Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 6


Chapter 6: Unconventional Battle

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult


Aizawa relaxed a bit and gave another sinister grin.

“I have no other choice but to accept,” she said. “It’s not that I expected you to go down quietly, after all. State your rules.”

“My three pokémon against all of yours in a one-on-one switching match,” I said. “If I win, you will cease your operation and answer to your crimes against the Board of Professors!”

“I only have one pokémon with me, so I would be at a complete disadvantage,” she said in half-witted dismay. “Are you sure this will be a fair fight?”

It may be true that she had only one pokémon on her, but I am not easily fooled. She was far too sure of herself that she would boldly accept the challenge, knowing that she only had one.

“All is fair against a criminal.”

“You will regret those words,” she said, adjusting the glasses on her face. “Very well, we will have a one-on-one switching match, your pokémon against mine. If you win, I will go along with you and answer to the Board of Professors. However, if I win, you will agree to become my assistant and do as I say, as I please! Together, we can become far greater than those professors at the university!”

“Agreed, but I have no intention of going along with you, Ai-san. Vileplume and I will finish all of this in no time at all.”

Vileplume gave a battle shout, letting me know she was ready to fight. Aizawa pulled out her only pokéball from her belt and released her pokémon.

“Let’s see how well you do against this,” she said as the pokémon revealed itself.

Another Vileplume emerged. It was about the same size and height as my own, with similar features and colors. What distinguished the two, however, was this Vileplume’s accessory. Like the other pokémon, it had a collar made by the alleged Prof. Sakura around its neck. As the Vileplume prepared for battle in a combat position, so did my opponent, shakujo in hand.

“I’ll let you attack first, Oda-kun,” said my opponent. “Come at me with everything you’ve got.”

“I expect nothing less,” I obliged. “Vileplume, immobilize that Vileplume with your stun spore!”

Vileplume sprayed a paralyzing powder from the center of her bud toward her opponent. The other Vileplume jumped backward to avoid the aerial effect. Aizawa grinned.

“Perfect balance, Vileplume. Now use teeter dance!”

The moment my Vileplume had stopped spraying her spores, the other Vileplume grabbed her and spun her around briskly.

“There’s no use in doing that,” I said.

My Vileplume found her balance and countered the teeter dance with her own. The rhythms were equalized, so neither Vileplume felt the effects. Meanwhile, the false professor kept calm.

“Use magical leaf!” she said.

The enemy Vileplume conjured two leaves from her bud and aimed directly at my Vileplume with full control.

“No use dodging this one,” taunted my opponent.

“Indeed,” I said, giving my own smirk. “She doesn’t have to.”

Without my command, Vileplume fired acidic sludge from her bud, aiming at the two leaves. The leaves disintegrated, leaving my Vileplume unharmed. Then she shot another acid attack directly at the other Vileplume. The enemy blocked its face with its arms, so the acid made less critical contact.

“My Vileplume trains at the Celadon City Gym very often when we are at home,” I said. “She fights grass pokémon like yours all the time. You won’t defeat her.”

“Don’t think I’m done yet,” she said. “Vileplume, it’s time to use that attack.”

The enemy Vileplume jumped away from mine again and released a familiar, yet peculiar power from her bud. Its shape, size, and florescence with the sun looked very much like sakura petals. The color, however, was much darker. The petals were a vibrant violet, almost black. I watched in awe as hundreds of petals emerged in the air around the Vileplume like a cloud of darkness. I’ve only heard rumors of Vileplumes like this one, but I’ve never seen one in person.

“Vileplume, fall back!” I shouted.

But my words were as empty as my very will to battle Ai-san in this state. Vileplume refused to let go as she often had when we had battled. My Vileplume created a petal dance technique of her own. A subtly bright display of pink petals dazzled around her, catching the sunlight like shining wind, gleaming on my prized pokémon. And with that, the Vileplumes charged their petals and themselves at each other.

The Vileplumes locked arms as they shoved each other like wrestlers while the petals dancing around them collided in a mesh of violets and pinks. The two pokémon did not appear to have an upper-hand on one another, but it was clear which one had the advantage from the petals. As the battle dragged on, the violet petals slashed the pink ones and dominated the air around the combatants. Soon nothing was left of my Vileplume’s petal dance attack as a shroud of darkness surrounded them.

Once the battle became visible again, my Vileplume flew high into the air. The enemy Vileplume must have tossed her in the air with teeter dance. My Vileplume was in danger. I watched helplessly as Vileplume reached her vertical limit and started to descend back to the ground.

And then, Aizawa appeared hovering directly over my Vileplume, carrying her staff over her head in a striking position. I watched helplessly and confused. And yet, I realized why she had agreed to this battle despite her obvious disadvantage, as she slammed her staff directly on top of Vileplume’s head.

Vileplume would have been severely injured from the impact on the ground due to gravity, but now with that additional force, she descended faster and harder to her fate. I screamed as I charged forward to try and break her fall, but it had happened so suddenly. Vileplume crashed into the earth again, leaving a crater three times her size. As my Vileplume had been knocked out, Aizawa gracefully landed on the ground without even breaking her heels.

“You thought I would just let you beat up my pokémon?” she asked rhetorically. “You thought I would go along with your rules, knowing that I had only one pokémon to defeat you? I told you to come after me with all you’ve got, but you went after this Vileplume instead. Not a wise choice, if you ask me.”

“Why would you have agreed to a pokémon battle then, when you could’ve just come after me instead?” I asked.

“I wasn’t thinking you would want to battle me so eagerly. Then again, I gladly took up the offer to deceive you; though I wasn’t trying to do so. It should’ve been obvious that the Vileplume was under my control with that collar around its neck. You also should’ve remembered that unlike you, I wouldn’t watch helplessly as my partner struggles in front of my very eyes. You have grown too soft, Oda-kun. The biggest travesty of all in the pokémon world is that trainers watch as their pokémon fight for them, risk their lives for them, and take in every last attack for them. But I am different. I chose to fight with my pokémon because I want to support them, as much as they have supported me. Isn’t that what you wanted at one time? To have such a lasting friendship with your pokémon that they would do anything for you, and you for them?”

“It’s true that I may have believed that once,” I said. “But the relationship I have with my pokémon is far different from yours. We have fought together on several occasions, but not for power or blood lust like you.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” she smirked. “Now I suggest you release your next pokémon or I will defeat you.”

I picked up my Vileplume and released Muk. Vileplume never liked being in her pokéball, even if storing her in one would save some of her energy. Muk guarded me from the two enemies as I walked back to my battle position with Vileplume in my arms.

“Let’s continue this battle then,” said Aizawa. “Vileplume, attack them with your petal dance one more time!”

The dark petals emerged again, so I had to command Muk quickly.

“Negate that attack with your sludge technique. Once it’s cleared, fire a sludge bomb!”

Muk obeyed and spat sludge from his mouth, projecting it toward the petals. The dark petals slowed down considerably as the Vileplume fell into a daze. Muk then spat a larger ball of sludge aimed straight for the Vileplume. The sludge exploded on contact and forced the enemy Vileplume to flinch.

“Good, now protect yourself for the next attack,” I commanded.

Muk used his acid armor to harden his oozing skin. Meanwhile, I tended to Vileplume with a revive item in my bag. Vileplume gradually came to. I patted her large petals and smiled.

“Don’t take your eyes off me!” said Aizawa, charging at me with her staff.

“Now Muk, release yourself from your substitute!”

The enemy Vileplume was about to attack my Muk, but it had only been a decoy. The real Muk had crawled his way toward me and waited patiently in hiding on the ground in front of me. When the substitute disappeared, Muk emerged from the ground and built a protective wall in front of me with his acid armor skin.

Aizawa feinted her attack at the last minute so as not to have her weapon taken by Muk’s sticky hold. She stepped back as if retreating, but then she had turned her back on me. Still in a frenzied state, my Vileplume cried and pointed in the direction of where she was headed.

Aizawa was in a position to attack Brian.

Emolga covered his face, afraid of what events were taking place, as Brian still laid on the ground unconscious. I couldn’t believe it. In the very middle of our battle, she would take such a cowardly approach to attack a beaten trainer!

“Protect him, Skarmory!” I threw my pokéball as hard as I could in that direction.

Skarmory emerged swiftly and landed as quick as possible around Brian. She then nestled her wing around Brian like a steel shield. Aizawa stopped in her tracks.

“It seems that I have been mistaken about you, Oda-kun,” she said, not turning toward me. “Your pokémon are truly worthy of being controlled by such a tactical professor. What exactly is your secret?”

I thought that my actions were self-explanatory for the love and care I had with my pokémon, but I guess she wanted to hear it from me directly.

“Vileplume, Muk, and Skarmory,” I began. “None of them have the same characteristics and none of them share the same relationship with me; but they have a very strong compatibility with me.

“Vileplume is my first pokémon. I received her as an Oddish long ago when I first began my journey. I personally don’t like to battle for fun, but she has always relished in combat. She often acts aggressively without me asking her, but I know that she will always be there in my time of need because I let her compete with other pokémon to this day.

“Then I captured Muk while I attended the university at the undergraduate level. Back then, I was just an intern doing some field work when I rescued him as a Grimer from a criminal scientist. We didn’t get along at first, but we work together because of our mutual sense of justice for pokémon who are abused by humans. I know full well that he will always protect the creatures from abusive trainers.

“And finally Skarmory. I caught her while I was visiting the Johto League championship to see a friend of mine. A Skarmory is often coveted for the bird’s strength and tenacity in battle; but this one was different. No matter who the opponent was, no matter what situation she was in, she would always protect a human trainer in desperate need.”

Aizawa had lost interest trying to get around Skarmory and turned to me.

“So in other words, you have a sword, a shield, and an angel,” she said. “Such useful tools, aren’t they?”

“They’re not tools, Ai-san. Far from them. These pokémon are my friends.”

“Well regardless of what you call them, I will still break them. I think I’ll start with the bird.”

Aizawa stood in an offensive position with her staff again as the rings on it jingled. This alarmed my Skarmory, so she stood back up and stared down the enemy. My opponent shrugged.

“I guess this bird has an offensive knack after all. Where did you say you caught it?”

“She was a parting gift from a friend. She’s a very loyal pokémon and I would trust her with my own life.”

“I see. It seems I am at a disadvantage then, if you’re going to attack me with so many formidable creatures. Still, I am not admitting to defeat just yet.”

Aizawa held her pokéball toward her Vileplume and returned it.

“It seems we will be having some company very soon, Oda-kun. I will retreat at this time so as to lick my wounds of battle and regroup. I suggest you do the same.”

She then threw a smoke ball on the ground, making it difficult to see. When the smoke had cleared, only Brian, Emolga, my pokémon, and I remained.

I heard Prof. Juniper and her assistant shout faintly behind me, calling out my name, but I didn’t bother to turn around.

“Skarmory was reluctantly given to me from my best friend,” I muttered. “He was killed shortly thereafter.”


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