Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 32


Chapter 32: Pokémon Warrior Battle

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


Erika and I stood with our partners, ready for the pokémon battle of our lives. Aizawa grinned sinisterly as she prepared herself for our challenge.
“Very well, Oda-kun,” she said. “As your underclassman so long ago, I accept your challenge. State your rules.”

A bold attempt to lighten the situation by letting me set the pace for such an important battle. She knows that I will probably follow through with my own rules while she will go ahead and break them. I won’t fall for that again.
“All of your pokémon against ours, Ai-san, in a free-for-all, unrestricted, warrior battle. The winner gets nothing more than a chance to live another day.”
“Perfect,” smiled Aizawa. “It seems you have finally accepted your fate as a warrior just to face me. Too bad you will lose this battle here and now!”
Aizawa released all six of her pokémon: Metagross, Beartic, Heatmor, Scolipede, Porygon-Z, and of course, Vileplume. All six of her pokémon reached their fully evolved forms, all six could easily match up against our pokémon, and all six had the distinctive collar controlled by her. I looked to Erika, wanting to say something to her.
“I already know, Shuichi,” she said before I could say anything. “All of her pokémon are being controlled by those collars and you think that they are acting against their will right now. You were going to ask me not to kill them, am I right?”
I nodded. Erika knows that despite my being a warrior now that I had no intention of actually killing anyone today, not even Aizawa.
“I will agree to your standards, Shu-chan, and I will restrain myself from killing any of them. However, if you, Tangela, or I are in any danger, I will not hesitate to make a fatal blow. I hope you will understand.”
“I wouldn’t expect anything less from the warrior who trained me,” I said.
I then turned to all of my pokémon: Vileplume, Poliwhirl, Skarmory, and Muk.
“I know we haven’t had a lot of experience fighting together like this,” I told them, “and I know it’s tempting for you all to act on my command. But as of today, I will no longer be able to command you as my pokémon.”
All my pokémon had worrisome looks. I comforted each one of them with a pat on their heads.
“The four of us have been together for a long time now,” I continued, “but there was once a time each one of you were wild pokémon, untamed and unresponsive to me or any other human you have ever come across. Think back to those wild instincts. Protect and assist each other. This is my last command to all of you. In order to protect my precious friends, I will not fight with you from the sidelines. From now on, I will fight alongside you from the front.”
The pokémon reluctantly agreed with me and readied themselves in combat positions.
“I have only one more request from all of you,” I said to my team of humans and pokémon. “Assist and protect each other as needed, but leave Ai-san to me.”
Aizawa smiled as she prepared her pokémon to their combat positions.
“Let the battle begin,” said Aizawa.
The enemy pokémon attacked us without any commands. We responded likewise as we charged against them.
As expected, Vileplume challenged her Vileplume and Muk challenged her Porygon-Z. These pairs were rivals and probably wanted to face each other one on one anyway, just as I would for Aizawa. Skarmory flew in midair as she kept an eye on Scolipede. Poliwhirl locked his arms with the Heatmor. These two pokémon went for the type advantage.
Meanwhile, Aizawa’s Beartic kept a watchful eye on Skarmory as it blew an icy wind to keep her from attacking Scolipede head-on. Metagross, likewise, assisted Porygon-Z against Muk.
Erika stood in the rear of our flank, the perfect position for firing her arrows, as Tangela rooted himself in front of her for defense. In this entire match-up, Tangela would have been the weakest because he had a type disadvantage against all of the enemies except perhaps Porygon-Z and Aizawa, not to mention he was not fully evolved. Still, I know there is more to Tangela than any of us knew, and Erika would definitely bring the best out of him.
I traded blows with Aizawa as she attacked with her shakujo and I defended with Ginkgo no kusari. As I was in close combat with her, I kept an eye on the others, hoping the battle was in our favor.
The Vileplumes attacked each other head-on, each using their petal dance techniques. The air around them filled with pink and violet petals. Surely my Vileplume had gotten stronger during our warrior training, but I was not going to take any chances.
When Aizawa got close enough, I kicked her out of the way, enough to keep her off balance even for a second. I rushed toward Vileplume to assist her. As the two Vileplumes continued to trade blows in the middle of an array of petals, I held on tightly to my two bladed fans and swept the air where Vileplume had been fighting. A gust of wind pierced the two arrays of petals, negating both pokémon’s techniques. My Vileplume locked arms with the other and spun it around in a teeter dance. Aizawa caught up with me and tried to strike me from behind. My Vileplume then shot toxic blasts from her pistil at Aizawa, forcing her to dodge, giving me time to focus my defense on her again.
“Good work, Vileplume,” I said. “Don’t disappoint me now and finish it off quickly.”
Vileplume nodded in agreement and returned the same feelings for me.
Erika aimed her arrows at Muk’s opponent Metagross. Unfortunately Metagross’ steel body deflected a lot of her pierces and could not be subjected to any of her poisons.
“Tangela, use constrict to hold down that Metagross!” she commanded.
Tangela used his vines to keep Metagross from moving. This way Erika could aim for Metagross’ joints and weak points without it moving.
Muk in the meantime used his minimize technique to keep itself from taking hits from Porygon-Z. The Porygon-Z fired tri-attack beams at Muk, each one missing or getting absorbed by Muk’s slimy physique. It then used drill peck on Muk who had already hardened itself with acid armor. With Metagross occupied with Erika and Tangela, Muk could continue to shield himself from Porygon-Z, but could not go on the offensive.
When Skarmory found a break from Beartic’s icy wind, she charged into Scolipede with brave bird. Scolipede jumped into the air in time to dodge her and rolled up into a ball to deliver a defense curl/rollout combo. Skarmory had stopped her attack and took a direct hit from Scolipede’s retaliating move. Beartic also attacked her directly with ice punch while she was close to the ground. Skarmory shielded herself with a protect barrier from Beartic.
Poliwhirl separated himself from Heatmor as they blasted each other mid-range with hydro pump and flamethrower. The two were evenly matched, so they charged at each other, both using the close combat technique. Poliwhirl made the first strike, but then flinched at Heatmor’s hit. Heatmor had held a king’s rock in its claw which forces its dominance over opponents. Poliwhirl could not help but acknowledge Heatmor’s power thanks to that item.
Erika aimed carefully at the immobilized Metagross and fired an arrow at one of its joints. Tangela continued to hold it down, keeping it from moving. Once the arrow reached a piercing point, however, Metagross deflected it with its psychic attack. Erika’s attack didn’t work, but it had kept the pokémon from attacking Muk. Tangela released his grip on Metagross and used vine whip instead. Metagross was now enraged and focused all of its attention on the grass pokémon.
Muk continued to stay on the defensive against Porygon-Z which continued its barrage of beams on him. Porygon-Z then used drill peck, piercing into Muk’s body critically. Fortunately Muk had used a substitute to distract Porygon-Z. At last Muk had an upper hand. Porygon-Z converted its type to steel as its armor became a shiny silver color. Steel types are unaffected by poison attacks and not affected as much by normal attacks, so it goes without saying that Muk was at a disadvantage. What Porygon-Z didn’t realize, however, is that Muk had learned other moves to counter that disadvantage.
Muk’s hand burst into flame from its intense body as he readied a fire punch. Porygon-Z tried to convert to something else, but it was too late. Muk landed a critical hit from the fire punch, finally knocking out Porygon-Z.
One victory so far. Muk had bested his rival thanks to his defense, but was not without wounds. Muk seeped away from the battle so that he could recover.
Meanwhile, the Vileplumes continued to attack each other with long range attacks. The enemy Vileplume hurled acid shots and dark petals while my Vileplume poised herself to slowly shoot solar beams. Each of these pokémon were wearing each other out, but neither of them refused to give in to their opponent.
Skarmory flew into the air to escape Scolipede’s and Beartic’s attacks. She found a perch higher than everyone else on the battlefield and roosted herself there. She restored her energy as the two enemies focused on another target: Erika and Tangela.
Aizawa continued to strike me as I blocked her with my own weapon.
“It appears that one of your pokémon has been defeated,” I said with a little confidence.
“That’s just like you, Oda-kun,” said Aizawa. “Don’t concern yourself with your pokémon or mine. At the end of the day, this battle only concerns you and me.”
I retracted my grip from the right blade to a length of chain and spun it in the air to gain momentum.
“You’re wrong,” I muttered.
Aizawa swung her staff from above to strike my head. I hurled the length of chain at her horizontally. She stopped her attack midway and jumped backward to keep herself away from my blade. This temporarily kept her distance from me.
“Pokémon are more than pets or tools to me. They are my friends. I share their defeats as well as their victories.”
Aizawa readied her offensive stance again.
“You’re in a warrior battle now! The only defeat you will ever see is your death. So what if your pokémon die? As long as you survive, just catch a stronger one and be done with it.”
That statement made me angry. My techniques became more forceful and reckless.
“How can you fight in a battle without any remorse for the ones who have died fighting for you?”
I blocked her next strike.
“That’s absurd,” she said. “A warrior is only concerned about his own power and status. A pokémon’s death only means that it was weaker than its opponent; too weak for the warrior’s control. I am only interested in the strongest pokémon.”
Her words reminded me of Nathan. He was also only interested in strong pokémon. He let go of Skarmory because she was not strong enough for his standards. That Skarmory belongs to me.
My blood began to boil. I switched to an offensive stance as well and vigorously attacked Aizawa with the bladed fans in my hands like a raging whirlwind.
“Strength is not measured in a pokémon’s potential alone. My pokémon are stronger today because they have a strong bond with me!”
Aizawa parried my attacks by locking the back of her shakujo into my chain, keeping me from attacking closely.
“I wouldn’t be so sure, Oda-kun. Why don’t you see for yourself what’s happening to your ‘strong’ pokémon?”
I stopped to look. The Vileplumes had equally tuckered each other out, but continued to fight at a much slower pace.
Tangela had paralyzed Metagross for the time being using a stun spore and constricted it with his vines. Erika was busy removing the collar from the defeated Porygon-Z.
Beartic and Scolipede had arrows pierced in their flesh, perhaps because Erika had defended herself against them. Beartic’s eyes were again focused on Skarmory as she flew above Scolipede looking for an opening.
Heatmor threw Poliwhirl aside with its claw and faced toward Erika. Poliwhirl was not strong enough to finish off Heatmor on his own.
Aizawa chuckled.
“It looks like that warrior friend of yours is going to meet a decisive end,” she said. “Oh well. I can’t have both of you trying to take me down.”
Scolipede curled into a ball and used rollout toward Erika as she continued to undo the collar on Porygon-Z. Heatmor had also set its eyes on Erika and got its breath ready for a flamethrower. Erika had snapped off the collar but she could not reach for her bow in time to counter any of the oncoming attacks.
Heatmor spit out its flamethrower at Erika and the encroaching Scolipede. The pokémon had no control of its actions and would damage Scolipede in the process. Scolipede was but a few meters away from my mentor.
But then, Skarmory swooped in to use brave bird on Scolipede.
Skarmory had successfully kept Scolipede off track and away from Erika. And yet in that moment, Skarmory, along with Scolipede, took a huge hit from Heatmor’s flamethrower. Scolipede, which had been hit by two very strong attacks, had been knocked out and could no longer move. Heatmor then used fire blast in the same direction and hit Skarmory with a more powerful blast.
Skarmory screeched from the burns, but refused to move away from her current position, knowing that dodging the attack would mean a direct attack on Erika. Skarmory had always put the safety of humans before her own. Erika and I watched helplessly, unable to make another move.
Beartic then made the final blow using icicle crash to finish off Skarmory. Beartic made direct contact with Skarmory and shoved her toward my direction. Skarmory’s body slid across the floor, sparks flying from the friction between the ground and her steel wings. She stopped just a few meters in front of me.
Within all this excitement, the poison from Erika’s arrows took effect and weakened Beartic as it threw its arms in the air clumsily out of celebration. Despite being controlled by the collared device, Heatmor had gotten angry and set Beartic ablaze, knocking the fellow pokémon out.
Heatmor, now enraged at this situation, left its guard down as Poliwhirl stood behind it unnoticed. Poliwhirl fired a hydro pump at Heatmor to make a decisive victory against it. Poliwhirl then approached Heatmor’s fallen body and smashed in the collar, breaking its circuitry.
It would seem most of my pokémon had won their battles, but our victory came at a grave cost.
I held Skarmory’s head in my arms while ignoring Aizawa. She still had her staff locked into my weapon’s chain, so that neither of us could attack.
“You did the right thing, Skarmory,” I whispered to my pokémon. “I thank you for all the things you have done for me. I only wish I could do more for you.”
Skarmory and I shared a moment of shedding tears, hers from the pain and mine from sorrow.
“You are now free from the burdens of this world. Be at peace now.”
I stroked her head gently as she took her last breath. And just like that, my angel had fallen.


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