Two Poems for NaPoWriMo (Day 9 and 10)


[Forgot to post yesterday. Here are two poems to make up for lost time.]


A tangy flavor,

Sweet as nectar,

Sour as citrus,

But neither in essence.

Grown from a plant so fragile,

We support them with bales

To protect them from floods

Or faulty irrigation.

At last, they are ripe

Under the vernal sun

Making the world seem sweet

Or sour from human consumption.

Kant Ad

[Taken from prompt]

Why settle for an Aristotle

When you can have a Kant?

The Kant has all new features

Like brand new Good Wills,

Brilliant Reverences for the Law,

And the best Categorical Imperatives!

The Aristotle only provides the Mean of Qualities

Only to practice a Virtue of Excellence.

With Kant, you can always alternate

From your Inclinations

And break through to your Moral Duties.

There is no Mean to it!

Reach the true Happiness

By exercising your Moral Goods!

Get your Kant today!


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