Professor Ginkgo Chronicles 1


Chapter 1: Encounter in Unova

Fan fiction inspired by Pokemon

Rating: Young Adult

I was walking down a forest trail on Unova’s Route 5 with my Vileplume, a large flower pokémon with bright red petals with white spots and a blue physique with humanoid appendages. She is the first pokémon I ever caught and is my most loyal partner in my studies. We were out to survey soil conditions of the land.

Suddenly, I spotted a bright yellow flying squirrel pokémon, known in the region as an Emolga. Worried too much about the type difference, I begged my Vileplume not to challenge it, but she insisted anyway. Vileplume shot pink petals from her stigma to begin her signature petal dance. Emolga dodged and flew high into the air to avoid her.

After a few air slash techniques to my land-based pokémon, the Emolga had suddenly given up on fighting and ran off. Vileplume pursued the specimen and immobilized it using sleep powder. With a single breath intake, the Emolga fell from the sky and landed soothingly into a patch of tall grass.

I got a little closer to observe the Emolga. Upon inspecting it, I noticed that it had a mysterious collar around its neck. Does this mean that it belongs to a trainer? Or maybe it’s an experimental specimen by another professor?

Suddenly, the collar began to beep. The Emolga woke up into a furious rage. I thought that it would be angry with Vileplume, but she assured me that she was not the pokémon’s enemy. The Emolga was in a battle with itself.

Vileplume restrained it one more time to calm down the creature. As I checked the strange collar again, a trainer had appeared. He was still a kid, perhaps twelve or thirteen years old, and had an ice-cold look in his bright red eyes.

“Give him back to me,” he said in a threatening tone. “He must learn to respect his trainer.”

I paused and knelt down to the beaten Emolga, holding him in my arms. I looked up at the trainer.

“Who are you?” I asked. “What is this device around your Emolga’s neck?”

“I’ve heard of you, Prof. Ginkgo,” he said, ignoring me. “You’re known most for your studies on how trainers should interact with their pokémon, am I right?”

It is true that I had done most of my research in the study of pokémon compatibility. Though I had been published recently once I got my PhD, I was surprised a kid like him would have known who I was.

“Tell me then, Professor,” he continued. “Why would my pokémon continue to disobey his trainer when I have shown it my utmost devotion? I thought that the pokémon would trust me if only I had shown that I cared!”

I calmed myself down to answer the boy.

“The pokémon favors its trainer much like how humans who are in love favor each other. You can show all the love to your pokémon, but if it does not love you back, that feeling means nothing to it.”

“You lie!” said the trainer. “Emolga was my first pokémon! He should be glad to have a trainer like me on his side! I fed him so much that I often starved myself. I played with him until I got tired of it. I even took on many of the gym leaders in Unova with him by my side! And yet Emolga still hates me! I placed that collar on him because the person who sold it to me promised that he would be obedient to me while the collar was around his neck. And yet this stupid Emolga still defies me!”

I inspected the collar on the Emolga again. While the technology was quite remarkable for its use, it had one major flaw: the device was entirely dependent on electricity. Even a low-leveled electric type pokémon could have easily broken its circuitry and render the collar useless. I cradled the Emolga in my arms and stood up slowly.

“It’s true that a pokémon should feel loyal to its trainer after all the things you have done for it,” I said. “However, deep down even I can tell that you have some expectation of Emolga that he feels unworthy of fulfilling. You say you fed him until you starved or played with him until you were tired, so I know that your heart wasn’t in it. By betraying your own health, you betrayed your happiness with this Emolga. You think he didn’t realize that? That ‘s why he defies you!”

“Enough talk!” said the trainer. “I challenge you, Prof. Ginkgo! I will fight you, whether you accept or not!”

The trainer released one of his pokémon: a Litwick. Litwick is a fire and ghost pokémon in the shape of a candle. Surely I could have taken on this pokémon with my Vileplume or any of my other partners regardless of the type disadvantage, but I resisted.

“Vileplume, use that smoke ball I gave you! Let’s get out of here!”

She obeyed and released a tool that left the trainer and his pokémon disoriented. With the injured Emolga still held in my arms, Vileplume and I ran from the scene back to the nearest pokémon center.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I contacted Prof. Aurea Juniper, the Unova region’s pokémon studies director, requesting for support on an urgent matter. She agreed to visit me in the morning.

I unfastened Emolga’s collar and placed it in my messenger bag before handing him to the pokémon center attendant. After a good rest, Emolga came to and was surprised to see me by his side. I nudged the little guy gently and smiled.

“I hope someday, Emolga, you will realize that your trainer doesn’t hate you.”

The Emolga stared at me in confusion, wondering what I meant by that.

“You need to give him some time though. Somewhere deep in your trainer’s soul is a restraint on his love for you.”

Emolga pouted. I laughed uneasily at him.

“Well, I didn’t expect you to understand right away.”

As I was on my way out of the pokémon center, Emolga flew onto my shoulder and held onto the back of my head tightly with its tiny claws. I struggled a little as Vileplume jumped up and tried to thrash him off of me. Still, the Emolga would not let go. As soon as Emolga released his grip I sighed.

“Well I guess I can’t return you to your trainer just yet in this condition,” I said.

The fact remained that I did not know who or what was behind that mysterious collar yet. True there were some deep issues rising between that trainer and this Emolga, but this collar was the catalyst for their ultimate separation.

“Tell you what, Emolga,” I said as I put the pokémon down from my head and sat him on a chair inside the pokémon center. “Let’s work together to solve this mystery behind that collar you had. I have a feeling that such a technology will impede on my research here anyway. And once our work is done, you must return to your trainer.”

Emolga hesitated, but obliged to my offer. I gave a warm smile and shook his claw.

“From here on, we are partners.”

The Emolga smiled and jumped around excitingly. Together with Vileplume and now Emolga, I, Prof. Ginkgo, will solve this mystery; hopefully in time before my next publication deadline!


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