Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 34


Chapter 34: “To the Heroes We Inspire”

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


Brian ran up the steps to the top of the tower with Emolga at his side.
“We can do this,” he reminded himself. “We’re the only ones that can now.”

As he rushed up the steps, a group of collared Klinks and Klangs surrounded him. Emolga perched onto Brian’s shoulder, frightened by the steel gear-like pokémon. Brian released his Lampent to take care of them.
“Take them all down with heat wave!” he commanded.
Lampent emitted a strong source of heat to engulf the combatants. The Klinks fainted immediately but the Klangs remained hovering in the air. The collar devices were probably keeping them from going down as easily.
“Come on, Emolga, be brave for me,” said Brian. “Take them all down with discharge.”
Emolga shivered at the three remaining Klangs, but obeyed his trainer. He let loose a large wave of electricity that destabilized the enemies. Two Klangs fainted and the remaining one lost its use of the collar, but grew angry and continued to attack Emolga with gear grind.
“Don’t give up, Emolga,” said Brian. “Use volt switch and return.”
Emolga let out a ball of electricity and hit the Klang directly. The pokémon went down as Emolga returned to his pokéball. Brian released his Palpitoad, a water and ground type amphibian pokémon.
The next fleet of enemies were made up of Cryogonals and Woobats, all of which had collars on them. “Brace yourselves, guys,” commanded Brian. “Palpitoad, stay in front of Lampent and use protect. Lampent, take them down with your will-o-wisp and hex attacks!”
The Woobats charged directly at Palpitoad with heart stamps as the Cryogonals blasted ice beams in unison. Brian’s Palpitoad threw up a protection shield to deflect all the attacks on him and Lampent. Lampent then threw balls of flames at each enemy. The enemies burned up and some of the collars deactivated from the intensity.
As the freed pokémon fled from the scene, Lampent used hex to take care of the rest of them. The enemies ended up in a daze as Brian continued along his way up to the top of the tower.
“Take a rest, Lampent,” said Brian as he returned the ghost pokémon. “Just a few more steps and it will all be over.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brian reached the last step and looked up. A powerful orb of electricity hovered at least fifty meters in the air, suspended by magnetic plates which surrounded it in all directions. Lightning emitted from the orb to the rods that were held closely around it on four corners. Each rod was connected to a computer that Brian assumed was the source of Aizawa’s control ability. This hovering orb was controlling collared pokémon all over Unova, and possibly beyond.
Brian returned his Palpitoad and released Emolga from his rest. Emolga hovered in the air as Brian walked along the mesh walkways surrounding the tower’s orb.
“Come on, Emolga, let’s finish this,” said Brian.
Emolga stared up at the night sky where the orb had been placed. The ball filled with electricity covered the full moon from view in its entirety. Emolga trembled and turned away as he felt overwhelmed by the size of the controlling structure.
“No, Emolga, we have to do this!” shouted Brian. “You will obey me, because I am your trainer!”
Emolga flew toward Brian and slapped him in the face with his wing. Brian wanted to get angry like he used to when Emolga disobeyed him but couldn’t bear it. The truth was that Brian was just as afraid. There was no guarantee of their safety once Emolga attacked the orb. There was also no guarantee that destroying it would change everything back to normal.
“I’m sorry,” he cried. “I didn’t mean for you to hate me.”
Brian held Emolga in his arms and hugged him tightly. Brian felt tears down his face. Some of those tears were his own, but others came from somewhere else.
Emolga’s ears tensed up as he looked up at the sky. And with that, Brian witnessed a miracle before his eyes.
Rain was not in the forecast of this summer day, and yet it was there. He looked down in curiosity and confusion and squinted to where he had come from.
He saw a Politoed, the size of a speck as jolly as can be, dancing around. Brian realized why the rain had fallen and smiled.
“The professor’s still trying as hard as he can for us,” he said to Emolga. “He hasn’t given up on us yet, so let’s not disappoint him. Are you with me?”
Emolga leaped out of his trainer’s arms and prepared for one more attack. Brian tightened his fists and readied his decisive command.
“All right, Emolga, fly as high as you can above the orb. I know it’ll be dangerous, so I want you to stay clear of any sparks or explosions. When you reach a safe distance from the tower, watch for my signal as I keep a distance also. Ready to go?”
Emolga nodded and separated from Brian. The pokémon dashed high into the air as Brian ran back toward the steps to a distance far enough from the orb, but close enough for him to see his pokémon. Emolga flew into a storm made from the orb and its magnetic supports. He dodged every spark and every bolt so as not to get caught in the charges. The pokémon flew to eye-level of the orb and turned away from it in order to reach a safe distance.
Emolga looked down and saw Brian. The trainer in turn looked back at him and gave an “okay” signal. At last, to finish the battle, Brian shouted his command at the top of his lungs.
“Destroy that orb with thunder!”
Emolga emitted an electric power from his belly and summoned lightning from the sky. The lightning surrounded him and gave him an extra charge in the rain. With that, Emolga was in control of the lightning in the sky.
With one shot, Emolga directed more electricity toward the peak of the tower where the orb was held. Emolga roared with all his might as the thunder attack hit the tower’s orb directly.
And in this one attack, the orb had burst from overcharging and exploded.
Emolga flew away from the radiating shrapnel and combustion while looking back at his trainer. Brian ran down the steps, realizing the impact was far greater than he anticipated. He almost made it to a safe distance when he tripped and saw the flash from the explosion. It was too late for him to get away.
Brian covered his eyes from the blinding light, knowing that doing so was probably futile. Brian prepared his thoughts for the end.
“Thank you, Emolga,” he said in silence. “It’s just too bad things didn’t turn out as expected. Farewell, buddy.”
He looked up as the explosion passed over him. Brian had expected a quick and painless death, but then realized he was just fine. He looked around, confused, as the shrapnel from above flew around him as he remained untouched. Then he looked down at his feet: an open pokéball was cast aside. That’s when he noticed that Palpitoad remained steadfast, using protect to ensure the trainer’s safety.
Brian wiped away his tears and smiled.
“Well, I guess I wasn’t expecting that.”
As the explosion subsided, Emolga flew back toward the steps of the tower where Brian had been left. Brian and Palpitoad were shaken from the impact, but remained alive and well. Brian held tightly to Palpitoad as he welcomed Emolga back into his arms.
“I’m so glad you guys are all right,” he cried. “It’s finally over.”
Brian wanted to return to where everyone else was down below, but his entire body was fatigued from the explosion. He remained sitting on the steps, passed out, and holding on dearly to his friends.


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