Oda Twin Chronicles 9


Chapter 9: The Professor’s Office

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon, Pokemon Conquest

Rating: Young Adult



We arrived back in Vermillion City at about eight o’clock at night. Thankfully the Sinnoh region isn’t too far from Kanto, so we could get back in a relatively short amount of time.

Amy used the Pokémon League Trainers Association’s designated rental car to take us back to Celadon City. While I do in fact have a studio apartment for my research and publishing needs, the fact remained that Shuko was still with us.
She wanted to see my parents, because she believes they are her parents too. I don’t really believe her, seeing that my parents never told me I had a sister, let alone one who has a strikingly similar resemblance to me. But based on her story about how she was an orphan not knowing about her parents who gave her away, I couldn’t rule out the possibility. Were my parents hiding something from me? And if so, why would they be silent about it for so long?
Of course, we had a pretty long day as it was, so we decided to just head to our respective homes and get some sleep. Shuko would stay at my apartment in the office area while Amy went back to her parents’ house and sleep there. That was the plan, anyway.
As the three of us stepped in to my apartment, an unexpected denizen sat on the ground, playing with Sakura, my Oddish.
“Welcome back, Shuichi!” said the girl as she got up and rushed to give me a big hug.
The girl’s name is Diana. She wears square-rimmed glasses like mine and had medium-length brown hair that she often tied into two sprouts on either side of her head. Whenever she was at the apartment, she wore a t-shirt and jeans.
Diana is also a senior member of the Celadon City gym but from the flower arranging class. Since my budget allowed it, I hired her as my assistant for the University, despite the fact she was only seventeen years old. She recently expressed her interest in wanting to study pokémon when she goes to the University, but ever since I hired her, I’ve been thinking she has a completely different motivation.
“Why are you still here, Diana?” I asked angrily. “It’s after hours, you know. And what did I tell you about calling me by my first name when guests are around?”
“Oh, you’re no fun, Shuichi. And after I spent so much time tidying up the place and playing with Sakura, too. She approves of me!”
I was afraid to ask what exactly Sakura allegedly “approved” of her. Diana then turned to stare at my two guests.
“Why are you bringing two pretty ladies home with you?” she asked. “And why are they a priestess and a Pokémon League official? Oh my, could it be? You like that kind of stuff? Why would you do such things to these women when you have me and all the girls at the gym, but especially me?”
I shook my head and covered my face with my palm. I took a glance at Amy, who was clearly not amused at this situation.
“Shuichi, you pervert!” she shouted, pounding my head again. “Who is this kid, and why is she in your apartment?”
I neglected to tell Amy about my assistant, and although she was also from the gym, Diana had never met Amy.
“I’m Diana, and I’m going to surpass all of the girls at the gym and become Shuichi’s wife someday!” she said, without a shred of common sense.
“You are not!” I said.
“I’m his personal assistant at the University right now. We work together to complete all of his projects over there. Sometimes he even lets me sleep here!”
I was shocked. The three of us were all shocked.
“Diana, all you ever do for me is organize my reports and keep my pokémon company. That’s all I need you to do. And as for sleeping here, that was only one time and I stayed at my parents’ house that night.”
“Please don’t mind Shuichi, ladies. He puts on this mean face all the time, but I know he loves me, deep down. So, who are you two?”
Amy gave Diana an evil grin as she introduced herself.
“I’m Amy. I’m Shuichi’s real girlfriend, and a champion of three Pokémon League titles, including in the Kanto region. And you, Miss, are a nuisance!”
Amy’s voice reverberated all over the apartment, making it feel like the rooms themselves were shaking. Diana cringed, as did Shuko, and they both squatted down, covering their ears. Sakura, on the other hand, seemed to be resting through all of the commotion. Must be nice to be a pokémon that can’t fully understand humans and their language, without a care in the world.
“G-G-Girlfriend?” Diana stuttered. “Why didn’t you inform me of her, Shuichi? And she’s so pretty. What do you like about her? Is it because she’s such an amazing trainer? Or maybe it’s because she’s got such a great figure with those giant breasts of hers! Just you wait, mine will grow to that size, too!”
I gave a heavy sigh. I thought there was too much excitement for one day, so having Diana around just complicated matters.
“By the way, Shuichi, can I stay here for the night?” she finally asked sincerely.
“No you may not,” I told her flat out.
“Oh come on, please? I got in a fight with my parents again. They made me so mad I left and came here. Of course, no one was here, so I already set up a futon so I can sleep.”
“Thank you, Diana. You saved us a lot of time by doing that for me. Now pack your things and go home now. My guest is spending the night here.”
“What? You’re letting your girlfriend sleep here?”
“No, Amy’s going to her place tonight, since her parents live in this city. Shuko is here to crash for the night.”
“You mean the priestess lady? You would cheat on your girlfriend in her presence? You’re really brave, but really weird, Shuichi.”
Shuko, who had been silent this whole time, seems to have been enjoying all of this. I know it’s possible that she’s my sister, so if she is, why doesn’t she help me out in a situation like this?
“I’m sorry if I’ve intruding on such matters, you two,” she finally spoke up. “If you’d like, I don’t have to stay here. I can always find a hotel around here or even sleep under the stars.”
“No, that won’t do,” said Amy. “Come on, Shuko, you’ll stay at my place for the night. I trust that he will figure out what to do with his assistant, right Prof. Ginkgo?”
I hate it when she speaks to me at a professional level when she mocks me, but I didn’t want to upset her anymore, so I acknowledged her. Amy and Shuko left the apartment to go to Amy’s parents’ house.
“So, can I stay now?” asked Diana cheerfully.
There was only one way to get rid of her.
“On one condition. I get to go to my family’s house and spend the night there–”
“Aw, that’s no fun!”
“And you have to give Muk a bath. He’s hasn’t had one in a while. I expect to have him smell like Roselias when I come back in the morning.”
“Eeew, that’s disgusting!” said Diana. “You actually do stuff like that for him?”
“At least once a month,” I snapped back. “He may thrive off of sludge, so I can’t do it all the time, but even he has to exercise some degree of hygiene, or I won’t be able to take him out in the field as a guard or stealth pokémon. And you know how good he is at doing both for me.”
“In that case, never mind. I’ll tell my folks I’m sorry.”
Diana left my apartment and headed back home. I watched from my window to make sure she got there safely. Diana’s family lives in the apartments across from my complex, so I could see where she lives. I’m not stalking her or anything. I just want to make sure she’ll be fine.
Diana can be troublesome to deal with, but I keep her around because she does help me out a lot. Once she got back to her place, I looked around my room.
The desks were spotless. All the books were shelved properly and in our meticulous order. Any loose papers I had were filed neatly into piles for “to draft,” “to edit,” or “to publish.” The mail I had accumulated in the last two days sat in a tray, already opened and marked in our system based on level of importance. The computers we had didn’t have a speck of dust on them, and the cables running through them were organized well to ensure they wouldn’t get tangled.
In the small kitchen space, all of the dishes she and I left behind were washed and waiting to dry on the drain rack. All the counters were pristine and any loose foodstuffs were organized by use: liquids here, powders there, snack consumables elsewhere.
My bed was already made and the trash had already been taken out for tomorrow’s delivery. The floor had tracks of dirt that Sakura probably left behind, but that’s to be expected. She also laid out a futon so she could spend the night, already laid with her favorite bedsheets and blankets, the ones she normally used when she decided to take a nap while we were working.
Without Diana’s help, this place would definitely be a disaster zone. Had I been left alone, a lot of my work would be strewn all over the place and nothing would be put away properly. She’s a very good person at heart, that’s for sure.
“And I’m going to surpass all of the girls at the gym and become Shuichi’s wife someday!” her voice echoed in my memory.
I shook my head and slapped my cheeks together a few times. That was a very strange occurrence, yet totally normal thing for her to say. Does she really like me that much, or is she just toying with me? I had to get her out of my head. Not only is she nowhere near my age, she’s definitely not my type!
She’s definitely not going to be my wife, but when she does find someone she loves and marries him, he will be one very lucky guy.
I walked outside with three pokéballs, some soap and towels, and a nozzle changer, and went to our apartment’s garden. I released Sakura, Muk, and Politoed and replaced the nozzle on the garden hose.
“Alright you three, it’s time for your bath.”


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