Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 27


Chapter 27: The Professors Summit

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult

[Disclaimer: the rough draft of this fan fiction was completed in May of 2013, prior to the release of Pokemon X and Y versions. The “Prof. Sycamore” mentioned here is not the Prof. Sycamore from the original franchise.]


An emergency meeting for all pokémon professors was held four days later. Meetings like this are called the Professors Summit, a convention for all professors. They happen occasionally at various campuses in order to discuss academic breakthroughs and disputes in the pokémon world. This time, we were meeting at the University of Pokémon Studies in Saffron City, my alma mater, to discuss the recent incidents with the so-called Prof. Sakura.

The Professors Summit invites all the professors and scientists who study pokémon in the world. For obvious reasons, all professors cannot be in attendance. Still, the lecture hall we were in held about three hundred of them.
The seven members of the Board of Professors in Pokémon Studies sat at the very front.
Professor Mari Ichigo, the leftmost member, comes from the university in Slateport City. She is most known for her studies on pokémon cohabitation and serves as the Director of the Cataloging Department.
The second is Prof. Lawrence Sycamore, my adviser, from Saffron City. His philosophy on battle ethics makes him one of the most benevolent professors and trainers in the world. He is the Director of the Trainer Relations Department, the largest field in Pokémon Studies.
The third, Prof. Julian Willow of Nacrene City, is most known for his knowledge of ancient human and pok√©mon cultures. It is said that he himself has been in contact with several of the world’s legendary pok√©mon in his life. He serves the board as the Director of the History Department.
The fourth, Prof. Samuel Oak of Pallet Town, represents all the regional directors in the world. At the center of the Board, he is considered to be both the Head Director of all regions and the Executive Member of the Board of Professors.
The fifth is Prof. Thomas Orange of Veilstone City, who runs the patent office at his university. He is the director of the Technology Department.
The sixth is Prof. June Cedar of Olivine City, who was recruited as a Pokémon Center nurse long ago. She studies the anatomy and medical history of pokémon. She now serves as the director of the Medical Department whose main focus is to train nurses and doctors for pokémon.
The last is Prof. Manuel Fern of Slateport City. He is a colleague of Prof. Ichigo’s and investigates criminal activity involving pokémon. For this meeting, he also serves as the moderator of the Professors Summit. He is the Executive Director of the Special Investigations Department, an organization I once was a part of as an undergraduate intern.
Other notable professors in attendance today included three other regional directors: Prof. Elm of Johto, Prof. Rowan of Sinnoh, and Prof. Juniper of Unova. While they serve under the Board of Professors, they are given front row seats as the direct administrative heads in each region. Among the rest of the professors were Prof. Ebon, a section chief of SID and my adviser back when I was in undergrad, Prof. Juniper’s colleague Dr. Fennel from the Technology Department, and of course, me.
“As you are all aware, we are here to discuss the recent events that have caused a lot of trouble for the academic world of pok√©mon studies,” began Prof. Fern. “We have recently received reports of a person claiming to be a pok√©mon professor and violated many of the rules the Board of Professors uphold. Her crimes have amounted as far as marketing a forbidden device as well as killing pok√©mon and trainers, all by impersonating one of us as ‘Prof. Sakura.’ For these reasons, the Board of Professors have declared this impostor a threat to our community.”
The other pokémon professors and scientists grumbled and whispered amongst each other. It appears that declaring such a statement causes much anxiety, and yet for most of them, no one was aware of who Prof. Sakura was until now. Other than me, there are only a handful of people in this room who have even met her.
“Professor Juniper, please tell us what you have found regarding our elusive criminal,” said Prof. Willow.
Professor Juniper stepped up to the front mike stand to testify at this hearing, with some notes in her hands.
“Kanon Aizawa, alias Prof. Sakura,” she began. “She was once a doctoral student at this school, the University of Pok√©mon Studies in Saffron City. She was expelled two years ago because of her involvement in forbidden activities at the school. She did not interact with many students or faculty back then. Most of her interactions were through her classmate and project supervisor, Shuichi Oda, now known as Prof. Ginkgo of the Trainer Relations Department.”
The other professors began to whisper. I felt like they were all talking about and staring at me. When it grew silent again, Prof. Juniper continued.
“Miss Aizawa has recently established a base of operations outside of Mistralton City of the Unova region, under my jurisdiction. She has been in contact with over two hundred trainers within Unova in a marketing scheme of a device developed by Prof. Ginkgo. While the original prototype for this device did not cause an immediate threat to the Pok√©mon Studies community, Ms. Aizawa has modified it to not only control caught pok√©mon, but to also enhance their strength and energy potentials. Her main targets in this trade are vulnerable trainers who question their pok√©mon’s loyalty. For each client she has, she establishes a cult-like relationship with them. All trainers who disobey her command have been severely punished, or in some cases, have been killed.”
“Can you tell us a little more about this device, Juniper?” asked Prof. Orange.
“The device has a ring shape that typically goes around a pok√©mon’s neck like a collar. This is a slight modification from Prof. Ginkgo’s original design which was an arm band. The device is copper-based and runs on electromagnetic waves, controlled by a remote device used by the trainer. Because of the collar’s electronic nature, it does not have full control over electric type pok√©mon.”
“Are there any other contacts that Ms. Aizawa has come across at the university?” asked Prof. Fern.
“From what I know, she has only interacted with two of our professors: Prof. Ginkgo when he was a student, and the Board Member Prof. Sycamore.”
This statement raised much suspicion amongst the professors. Professor Sycamore, of course, denied that he had any influence on Aizawa’s activities and was even the first at the university to demand her expulsion.
“And what of Prof. Ginkgo?” asked Prof. Ichigo. “What are your connections to this crime?”
I stepped forward to speak to the Board on this matter.
“Miss Kanon Aizawa was my assistant for a project I was working on at the university. Nothing more.”
“Was the project that you two worked on the same project mentioned in Prof. Juniper’s reports?” asked Prof. Cedar.
I gulped heavily.
“Yes, they are.”
“While we are on the subject, is it true that you have also been training with the Gym Leader Erika of Celadon City in order to become a pok√©mon warrior, Prof. Ginkgo?” asked Prof. Willow.
I gulped again.
“Yes, that is correct.”
As the audience of professors continued their whispering and bickering, the seven Board of Professors pondered their decision amongst themselves. When the order was given to quiet things down, Prof. Oak stood up and spoke.
“Professor Ginkgo, it is clear to me that your involvement with this case is far too dangerous and personal for your sake and ours. I ask that you go back to your home and stay there until this matter is resolved. Any interference in this case will result in an immediate revocation of your license as a pok√©mon professor!”
“I object, Honorable Prof. Oak!” Prof. Juniper stood up and shouted. “Professor Ginkgo is the best candidate for resolving this matter and you know it! He has encountered the culprit more times than any of us and has more information about her than everyone in this room combined!”
“That may be true,” said Prof. Sycamore, “and that is exactly why I will agree with Prof. Oak on this matter. Professor Ginkgo’s relationship with Aizawa is far too volatile for us to figure out whether or not he will help us or turn against us.”
“For all we know, Prof. Ginkgo has been involved with improving on this device that she has been developed,” said Prof. Orange. “He is, after all, the head of the reported Project Sakura.”
“Furthermore, his involvement in training as a warlord is prohibited, even for our standards,” said Prof. Fern. “His actions can be considered a war crime if he gets involved in anything beyond that.”
Professor Juniper gripped her notes in rage as she shouted at her superiors.
“Have you all lost your minds?” Prof. Juniper cried. “A great deal of my own information has come from Prof. Ginkgo. He is the greatest asset on this case, and you have put faith in me to take charge of it. I ask that you please put faith in him as I have!”
“That’s enough, Prof. Juniper!” shouted Prof. Oak. “You will not let him get involved any further on this case. Any denial of this order will result in your revocation as well.”
“Come on, Juniper,” said Prof. Rowan who sat next to her, “don’t make this a big deal. You’ll figure something out.”
Professor Juniper sat down angrily, but still had a calm demeanor. She was planning on something, that’s for sure.
“Doctor Fennel, you have also been helping out Prof. Juniper on this case, correct?” asked Prof. Cedar. “Is there any information you have found out that we have overlooked?”
Doctor Fennel stood from her seat and spoke without moving to the front of the lecture hall.
“It appears that Ms. Aizawa has increased her clientele up to as many as eight hundred trainers worldwide. I had some of my machines and pok√©mon track their movements in Unova. It appears that many of them have headed to an unknown location approximately seventy-two kilometers northwest of Mistralton City.”
“Is there any proof that we may find Ms. Aizawa there?” asked Prof. Fern.
“No, sir. She has continued to be elusive, hiding behind her followers. Knowing that her clientele are found all over the world, it is possible that she has bases in all other regions as well.”
“Very well then,” said Prof. Oak. “Regional directors, be on alert of any signs of Ms. Aizawa’s activities. I will personally relay the same message to the directors who aren’t in attendance.”
The directors of each region acknowledged their supervisor.
“This concludes our Professors Summit,” said Prof. Fern. “Take Prof. Ginkgo to the Special Investigations Department here in Saffron City, along with his pok√©mon. He will be detained there until further notice.”


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