Anime Review: Onee-chan ga Kita


I love romantic comedies. That’s not an overstatement. There are a lot of romantic comedies that aren’t appealing at all to me from the git-go, but I still try to watch them; and in almost every case, I eventually like them over time.

This animated short series (TV show that runs 3 – 15 minutes per episode) was one such “romantic” comedy. I put that in quotes because it’s not the kind of romance you’re thinking of.


Don’t push your luck!

In Onee-chan ga Kita (My Big Sister Came) Tomoya Mizuhara is a middle school boy whose father recently got remarried. With a new step mom, Tomo-kun also gains a new older sister, Ichika. And while some guys would kill to have a cute sister (particularly a step sister), Ichika is annoying as ever as she stalks, obsesses, and even bear-hugs Tomoya in overt affection for him!

This kind of setup where a male protagonist gains a step sister from a father’s remarriage is kind of cliché in anime. However, unlike what those male otaku fantasies might suggest, Ichika spends more time chasing Tomoya down rather than the other way around.

Ichika Mizuhara

Stop that!

Seriously though, I was annoyed by this big sister character many times in the first few episodes of the series. But did I mention how I LOVE romantic comedies? Love is one of those things that you have for stuff regardless of whether you enjoy them or not. And just like how Ichika somewhat grows on Tomoya, Onee-chan ga Kita grew on me.

Seeing that in real life where I have a sister of my own, none of these crazy things ever actually happen to me personally. My sister and I are more like the “indifferent” kind of siblings. I personally can’t relate to this kind of obsessive sister-brother relationship since I’ve never experienced it; but I can still recognize, to some degree, that the family love is still there. That’s why I place this series in the “romance” category, even though it is officially not a romantic comedy.

Believe it or not, there were actually moments in this series that were so heart-warming, I nearly cried. This is something atypical of most short series, since there really isn’t enough time to build up those kinds of themes; and let’s face it: anime shorts in general are just bizarre, even for anime standards.

Over time, I did end up liking Onee-chan ga Kita and Ichika for her love for her little brother. It comes recommended from me because it’s somewhat funny and does show a lot of love in a very different way. And for those of you who are annoyed by having (or imagining) an overly obsessed sibling, just think: it could be much, much worse!


That could be us…

Yeah, I’m definitely not jealous of them, given my current situation.


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