10 Great Moments in Anime (2013)


So I had plans to write a bunch of posts featuring my favorite anime series for the entire year of 2013. Unfortunately, my list of things I actually watched during this year (54 new series) was far too big for me to narrow anything down! So I decided to share 10 of the best moments in anime this year instead.

Note: the following posts do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion about each series as a whole. I may have also skipped some really great moments; but then again, these are simply from my opinion only. This post contains spoilers! Continue reading


Anime Review: Gingitsune


In our present day, with all of the busyness of secular life, many of us tend to forget about the spiritual aspects of everyday life. From what I understand, Japanese culture is very similar in that regard. Sure, most of its citizens practice Buddhists or Shinto (and of course, an incredibly small population that practices everything else), but lots of people don’t practice enough of whatever faith or spirituality they have. In modern times, we have less of a reason to be pious or devout to gods or spirits, thanks to the advent of science and philosophy. Regardless, even scientists will tell you that some kind of faith is still important to everyday life. Having said that, Gingitsune helps shed at least some light on one sect of Japan’s Shinto culture. Continue reading

Anime Review: Beyond the Boundary


I’ve reviewed quite a lot of anime this year, but I have yet to get to any productions by Kyoto Animation. The studio, popularly known as KyoAni, created many otaku favorites, including Clannad, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and K-On. Their latest project, Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata), just finished airing on Crunchyroll (and other live streaming sources) today, so I figured I should review it. Continue reading

Oda Twin Chronicles 20


Chapter 20: Working Together

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon, Pokemon Conquest

Rating: Young Adult


I held an offensive position with my weapon’s chain held in my right hand, and its blade in my left. Roku staggered two steps in front of me, to make up for speed, at a diagonal so that he wouldn’t get in my way. Shuko held her shakujo with two hands, also in an attack position. Her Flareon, Hotaru, crouched a step in front of her to get a good lead off of us.

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Anime Review: Aiura


Animated shorts typically serve a single purpose: to fill up air time. Small 4-minute clips of a series tends to broadcast before or after whatever is currently on. Most short series tend to have little to no plot, but are generally entertaining to watch by simply making us smile (or in many cases, make us wonder why the hell we were watching it in the first place). Continue reading