Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 33


Chapter 33: Wordless Communication

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


As the battle continued, the two Vileplumes finally gave in and stopped fighting as they watched these events unfold.

Erika returned her focus on Metagross as Tangela continued to hold it down with his vines and stun spore. Metagross, however, broke its own paralysis and went on the offensive. It put Tangela in a psychic trance and hurled him into the air. Erika was powerless to help Tangela since her arrows could not penetrate Metagross’ body at all.
Heatmor woke up from its daze and stared down Poliwhirl. Heatmor was no longer under Aizawa’s control, but was he still willing to fight Poliwhirl.
Beartic and Scolipede were incapacitated and no longer able to fight. Porygon-Z had also fainted and was no longer under control of the collar. Muk was no where to be found and Skarmory was dead.
“You see, Oda-kun, this is the reality of a warrior battle,” said Aizawa. “Pok√©mon were meant to fight one another for centuries. It’s in their nature. Whether they are controlled by humans or not, the fact remains that only the strong survive. Warriors never had time to make lasting relationships with their pok√©mon, except to use them as tools. Your pok√©mon understand that, so why can’t you?”
I refused to believe anything Aizawa said to me. It may be true that that was how humans treated their pokémon centuries ago. But we live in a different time, and I refuse to go back to that lifestye.
I laid Skarmory’s head down and stood up.
“I don’t care what you believe pok√©mon are or meant to do. They will always remain the same thing to the heroes of this world: the heroes that I will help inspire. Pok√©mon were, are, and always will be my friends!”
I said this to Aizawa, but my feelings spoke something else to my pokémon. All of them.
Tangela had taken a fair beating from the psychic attack as Erika continued to stand aside waiting for her chance to support him. It seemed that Metagross had the upper hand, but then Muk reappeared from its hiding. Muk’s hand incinerated on its own as he held out a fist directly at Metagross. Metagross had continued to stand firm, psychic ability still on Tangela, but its paralysis had made it weaker considerably. Muk used his fire punch attack and his Metagross from behind, finally breaking the opponent’s psychic gaze and making a decisive blow.
Meanwhile, Heatmor and Poliwhirl had made some sort of agreement as Heatmor gave my pok√©mon its king’s rock. Poliwhirl gladly accepted it and took in the item’s energy. I watched and smiled, knowing exactly what this meant for Poliwhirl. At long last, he was able to evolve and become Politoed.
Aizawa shrugged.
“I guess this means you still have plenty of willpower in you, huh Oda-kun? Well don’t forget the conditions of this battle. We agreed the winner has a chance to live another day and you are now without a weapon.”
Aizawa raised her shakujo from the ground and held it in yet another striking position. Ginkgo no kusari laid on the ground near her and she had no intention of moving away from it.
“Vileplume, finish off that man’s partner quickly!” she commanded. “Oda-kun, whether or not I lose, you will watch as your Vileplume dies at the hands of mine.”
Her Vileplume got up and released a strange, new-found energy as if it rejuvenated immediately. Aizawa must have used the power from the collar to enhance Vileplume’s energy, or maybe she was forcing the pok√©mon to move against its will. Either way, my Vileplume was in trouble as the opponent released its dark petal dance flowers.
Vileplume braced herself for a direct attack, but the dark petals were not as numerous as before and the enemy’s control over them was very clumsy. Clearly the Vileplume did not have enough energy to create a full attack. Aizawa stepped toward her pok√©mon, surprised and frustrated, wondering why her pok√©mon’s abilities were suppressed. While she was distracted I moved closer to my weapon and picked it up off the ground.
“Vileplume, I command you to finish off your opponent!” shouted Aizawa. “You will obey me!”
I finally noticed that the collar on Vileplume was reacting to her shakujo. The rings on her weapon acted as a beacon to the collars, and she had six rings attached to the staff in all. I imagine that each ring controlled a different pokémon. Perhaps there was a mechanism somewhere on her shakujo, perhaps buttons, that activated the controls she had for the collars. This was the only thing I could deduce since she never let go of the staff during this battle.
Regardless of the situation, the enemy Vileplume tried to attack mine but without as much effect as earlier. Aizawa grew angry.
“Fine, Vileplume,” she said. “I will just have to strike that pok√©mon down myself!”
Aizawa rushed toward my Vileplume, ready to strike her with her shakujo. There was no time for me to think of any more actions.
I chased Aizawa as I held a length of chain in my hand, swinging the right blade in the air, gaining momentum as I ran. I typically never did this because my own movement along with the swinging motion made the momentum wasn’t very stable, and if I wasn’t careful I could accidentally hit myself with my own blade! But there was no time to take precautions.
As I caught up with my opponent I hurled the length of the chain at her staff. The chain caught on to its target and tethered around it. Aizawa stopped when she noticed that I was behind her, holding on to the other end of Ginkgo no kusari to tighten the grip on her weapon. At last I was able to catch my opponent off guard; and with a quick tug, I released the chain back to me thereby disarming Aizawa. The shakujo slid across the floor away from us. As I analyzed the tool, it certainly had buttons along its side to control her pokémon.
Aizawa rushed toward her weapon to try and grab it again while I had already swung another length of the chain for my next attack. Before she could reach the weapon I released the chain and had Ginkgo no kusari tether around her waist and arms. Once the remaining length locked onto her, I tightened the chain with my left hand and forced her to kneel on the ground. I stepped less than a meter away from her and placed the edge of my left blade close to her neck. Aizawa had finally been immobilized.
“It’s over,” I said.
I signaled Erika to remove the collars from all the pokémon. Erika obeyed and unfastened the collars on the fallen Scolipede, Beartic, Metagross, and Vileplume. Brian and Emolga had also returned from below to check on us.
“Professor Ginkgo, are you okay?” asked Brian.
I still held on to the chain and my blade around Aizawa as my remaining pokémon surrounded me in relief.
“Don’t worry about me,” I said to them. “Everything will be fine.”
But then, Aizawa chuckled.
“Just because you have captured me you think it’s over? I still have one move left.”
Her Vileplume walked toward her weapon which still laid on the ground and pressed a few buttons on it. Though the tip of the shakujo laid on the ground, it sent a signal from the staff to a receiver from a distance.
The tower began to shake and loud rumbling noises came from above. My three pokémon grew weary knowing that something terrible was about to unfold. When the rumbling stopped, all I could hear was the screaming of terrified and frustrated trainers down below.
I turned to my captive opponent in haste.
“What just happened, Ai-san?” I cried.
“At last, my plan is now complete!” she laughed vilely. “Oda-kun, you have now witnessed the true power of Project Sakura! Behold, above us is a floating beacon which acts as my staff. It, covers a much larger area and controls all pok√©mon with the special collars around their necks; both mine and those of the naive trainers! All of their pok√©mon are now under my control through wordless communication! And of course, since I have no need for them anymore I have ordered them all to kill their former trainers!”
Erika aimed an arrow at Aizawa’s face to deliver a killing blow, but Aizawa stopped her with a sinister grin.
“Don’t think that killing me will stop them. They will obey their last command without fail.”
Erika undid her grip on her bow and ceased her fire.
“What can we do, Shuichi?” asked Erika. “Who knows how many of those beacons she has in the Unova region, let alone the pok√©mon world? We must stop her here and now.”
“Unfortunately Erika, that beacon of hers is at the very top of this tower and we are down here,” I said. “And once we get to the top the beacon itself is floating in midair so we can’t reach it. It may be possible for us to discharge the beacon with electricity, just as the collars were discharged in a similar fashion. Unfortunately I don’t have any electric pok√©mon and Skarmory is dead. I could ask the gym leader Elesa down below to help us but Skyla, the flying type gym leader of Unova, didn’t join us in our operation. It seems we are out of options.”
Erika and I held our heads dejectedly. But then, Brian stood firm and prepared his Emolga for his next task.
“I’ll do it, Professor,” he said. “If you need an electric and a flying type pok√©mon, I have one right here. Emolga is both. We’ll take care of it.”
I looked up at the passionate Brian in awe, but still I was worried.
“This isn’t of your concern, Brian,” I said. “Go help the trainers and the gym leaders stop the controlled pok√©mon with Emolga instead.”
“It is too my concern!” he snapped back. “I was the only human to have ever been subjected to that lady’s collars. This is vengeance for how she treated me and my pok√©mon! Besides, Prof. Ginkgo, you once told me that pok√©mon professors are mentors; and mentors are heroes to the heroes they inspire. I don’t know if I’m worthy of being a hero yet, but I won’t know until I try. Emolga and I can do this. Please give us a chance.”
Brian folded his hands together as if begging me. I still held a firm grip on my opponent, knowing that I could not reach the top of the tower in my situation. Erika had no electric or flying pokémon at her disposal and all the other trainers were preoccupied with problems down below. Brian and his Emolga were my only options.
I stood up and gave him my answer.
“All right, but be careful, Brian,” I said as I nodded to him. “If you run into any trouble up there you have Emolga and your other pok√©mon by your side. Use them as needed, but never forget that they are your friends first, got it?‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúOf course, Professor. I am a trainer, after all.‚ÄĚ
I smiled warmly.
‚ÄúOne last thing, Brian. Come back in one piece, okay?”
Brian gave me a thumbs up, promising me that he would get the job done. And with that, Brian rushed up the steps to the top of the tower.
I looked up toward the top of the tower as I had realized I could see the sky from above. It had grown dark and certainly the electric beacon glowed from the top. I then looked to my newly evolved Politoed and had yet another idea.
“Erika, do you have any potions with you?” I asked.
Erika nodded.
“Good, because I want you to heal my Politoed,” I said. “Together, we are going to give Brian a fighting chance.”


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