Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 26


Chapter 26: The Kidnapping

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


Summer has ended, and Brian and I are still incognito at my studio apartment. I let Brian sleep in today, because it was Sunday. I went out to train with Erika to hone my skills as a warrior. It has only been about four months since we began.

Erika fired another arrow at Vileplume. I quickly changed my position to defend my pok√©mon and blocked the projectile with Ginkgo no kusari’s bladed fans. Vileplume jumped from behind me and aimed her pistil at Tangela. Her petals had already been glowing by collecting the lighting in the battle room. I grabbed the chain in my right hand and twirled the blade in the air. Erika readied another arrow as she pulled it back from her bow.
With a loud yell, I released the blade directly at the bow. The amount of force I put on the chain struck the bow without catching it, but it kept Erika off balance. Vileplume fired her solar beam at Tangela, who had already been weakened by my attacks from earlier. The direct hit from the beam knocked out Tangela and left him unconscious on the field.
Refusing to give up, Erika found her sense of balance again and aimed her arrow at me. She should know that after all this training, I could easily block her arrows, but I ran up to her head-on instead. With both blades in my hands, I hacked at my opponent to knock the weapon out of her hands. Vileplume stayed put, knowing that any attack that she did could adversely affect me as well. I managed to get the bow out of Erika’s left hand, but she continued to hold on to the arrow like a spear.
Erika lunged the arrow at me a few times as I dodged or parried it. I then found an opening where I could use the chain once more. Once I gave the chain momentum in my right hand, I hurled it to tether Erika’s right arm which held the arrow. With my opponent wrapped and the other fan still in my left hand, I pressed the blade against Erika’s neck, leaving a two-centimeter gap between us. Any closer and I could have killed my mentor. Erika sighed.
“You’re so brutal, Shu-chan,” she said calmly. “But it looks like you got me with just Vileplume, and didn’t need your other pok√©mon to assist in an emergency. I guess I’ll admit defeat this time.”
This was my fifth win in the past three weeks. We spar like this at least seven times a day in order to train my body and mind to the way of the warlord. That means I’ve won against her about five times out of twenty, so far.
“Well I’m beat,” said Erika. “Let’s call it a day. Go home and get some rest.”
“But shouldn’t we at least have our seventh round today?” I asked. “You always told me that we have to practice an odd number of times each day in case there’s a tie in our matches.”
“I still won four matches against you today. And now you’ve given me some injuries.”
Erika pouts every week when I hurt her. While she is a very powerful trainer and warrior, she takes her role as head of Celadon City’s Gym very seriously. She complains that even these minor wounds will leave scars the next day when she teaches flower arranging.
“How do you think I’ve been doing, Erika?” I asked honestly.
“Your technique has improved quite a bit over the past four months,” she replied. “You even have some killer instinct, even if it’s still minute.”
“How can you tell? I don’t think I’d ever want to kill a person or a pok√©mon.”
Erika wrapped some bandages around her right arm.
“These wounds come from a warrior who fought dirty against me, but that is the nature of using any kusarigama and weapons like it. Furthermore, your eyes focused intently on me were the eyes of an avenger. If I were your enemy, you probably could have slashed my neck and that would be it.”
I scratched my head.
“Well even in battle, I don’t think that I could possibly end a person’s life that easily.”
“You only feel that way now because all we’ve been doing is sparring as master and student. Who knows what will happen when you are in a real battle?”
“Tell me, Erika. Have you killed a pok√©mon or a person before?”
Erika calmly shrugged.
“I’m not at liberty to answer that; and to be honest, that’s none of your business. Even so, I know that if I had to come down to it, I will kill my enemies.”
I bowed to Erika as I left the battle room to change back into my regular clothes. I didn’t want other people to be suspicious of what Erika and I did at the gym on Sundays.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I left the gym at four o’clock in the afternoon. This was relatively early, so I thought I’d pay my parents a visit.
“Oh, hey, Shuichi!” greeted my father. “What a pleasant surprise to see you.”
I waved at my parents as I approached the apartment. They had been sitting out in the front courtyard, happy to see me as always.
“You know, Shuichi, your father and I were thinking of who we could find to be your wife,” said my mother, blunt as always. “But it seems you already have a lover!”
That was a surprise. I didn’t think they, of all people, would ever come to that conclusion.
“That’s nonsense,” I said, “just because I go to the Celadon City Gym every Sunday with Erika doesn’t mean I’m doing anything sexually with her.”
“Oh, heavens no, we weren’t talking about that!” said my mother.
“We were talking about your old friend and assistant, Kanon-chan!” said my father.
My heart skipped a beat. Kanon Aizawa must have just met them today, while I was training at the gym. It’s true that while she was my assistant, we would occasionally come to my parents’ place for the weekend for a few rounds of tennis. It seems she’s gotten chummy with my family again. But why now?
“She asked us where you lived,” said my mother. “Didn’t understand why she needed to know that since she’s your lover and all. I told her where your place was.”
“Yeah, she’s probably already there waiting for you,” said my father.
I didn’t have time to say good-bye to my parents. Vileplume and I dashed from their home to mine. I had to find Aizawa before she finds Brian.
When I got to my apartment, Aizawa was already there to greet me on the lawn outside. Two of her trainer henchmen grabbed Brian and restrained him. Brian was unconscious. The trainers threw Brian in a van parked nearby.
“Looks like you finally showed up, Oda-kun,” said Ai-san. “It’s a shame that you weren’t able to protect your student after all.”
I felt desperate and angry. Why would she come here at a time like this?
“Let him go!” I screamed. “He has nothing to do with our quarrel. Take me instead!”
“Bold words, as usual, but I cannot oblige this time. You see, I need him specifically for a new experiment I’m conducting. Since he hasn’t paid off his debt to me, I must collect something from him.”
“What kind of experiment? What are you going to do with Brian?”
Ai-san jumped into the driver’s seat of the van.
“You will find out soon enough, Oda-kun. And when you do, please accept my proposal to be your wife!”
She blew me a sinister kiss, slammed the door, and drove off into the distance.
I ran around my apartment to see if there was any trace that could have led to this event, but I found nothing. Brian must have been outside when Aizawa found him or he had answered the door for them when they came by. Either way, they came exactly for what they were looking for.
All of Brian’s stuff was still in his room, untouched, along with one pok√©ball. I grabbed it and released it right away.
Brian’s Emolga came out of the ball, terrified as ever, unable to recognize my face.
“Vileplume, ask Emolga here if he knew anything,” I said.
As the two pokémon conversed, Emolga had a terrified look on his face. Vileplume shrugged and shook her head at me.
Kanon Aizawa had kidnapped Brian, and I had no leads.


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