Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 24


Chapter 24: Kanon Aizawa

Fan fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult

[Disclaimer: I wrote this fan fiction back in May 2013, prior to the release of Pokemon X and Y. Please note that the Prof. Sycamore in this narrative is not the same Prof. Sycamore in the Pokemon franchise, and is not intentionally made to replace him. Thank you.]


I grew very depressed when Mei died. Although I had finished up my undergraduate education, I was on my way to enroll as a PhD candidate. I also quit my internship as part of the Special Investigations Department. It was not my intention, but I felt it necessary to give me some breathing room.

The first few months as a PhD candidate weren’t very easy either. I attended lectures and visited my advisers regularly, but I had nothing to contribute or ask in particular. My faculty adviser, Prof. Lawrence Sycamore, thought I could benefit from taking a leave of absence, but I refused. Despite not taking on research and experiments immediately, I could still take some additional classes that were required for the pokémon studies doctoral program anyway. I continued this pattern of just taking classes and not doing personal projects for about three semesters.
That’s when the professor called me in to meet her.
“Mister Oda, it seems you’ve been having a lot of trouble adjusting to the PhD program here,” said Prof. Sycamore. “Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m feeling fine, sir,” I said. “I take the necessary classes for my program and receive decent grades. What more can I ask for?”
“You’ve been getting average marks in your classes. The PhD program demands that your grades be above average! And on top of that, you haven’t submitted any reports of personal research you have done for your dissertation. The university can’t support you forever, Mr. Oda.”
I nodded in agony.
“Things have been quite shaky for me, that’s all.”
“I don’t get it, Mr. Oda. Professor Ebon praised you while he was your adviser in your undergraduate program. You were certainly a huge help with many of his cases in the Special Investigations Department, too. You even started training a Grimer that you had rescued during one of those operations.”
“He’s a Muk now.”
“I rest my case. Mister Oda, you’re a wonderful student and certainly a helpful person in general, but why exactly are you here in the doctoral program?”
I paused for a long time. I didn’t have an answer specifically. After about ten seconds, I spoke up.
“I want to help trainers understand their pokémon better. I don’t want to witness the travesties I have seen among trainers and their pokémon anymore. I thought that being a pokémon professor would help me realize this goal more.”
Professor Sycamore nodded his head, as if he understood what I had said.
“Well, in that case, I need you to submit a project plan that you will be working on for next semester by the end of this week,” he said. “If I don’t receive that report, I will have to dismiss you from studying here at the university.”
I nodded in agreement.
“I won’t let you down, Professor.”
“Good. Well then, I will also be assigning you one of our prospective PhD candidates as an assistant. Maybe this will motivate you to get some work done.”
Professor Sycamore handed me a manilla folder full of registration papers. I opened it up and reviewed the profile. Immediately I noticed a photo identification of a long, wavy, black-haired woman. Her face looked quite glamorous and her glasses complemented her foundation.
“Her name is Kanon Aizawa,” said Prof. Sycamore. “She will be enrolling in our doctoral program next semester, the same time you will be working on that project you will have planned by the end of this week. Any questions?”
I shook my head; and with that, Prof. Sycamore dismissed me. I completed the report of my project plan by the deadline and was able to finally hold my head high again. I would finally get to do some real work as a PhD candidate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Greetings, Oda-senpai,” said my eager new assistant. “My name is Kanon Aizawa.”
“Please, Aizawa, can you call me something else?” I asked.
“Well in that case, just call me Kanon. We’re friends, aren’t we Oda-senpai?”
“You’re one year older than me. Calling me your ‘senpai’ just doesn’t feel right. And I can’t just call you by your first name, Aizawa.”
“Shy, are we?” Aizawa stared at me slyly. “I love a man who doesn’t know himself yet; a guy who lacks confidence. Get with me and I’ll give you all the confidence you’ll ever need.”
I felt a growth in my pants, yet a chill up my spine. Something about this assistant of mine felt alluring, yet very creepy. I snapped out of it.
“In any case, I’m just going to call you Ai-san.”
“Fair enough, Oda-kun,” she said. “I’ll be waiting for you until the time comes.”
I didn’t know what she was “waiting for,” but I didn’t bother to ask. Knowing the truth would have freaked me out even more.
“Anyway, Ai-san, you will be helping me and my pokémon assistant Vileplume with some research which will complement my dissertation. We will be conducting research for a product for caught pokémon which will encourage a bond of loyalty between pokémon and their trainers. We will first need to analyze what kind of product will be most effective, whether it is a held device or a consumable one. Once we have a prototype of our product designed, we will be making it ourselves in the labs here at the university.”
Aizawa looked attentive while trying to shoot amorous glances at me. I ignored her and continued my explanation.
“The next phase will be most crucial for you. Once a prototype is completed, we will gather about fifty trainers into two groups: a group that uses the product on their pokémon and one that does not. We will evaluate their pokémon’s vital stats, battling abilities, and health as the project continues. When we have sufficient enough data for the prototype, we can then submit our findings on the product and if it’s a success, open a market for it. Any questions, Ai-san?”
“Yeah, how did a handsome young guy like you turn out to be so uptight and boring?”
So much for being attentive.
“Please try to be serious about a project you’ll be working on with me for the next two years or so,” I said angrily.
“Lighten up, I was only joking,” Ai-san shrugged. “I was wondering if you had a name for this project.”
“I do, actually. It’s officially called The Encouragement of Loyalty Between Humans and Pokémon Project. Of course, my code name for it is Project Sakura.”
“Why don’t you just call it Project Sakura then? It’s much easier to remember.”
“Trust me, the Board of Professors at this university like a title that describes exactly what the project intends to do.”
“Well, if that’s what you think, I won’t stop you. I still think that Project Sakura has a nice ring to it. What made you come up with that title anyway?”
I glared at my assistant, letting her know that she was asking me something very personal; however, she didn’t understand my body language.
“It’s inspired by someone I love,” I said. “She would want to see a world where pokémon and humans understand each other as much as I do.”
“Oh, that’s so cute!” she cheered. “You know, I just so happen to want humans and pokémon to understand each other too! Tell me, am I your sakura?”
I squinted angrily at her.
“You do realize we barely just met? How could I have fallen in love with you so quickly and just happen to think of you as a sakura?”
“So you do think I’m like a sakura?” she exclaimed, obviously not hearing a word I said. “I heard from our adviser you got my picture from him when I first enrolled at the university. Did you think I was sexy? Did you want to kiss the picture every night? Or maybe you were touching–”
“For the last time, you’re not my sakura!”
An awkward silence filled the room. Of all the girls I had met, even at the Celadon City Gym, I don’t think anyone has ever been so forward or come across so high-strong.
“In any case, you will be meeting with me in this lab room every Tuesday and Thursday at seven in the morning. We only have the room for four hours each time, so please do your best and work as efficiently as possible during those times.”
“I understand, Oda-kun,” she winked at me, probably thinking something dirty again.
Another chill ran up my spine. Before anything else weird could happen, I dismissed her for the day.


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