Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 28


Chapter 28: Escape

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


After the summit, I was taken to the Special Investigations Department at my university and held in an interrogation cell. My pokémon were held elsewhere so I could not reach them. I remember so many times when I had to take suspects to these same cells in order to have them detained or questioned for the highest of criminal activities involving pokémon. I never imagined that I would also be placed under such conditions.

The fear of all the cameras and guards watching my every movement. The sound of loud footsteps echoing from other agents as they patrolled a hall of a small, but dangerous number of criminals. The smell of the few other criminals detained here, as they often chose not to maintain their hygiene over long periods of time. Perhaps these are the feelings and senses one gets when being a criminal.
A familiar face approached my cell and inspected me. He was bronze-skinned and had no hair on his head or face, other than his eyebrows.
“Shuichi Oda, was it?” said Prof. Ebon. “You were such a good student in your undergraduate studies, not to mention a big help here in SID. Sure, you had a rough time in your doctoral studies, but you managed and became Prof. Ginkgo. Never imagined I’d see you back here, let alone in this turn of events.”
“Professor Ebon, is there any way I can get out of here soon?” I asked.
“Relax, my boy. You’ve only been in here for half a day. You seem to be healthy enough to eat the food we served you, that’s for sure.”
“Professor, please let me out! There’s something I have to do!”
My former adviser shrugged.
“I’d love to, Shuichi, but that’s something I can’t do, you know that. Once the Board of Professors make a decision, that’s all there is to it. Only they can release you now.”
“But Prof. Ebon, you’ve got to believe me! I have nothing to do with that woman’s activities. I must stop her. I’m the only one who can!”
Professor Ebon shook his head.
“Of course I believe you, Prof. Ginkgo. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to convince the Board of Professors now in your current condition. And I certainly don’t have any power against them either. Professor Fern and I go back to when we were studying to be pokémon professors. But even with our familiarity, his power in our organization is far too great.”
“Professor Ebon, someone is here to see Prof. Ginkgo,” said an assistant from afar. “She’s quite insistent that we let her in.”
My old adviser scratched his head.
“Guess it can’t be helped. Bring her here.”
Another familiar face approached us along with her Cinccino, a silver rodent creature with extra skins that looked like scarves.
“Good evening, Director,” said Prof. Ebon. “It’s good to see you again.”
“Cinccino, use attract,” said the visitor calmly.
Cinccino blew a kiss at Prof. Ebon and enticed him with a very strange charm in her melodious voice. My professor grew dazed, perhaps mesmerized, by this pokémon’s power.
“Would you kindly get the keys for Prof. Ginkgo’s cell and give them to me?” requested the professor.
Professor Ebon obliged and went off to look for the keys. Meanwhile, she approached me as she waited. I was astonished.
“Professor Juniper, what you just did can be considered a serious crime!” I said. “What if you get your license revoked?”
“Oh please, kid,” said Prof. Juniper. “Those blockhead Board of Professors don’t scare me. All that power goes to their head sometimes. Trust me, nothing bad is going to happen to you.”
“What makes you so sure? They are the highest authority among all pokémon professors!”
“You’re an idiot, kid, you know that? Have you forgotten that there’s another governing authority in the pokémon world?”
“Wait a minute, you don’t mean that they–”
“It’s true,” nodded Prof. Juniper. “The Pokémon League Trainers Association has had a lot of interest in this case. You can’t tell me that having over eight hundred trainers affected by a would-be professor isn’t going to alarm them. They know all about it, and they have a lot of interst in you, too.”
“I’m glad to hear that, but why would they be interested in me? I’ve never been part of the Trainers Association.”
“I’m sure she had something to with it. But regardless, don’t let the Board of Professors push you around. We’ve got a bigger problem on our hands. You will help me now, won’t you, Prof. Ginkgo?”
“Of course I will.”
“Excellent. Now Bianca, did you get those keys from Prof. Ebon yet?”
Bianca ran toward my cell along with some keys dangling from her dainty fingers.
“Here they are, Professor!” she exclaimed cheerfully. “But I don’t remember which one belongs to this cell.”
Professor Juniper placed her palm on her face.
“I guess we’ll just have to try them all.”
When Prof. Juniper found the right keys to my cell, I got out and escaped. Since it was the middle of the night, all of the other detainees had been asleep the whole time this happened. We didn’t want to stir up nearly as much trouble as we could have.
“Bianca, have you found Prof. Ginkgo’s pokémon yet?” asked Prof. Juniper.
“Doctor Fennel’s working on that as we speak,” she said. “She’s using her Musharna to track down the Vileplume’s thoughts, while I used mine to put the guards to sleep.”
“I’m glad all of you are on my side,” I said gratefully.
“Many of us are on your side, kid,” said Prof. Juniper. “It’s those uptight members of the Board who aren’t. Don’t worry, once we resolve this case and make our mission a success, I know they will forgive you.”
“That’s good to hear. I can’t imagine not being a pokémon professor at all.”
“Just don’t screw it up, okay kid? If we fail, you will be losing more than just your professor’s license!”
I smirked slyly.
“That goes without saying.”
Bianca’s Musharna caught up with us and communicated something to her trainer.
“Is that so?” said Bianca. “Doctor Fennel has located Prof. Ginkgo’s pokémon?”
I glared in surprise at Bianca, then at Prof. Juniper.
“You mean, your assistant can understand what that pokémon is saying?” I asked.
“For an airhead and a klutz, she understands her pokémon very well,” said Prof. Juniper.
Bianca raised her arms and pumped her fists in frustration.
“That’s not very nice, after all the times I protected you!” pouted Bianca. “Anyway, let’s follow Musharna there. She’ll lead us to your pokémon.”
We ran through the endless halls of the Special Investigations Department. For the few years I interned there, I never got used to where everything was exactly. When we got to the room where my pokémon were held, Vileplume greeted me by jumping onto my chest. I fell on my back and hugged her.
“You’ve gotten pretty heavy, Vileplume!” I said happily. “You haven’t been eating all the snacks here, have you?”
Vileplume had a huge grin on her face.
Professor Juniper handed me four other balls. The three pokéballs contained Skarmory, Poliwhirl, and Muk. The item ball contained Ginkgo no kusari.
“Professor Ginkgo, I want you to lay low at your parents’ house for awhile,” said Prof. Juniper. “The other kid’s Emolga is already there. When the time comes, a member of the Pokémon League Trainers Association will be there to escort you to their base of operations.”
“But I will eventually be able to join with you, right Prof. Juniper?” I asked.
“Don’t be such an idiot, kid! Some of the Board of Professors might be with us. If they see you, you will lose your license for sure. I’ll probably lose my license too, because then they will know that I helped you escape!”
“But I’m not a member of that association.”
Professor Juniper gave me a serious look as she grabbed onto my collar tightly.
“Listen kid, as of today, you are not Prof. Ginkgo! You are Shuichi Oda, pokémon warrior in training, and our only hope of stopping Kanon Aizawa! Don’t be so selfish and help us!”
I nodded as she let me go.
“The effects of Musharna’s hypnosis are going to wear off pretty soon, kid,” said Prof. Juniper. “Let’s make haste and leave nothing behind. I’m counting on you, kid. Failure is not an option.”
As my colleagues and I acknowledged each other, we departed from the university and went our separate ways.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stayed at my parents’ home for the rest of the night, not showing my face outside. Emolga and Vileplume quietly comforted me, worrying about what might happen to me.
“It’s going to be okay, my friends,” I told them. “We’re going to get Brian back. I promise.”
When the sun rose the next day, a helicopter landed in the field just outside of the apartment. Luckily this field had never been developed for all the years I have lived in Celadon City, just in time for such a landing. I gathered my pokémon and the item ball with me. Emolga had also gotten into his pokéball. Vileplume, naturally, walked with me. Without even saying “good morning” to my parents, I left the house.
As I approached the helicopter, the symbol of the Pokémon League Trainers Association of Sinnoh shown on the side of the vehicle. Was the contact that I was waiting for? I thought Aizawa was in Unova. Why Sinnoh?
A woman stepped out of the helicopter to greet me. She wore an overcoat over her beautiful womanly figure, and I certainly recognized her face.
“Come with me, Shuichi,” said the woman. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”


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