Workshop Witches and the Tower Witches.

And in case you couldn’t figure out which witch was which (heh), the closing theme sung by the five comic relief witches has two separate panning scenes that add tower and workshop witches respectively after every episode!

But as one can imagine, the two witch factions don’t necessarily get along; and have two separate plans for the town they inhabit. It is up to a young, powerful witch to protect this town, while also protecting the soul that is bound to her; i.e. Ayaka Kagari and Honoka Takamiya!

These two, of course, make a workable couple, but as one might guess, don’t really develop a great deal of romance. This is probably because Honoka is a spineless shy guy, as many male protagonists in anime are, and Ayaka is an aloof beauty who has a very hard time getting her affections across (what one might describe as “kuudere”).

Ayaka Kagari

Yeah. Ayaka’s just weird.

But what this series lacks in romantic development, makes up in humor! Witches are often considered scary denizens in the fantasy genre, conjuring spells that do terrible things to humans. These witches on the other hand only deal with other magical beings (particularly other witches) and let’s face it, they’re just plain crazy. Whether they are the good workshop witches or the evil tower witches, all of them seem to be really unstable to a very laugh-out-loud stupid level!

But I guess that being said, the good witches aren’t that good and the bad witches aren’t that bad either. Some people like seeing stuff like that, right? And besides, seeing them work together occasionally is either too awesome or just preparation for another joke!

Kasumi Takamiya

Kasumi Takamiya and the Tower Witches. Sounds like the name of a girl rock band! (And yes, that’s Honoka’s overly obsessive sister)

But enough of reasons why one might hate this series. I actually enjoyed this series a lot. I like how Ayaka is the badass character that seems invincible while our boy wonder Honoka is the surprisingly strong and not-so-useless character for a change. And every episode left me dying with laughter!

And besides, if there was any girl I might be attracted to specifically for both her looks and her personality, it’s Ayaka. She’s mysterious, she’s quirky, she can hold her own in a fight, oh and guess what, she wears glasses too!

Ayaka Kagari

I think I’m in love.

But more importantly, she has the utmost care for Honoka, granted showing her feelings for him, well, never goes the way it’s planned. Too funny!

So if you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, wanting a different kind of action/fantasy anime with a kick-ass girl character and plenty of laughs, check out Witch Craft Works. Oh, and if you’re turning away just because I approach this as a “guy” thing, it’s adapted from another seinen manga written by a female manga artist, Ryuu Mizunagi! Yeah, that surprised me, too!


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