Conformity (Day 3)


[Form: prose]

We are slaves to a mighty power called “Conformity.” Rules. Establishments. Authorities derived by the constructs of human thought to sustain order on a feasible realm we call the Present. Whether we gracefully accept it or do what we can to revolt against it, conformity exists. It exists to stabilize our being, but it is also to keep us from exercising our greatest potential. It limits us from being truly free of our own existence on this Present plane. But maybe it isn’t too bad.


For in our Conformity, we have censors

Which protect us from driving ourselves

To Death or Insanity.

We learn to conform to communicate

With others and our environment.

We conform to the Laws we have made

To establish the barrier between our existence

And the Chaos that will consume us.

And thankfully, there is still some of it

Within the Laws of Conformity.

We cannot fight Conformity if we don’t understand

Its nature and its limits.

We cannot recognize it

If we can’t make a clear picture of it.

For if our will to be free was the norm,

Then wouldn’t Chaos be our standard of Conformity?

The Present is not a stable establishment,

Absolute in its space.

It is fluid, moving in every direction,

Never returning to the same place twice.

We only think it conforms

Because as slaves to Conformity, we don’t know

How else to describe it.

In the Conformity, there is Chaos:

Inseparable, unpredictable, and waiting for us

To release it.


So learn to conform. Learn how Conformity works, find its weaknesses, and unleash the Chaos found within it. For only in our rejection to comply will we move on this Present plane. And only within the Chaos can we make a new Conformity of our own.


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