Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 31


Chapter 31: “Command Us, Professor”

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


Brian stood before me, lifeless, and controlled by a collar, the same kind of collar around his Lampent’s neck. I was very certain who was behind the collars, but regardless, I have to figure out how to get it off of him.

“Poliwhirl, distract the Lampent for now,” I commanded. “Vileplume, stay on assist and heal Poliwhirl’s wounds as needed.”
My pokémon obliged as they pursued Lampent together. I held Emolga’s pokéball in my hand as I faced Brian.
“Just wait a little longer, Emolga,” I said. “I will knock some sense into your trainer. Your friendship with him will not be in vain.”
Brian stared blankly at me, focused on me as if I was a target, with no intent or feeling. He pulled out a dagger from his waist and charged at me with it. He may not have had it in his heart, but his controlled body definitely wanted to kill me. I switched the pokéball in my hand with an item ball and released it as quickly as possible.
I held Ginkgo no kusari in combat position. Brian came at arm’s length to me as I parried his thrust with one of the fan-shaped blades. I had to stay on the defensive for now. Regardless of my training, I had no intent on killing Brian; but if I let my guard down, I would be killed for sure.
“Wake up, Brian,” I cried. “You have to fight whatever is controlling you! Do you really want to spill my blood?”
Brian continued to have a blank stare while keeping me on the defensive. I could have easily immobilized or disarmed him, but he was moving faster than usual. Regardless of his weapon’s clear disadvantage, his skill at wielding it was unmatched.
“Give up, Oda-kun!” said Aizawa’s voice again. “He’s mine now. He will not listen to a word you say.”
Lampent faded from my pokémon, leaving them disoriented from targeting him. As I continued to focus on defending myself, I couldn’t help but wonder if Lampent were to attack me. Vileplume sensed this immediately and stood directly behind me. Poliwhirl stayed put on his own, watching us and awaiting his next orders.
Brian continued to thrust at me with the knife, when I realized that Lampent had still not revealed himself. This was puzzling to me, because even as an enemy, he would not hide from us for that long. The controlled Lampent was definitely ready to attack, and I figured out who his target was.
Lampent reappeared behind Brian and fired a will-o-wisp at him. Just as I thought, Aizawa was willing to have them fight each other. Poliwhirl stood frozen, shocked, as if he didn’t comprehend what unfolded in front of his eyes. Truly no pokémon we met before had ever attacked their trainers. Still, I had to act.
“Vileplume, heal Brian with aromatherapy,” I said. “Poliwhirl, stand fast and prepare for a direct water gun attack on Lampent. I will hold him down myself.”
I grabbed a length of the chain in my right hand and twirled it around and aimed at my new target. Once I felt I had gained enough momentum, I released the length and hurled it directly at Lampent. The pokémon disappeared again in defense, as I had expected. I turned to face Brian, who was fully healed and prepared to strike me again. With Brian facing me and Poliwhirl from behind, Lampent would appear logically in the one place I thought he would be.
“Poliwhirl, attack me from behind, now!”
Vileplume shouted at Poliwhirl, reiterating exactly what I had said. Poliwhirl did not hesitate and fired his water gun attack at me. Lampent reappeared behind me, as expected, trying to curse me with a hex. The water gun blasted Lampent in time and hit him with perfect timing. Brian, unaffected by these events, charged at me one more time with his dagger when he found an opening. I had dropped my guard to plan that last move, not thinking of myself. Then suddenly, a flashing light emerged from my waist and revealed an electric attack that blinded my opponent.
Emolga often uses volt switch to return from battle and switches with another pokémon. In this case, however, it seems that Emolga reversed the volt switch by bringing himself out. Just in time, too, in order to stop Brian from attacking me. I felt relieved as Emolga emerged from his pokéball on his own.
Brian shook his head and found his balance. He came at me one more time. I tried to block the attack once more, but then Emolga flew in front of me to shield both him and me from attack. Brian lunged at Emolga, but had stopped abruptly at the tip of his pokémon’s face. Emolga began to bleed at that point from the knife’s tip, but thankfully not enough to leave a fatal wound. I stood still, confused and in shock that Emolga would try to protect me like that; but I knew that was not his intention.
Emolga had a grave face in front of his controlled trainer, as if challenging him or trying to remind him of something. Brian’s face continued to look lifeless, and yet somewhere deep in his eyes, I saw that he connected with this pokémon in front of him. I noticed that the collar around Brian’s neck had been tampered with by electricity, probably from the small volt switch attack. It may not have been complete, but Aizawa’s control over Brian was wavering.
“Don’t just stand there, you two!” shouted Aizawa’s voice. “Kill them!”
Without another hesitation, Brian slashed at Emolga. Emolga used agility to move out of the way as I parried his attack. My other two pokémon stood by, awaiting Lampent’s next move. Now that Emolga was out, I could no longer stay on the defensive. Emolga understood his circumstances and I was in no position to keep him from the truth any longer.
“Poliwhirl, soak that Lampent with another water gun!” I commanded.
Poliwhirl shot another water gun at the pokémon, leaving another direct hit. Lampent was significantly weakened and drenched in water.
“Now Emolga, attack Lampent with discharge!”
Emolga let out an electromagnetic pulse from his chest that traveled into the air like a lightning explosion. Vileplume and Poliwhirl stood out of the way as Lampent got caught in the attack. The electric charge surrounded Lampent’s body and disrupted the circuitry in the collar around his neck. Lampent was no longer able to battle, but at least he was freed from the control.
Meanwhile, Brian did not stop lunging and slashing at me with his knife. Asking Emolga to attack him now was impossible. I would be caught in the cross fire, and I’m certain that Emolga was not confident enough to attack his trainer. Emolga was the type to run away whenever they got in a fight, not assault him. I blocked Brian’s attacks with my left blade as I readied a length of chain in my right. I had no time or focus to gain the right momentum, but I was close enough to Brian so that I wouldn’t need very much.
With all the force in my right hand alone, I hurled the length of the chain around Brian’s arm. The chain tethered around him, forcing him to let go of the dagger. Brian was now at my mercy, but instead of attacking him, I slammed the left blade into the ground below me with all my strength. I made a small dent in the ground, but it was enough to keep the blade there, keeping Brian from getting away from its radius. Without letting go of the length just yet, I made my next command.
“Emolga, use thundershock on Brian’s neck now!”
Ginkgo no kusari is an iron-based weapon plated in gold. Both metals have enough conductivity to allow current flow from Brian’s body to the ground below. Thundershock is not a very strong attack, but is enough to discharge the collar while keeping Brian alive. Still, I had to take the appropriate safety measures, just in case.
Emolga let loose his thundershock and hit Brian’s collar. Brian was electrocuted as a side-effect, but the current was grounded enough for him to bypass any direct damage. Brian remained relatively unharmed and came to from Aizawa’s control.
He stared, crying at Emolga’s wounded face, both sad and relieved to see his pokémon again.
“Brian, I suggest you find a way out of here quickly,” I told him.
Brian looked at me, still confused how he had gotten there, but nodded in acknowledgment.
“Have Prof. Juniper or one of the gym leaders down below have a look at Emolga. He took that wound to protect you, you know.”
“But what about you, Prof. Ginkgo?” he asked. “You look pretty bruised up yourself.”
Brian had no recollection of any of the events that had occurred thus far, but I didn’t have time to explain it to him.
“There are some things I still have to take care of,” I said. “Something only I can do.”
Brian thanked me and left toward the lower floors of the tower. When I felt it was safe enough for him, I turned back and looked around.
“Okay, Ai-san, let’s finish this,” I said. “Come out and face me now.”
“I guess I have no choice,” said Aizawa’s voice, but not over the speakers in the room.
I clenched Ginkgo no kusari in my hands, knowing that she would be ready to attack me at any moment with her shakujo. She entered the room from a door leading to higher parts of the tower. Aizawa still wore her signature glasses with wavy hair, but she had adorned herself in different clothing. She wore a priestly garment rather than a professor’s lab coat. Sure enough she carried her weapon of choice, the shakujo, with her, along with six pokéballs around her waist.
“It seems you have decided to go down the path of a pokémon warrior after all, Oda-kun,” she said slyly. “Too bad your life will end here. I suggest you release all six of your pokémon. I will not be holding back this time.”
Unfortunately since I’m a professor and only carried a few pokémon as my friends and assistants, I only had four. Either way, they would all have to join this battle with me, even though only Vileplume had been through the intense warrior training.
Vileplume stood by me and Poliwhirl had already been released, so I released my two remaining pokémon: Muk and Skarmory. All four of my pokémon stood beside me in their combat positions.
“Only four pokémon?” said Aizawa sarcastically. “Truly you didn’t think you could defeat me with just them! And I’ve seen all of them already, so I know how to counter each one. You will regret fighting me with just them on your side.”
“That’s not true!” said a familiar voice coming from downstairs.
I turned around to see who had entered the room. Erika, already dressed in her archer uniform, appeared with her bow equipped. Her Tangela with black feet had followed her. Erika and Tangela stood beside me as we faced Aizawa.
“Command us, Professor,” said Erika. “Let’s bring down the warrior together!”


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