Anime Review: Aiura


Animated shorts typically serve a single purpose: to fill up air time. Small 4-minute clips of a series tends to broadcast before or after whatever is currently on. Most short series tend to have little to no plot, but are generally entertaining to watch by simply making us smile (or in many cases, make us wonder why the hell we were watching it in the first place).

Still, many shorts are projects that up-and-coming producers, editors, writers, and actors make to start their [hopefully] future careers. Aiura is exactly one of those series, with several of their staff members, including the three main characters, making their debut in the anime industry!

Since it is a short and a debut for a few folks who worked on the series, there really isn’t much to be expected. I mean, come on, they throw a Steve Jobs cameo in the opening theme… Steve FREAKING Jobs!

Steve Jobs

Anime Steve Jobs!

Aiura is essentially a slice of life short about three girls who just entered high school. That’s pretty much it. Not a lot of plot, not a lot of back story, just three ordinary girls who hang out together and do wonderfully silly things.

Still, however, I found Aiura to be a little more refreshing from many other short series I’ve seen. In an industry saturated with unnecessary action sequences and obligatory sexual teasers, I was glad to watch each 4-minute episode from beginning to end, smiling over the simplicity of slapstick funny moments.

If you would like to watch something new for up-and-coming members of the industry, less fan service, and only roughly an hour to complete the series, go ahead and check out Aiura.


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