Anime Review: One Week Friends

One Week Friends

Oh my gosh, it’s Monday! I almost forgot to do this!

As the Spring 2014 is wrapping up, a lot of my simulcasts are finishing up; and while I would like to review all of them, my lineup was shall we say, very lengthy. Today, however, I’ll make an exception and review something that just finished, before I conveniently forget about it.

Not that I would though.

One Week Friends

Get ready to cry your eyes out. This series, while slow and simple, is incredibly powerful!

One Week Friends (Isshukan Friends) starts off as a simple boy-meets-girl scenario, where Yuki Hase wants to get to know the quiet Kaori Fujimiya a little better. While the plain and simple guy with the anti-social girl seem to hit it off pretty well, Yuki has yet to fully realize why Kaori never has friends. And when Monday came, it all made sense.

Every Monday, Kaori Fujimiya’s memories of her friends disappear.

And while this probably frustrates most people, Yuki remains patient and resilient in making the best out of Kaori’s situation. Endurance is key in his relationship with Kaori; and believe me when I say this:

“Let’s be friends” will never have the same meaning ever again!


Kaori has a poster to remind herself everyday that Hase-kun is her friend.

There are a lot of sentimental as well as heart-breaking things to say about this series, but I want to keep the spoilers short for once. Every week, however, Yuki and Kaori have to put in a lot of effort to keep their friendship; and what may frustrate some impatient anime viewers is that progression is slow. With the help of other friends along the way, however, these two have some very heartwarming adventures (as well as catastrophic ones); and Kaori isn’t as anti-social as we are led to believe.

However, if there is one thing that I can take away from this series, it is the value of friendship in and of itself. Relationships in general are not always enjoyable or beautiful. There are a lot of encounters with our friends that will frustrate us, make us angry, even threaten to tear us apart; and we will always have to work things out to maintain it.

But even with the painful things about our relationships, we remember that there have been good times with them. And if it means having to go through the terrible motions over and over again to achieve that level of happiness, we, like Yuki Hase, would do anything to make it happen.

Kaori Fujimiya

What would you do to keep that precious smile?

And if there is anything else you should look out for in this series, it’s the visual scenery. Manga styles of background scenes are generally top-notch for comic standards; and this anime adaptation’s use of watercolor effects make it stand out even more. But more importantly, there are many times throughout the series where they will cut away from characters and dialogue and just show a scene with inanimate objects and extended background.

Call it what you may, but as I watched it, it’s as if the scenery itself is telling a wordless story. Every scene in this series reflects what is going on between the characters, as if scenery itself was a character! If you stop and take a close look, there are a lot of feelings that come out of the silence; a story told to embellish upon our two protagonists. And what a beautiful story it is.


The view from the rooftop in One Week Friends speaks volumes of what happens in this series.

So if you’re looking for something sentimental, something slow, something cute, and something heartwarming, then get ready to cry and watch One Week Friends. It is absolutely unforgettable!


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