Oda Twin Chronicles 7


Chapter 7: Interrogation

Fan Fiction inspired by Pokemon, Pokemon Conquest

Rating: Young Adult


After things calmed down, the company’s President Yuichiro Yamazaki had us all sit down in a conference room to discuss the situation. Along with him were his brothers Yujiro, the company’s Chief Security Officer, and Yusaburo, that guy that annoys me a lot. On the other end of the table were Shuko, Amy, and me.

“We’re sorry for the misunderstanding,” said Yuichiro. “We have been planning this festival for quite some time now. We already received all the permits to hold the event at the local level. We had no idea that the Pokémon League Trainers Association had some interest in what we do, seeing that our products don’t involve them directly.”
“It’s not that we were particularly involved in your festival, sir,” said Amy. “We were concerned specifically about a recent trade agreement your company had made.”
“A trade?” Yuichiro echoed. “What appears to be the issue? All of our trades are fair and open to public records. You can see them in our financial records.”
“That may be true,” continued Amy. “But we’ve recently become aware of a trade that was made without a monetary transaction.”
Amy pulled some more papers from her portfolio, reviewing a series of budget figures from the Yamazaki Corporation that were released to the public.
“In the past eight months, your company made a large purchase on pokéballs as a line-item under ‘Security.’ The budget was also increased significantly in security, more than the company has ever had in twenty years. It seems however that there was no increase in the number of employees nor the pokémon or equipment they were issued.”
Yuichiro seemed surprised hearing all of this from Amy, as if he had never heard of these facts.
“Just a few days ago, our intelligence division found this under our surveillance at the Pastoria City harbor,” continued Amy.
Amy showed the president the same photo that I saw earlier, the one with the crates.
“We verified that these boxes contained lances that were for your security guards. So, while there are no pokéballs in question, there are these lances instead.”
“We humbly ask you, Mr. President, what has happened to your purchase of pokéballs and why is it that your company has lances instead?” I concluded.
Yujiro, the second brother and their head of security, wiped his face and spoke.
“I was the one that made the decision to improve our security by catching and training stronger pokémon for our security staff. Our Chief of Operations and my brother, Yusaburo, however, suggested that I take a different approach for them.”
Yusaburo’s eyes glared at his brother. He must have been angry that Yujiro had intentionally shifted the blame to him.
“We were informed of an open trade agreement with another company for enough of these lances you saw to arm all of our security staff. We intended on promoting our new staff at the festival by adorning our security detail with the weapons, to show our family’s pride in warrior tradition. Surely there is nothing wrong with that.”
“So what happened to the pokéballs then?” asked Amy.
“That’s the strange thing,” spoke Yusaburo cautiously. “The company that sold us those lances asked for pokémon rather than money. Since our security budget was tightened despite our company’s demand for more of it, we didn’t have any other choice. As Chief of Operations, I decided to trade all of those newly trained pokémon in exchange for weapons. I figured that our security would benefit from having new weapons while keeping the issued pokémon they already had instead. A very strategic and practical decision, if you ask me.”
“Well, practical or not, trading mass amounts of pokémon for material goods constitutes as a serious crime. The laws consider such actions the same as poaching or smuggling pokémon. This law protects the rights of pokémon as well as trainers and businesses.”
“I can’t believe it,” said Yuichiro. “First Yushiro, and now you. Why do you guys make these decisions without my knowing?”
“But big brother, I wanted what was best for our company, and for our pride as a warrior family,” said Yusaburo. “I wanted to make this company stronger by arming our security, and I did. You, on the other hand, keep talking of peace with our warrior ways. What do you think our rivals say?”
“Our rivals have nothing to do with committing our own crimes,” said Yujiro. “Take responsibility for your actions, little brother. Don’t keep blaming others for your misdeeds.”
“If I wasn’t the third in line, none of this would be a problem,” said Yusaburo.
“If you weren’t the third in line, you wouldn’t exist!” shouted Yujiro.
Amy and I drew heavy sighs as the Yamazaki brothers continued to bicker and argue over their internal family feud. Then our priestess Shuko spoke up.
“Regardless of who made the decision or who is responsible for it, the fact remains that your company has made a decision that concerns these two representatives’ organizations. As an observer and your spiritual adviser, Mr. President, I would like to see that this trade is either reversed or denied. You don’t want your company to lose its reputation just because of a questionable agreement you made, now do you?”
The brothers calmed down and took their seats. Yuichiro nodded and agreed with Shuko.
“Good. Now have those pokémon returned and send back the lances or have the lances properly disposed under our laws. That is, after all, the only ways for you to undo your shame as pokémon warriors.”
“We would, my lady,” said Yusaburo. “However, the company we had made the contract with is from a foreign land. They probably already have distributed those pokémon elsewhere.”
I noticed that Amy was fidgeting with something under the table. This was her sign to me that she was either jotting down notes in secret or calling authorities. She’s very lucky that Shuko’s questions were distracting them.
“Well I’m glad that you have all been cooperating with us,” said Amy. “As you probably know, the Pokémon League Trainers Association can’t let this situation slide. Yusaburo Yamazaki, I will have to take you under arrest for further questioning. Please come with me quietly.”
The youngest of the three brothers stood up quietly and accepted his fate. The other two brothers also had the feeling of shame and disappointment on their faces. This was not the first time they had seen one of their family members detained.
A way of the warrior dies with the warrior. That’s what Erika taught me. Keeping Yusaburo alive behind bars was more of a burden than actually killing him right there on the spot. But we live in different times now, so the way of the warrior cannot execute this traditional rite. We must abide by modern laws.
Amy cuffed Yusaburo’s hands and led him outside of the office. There, Pastoria City Police were already there to send him away. Yuichiro and Yujiro continued to frown in shame for their brother. Shuko patted the oldest brother on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry things had to happen like this, sir,” she said. “But your company must endure and fix the problem before it keeps going like this.”
Yuichiro thanked the priestess and acknowledged her advice. I also thanked her and asked the brothers one more question.
“Do you happen to know with what company your brother had made that offer?”
“Unfortunately, I can’t say, Prof. Ginkgo, because I simply don’t know,” said Yujiro, who had been in contact with me the most recently because of his interest in my Pokémon Warlord Database. “However, I do know where the shipment of pokémon was sent when I reviewed my ledger.”
I was surprised. Yujiro didn’t mention this to us when Amy was around. Why would he decide to fess this up to me alone?
“Where were they sent?”
“To the Kingdom of Illusio.”
Shuko gave Yujiro a disgusted look. I wasn’t sure what that was for.
“Illusio? Never heard of it.”
“The Kingdom of Illusio,” echoed Shuko. “In the region of Ransei.”


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