Anime Review: Engaged to the Unidentified


While I do like to talk about the latest action anime series that are out there, my preferences always lead me back to romantic comedies. They’re just that nuts! And this particular series is so crazy, I thought from the beginning that it was actually a shōjo series. I was surprised to find out that this is actually a seinen adapted from a manga written by female artist and writer Cherry Arai! Believe it or not, seinens written by women is quite a trend within the market.


Kobeni (left) and Mashiro sense some very big shenanigans.

Engaged to the Unidentified (Mikakunin de Shinkōkei) hones in on the life of Kobeni Yonomori who has recently discovered that she was betrothed to Hakuya Mitsumine, a childhood friend from the mountainous countryside. Not only that, but while she is still in her first year of high school, he and his sister Mashiro have moved in with her! The three together, along with Kobeni’s elder sister Benio, a student council president with an unhealthy obsession for her sister and future sister-in-law, have wild adventures as the romantic comedy commences!

Sounds fairly typical, for a girl who apparently has her future husband and in-law drop in on her during high school, right? Perhaps. Except that Hakuya and Mashiro aren’t human (hence the title of this anime)! In fact, no one really knows what they are yet!

Although in hindsight, they have hinted at the idea that they might be wolves. Hakuya is certainly dog-like; and they come from the mountains.


Whatever the Mitsumines are, Mashiro also seems to really like other Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMAs) like herself(?) Kind of an irony, if you ask me.

Tsundere Alien

Tsundere complexes are universal, even for the “Greys!”

And while there is a lot of craziness that goes on in this series, I can’t help but realize that it can still be very cute in some of its bizarre fashion. I don’t always hype fictional couples, but Kobeni and Hakuya make a pretty awesome pair. Yes, that can go on record!


Matching Sweatshirts!!

But enough of me sharing screen shots!

If you like romantic comedy anime shows, watch Engaged to the Unidentified for yourself! Within my heavy preference for romantic comedies, it comes highly recommended. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s got a wonderful cast, and did I mention the opening and closing theme songs performed by the three protagonist voice actresses?


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