Oda Twin Chronicles 3


Chapter 3: Officer Amy

Fan fiction inspired by Pokemon, Pokemon Conquest

Rating: Young Adult


I got into a car with Amy and drove off in the opposite direction of Celadon City. Clearly I wasn’t allowed to go home yet.
Amy is at the administrative level of the Pokémon League Trainers Association in Sinnoh. She earned such a position after becoming the champion of three regions. Her main task as an administrator is to monitor criminal activity as an investigator, much like how the University of Pokémon Studies’ Special Investigations Department operates.

Not that I mind being around her, but the Trainers Association and the University have partnered us together fairly regularly since the Kanon Aizawa case. Since that time, we teamed up for over eight cases within the Sinnoh and Kanto regions: her jurisdiction and mine. I’m not an official member, but I did work for SID as an intern during my undergraduate studies, so I have some detective experience. But honestly, I think the administrators of our respective organizations have a different reason for putting us together.
“So Shuichi, have you told them yet?” asked Amy as we drove away from Saffron City.
“Told who what now?” I asked dumbfoundedly.
“Your parents, of course. I’ve told mine already, immediately after it happened.”
“Well then I’m sure my family knows already, so I don’t have to say a word.”
Despite her new job in the Sinnoh region, Amy and I are actually childhood friends. We were both in the tea ceremony class at the Celadon City Gym. We both became senior members and got our first pokémon together. She of course, is a far greater trainer than I am, and naturally, her talents have separated us until recently.
A few months ago, after our fifth case together, we started dating.
“Ugh, you’re such an idiot sometimes, Shuichi,” said Amy. “If you can confess to me, how can you not tell your parents?”
“I’m sorry, Amy. I just haven’t found a good time to tell them yet.”
“Not a good time? How many marriage meetings have they arranged for you since we started?”
The answer is three, but there was no way I would admit to that, so I kept my mouth shut. Amy and I are thirty years old, and my parents have grown concerned that I haven’t decided to “settle down” yet. Even if I told them the truth about Amy, my family would only see that young girl that used to tag along with me so many years ago. And if they accepted her, they would put even more pressure on her to have the wedding and possibly children thereafter. I couldn’t put Amy in that situation.
“Do you really love me, Shuichi?” she asked. “Because if you do, why can’t you tell anyone? And if you don’t, then why are we doing this?”
I do love Amy, but I still felt very guilty about it. I used to have a different love in my life, Mei Jia, but she passed away eight years ago due to illness. Amy’s family took care of her as an adopted daughter, so Amy is like her big sister. Somehow I felt like dating her was just a replacement for Mei.
“Well, I guess you’re not the only one who’s not honest with your feelings,” said Amy with a sigh. “I just hope we can work it out, the way things are for both of us.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We arrived in Vermillion City and boarded a plane on its way to the Sinnoh region. After much silence between us, Amy spoke to me as a colleague instead of a girlfriend. She has a knack for switching roles like that professionally, something I have yet to get used to.
“Alright Amy, you have my undivided attention now,” I said. “What’s going on this time?”
Amy searched her portfolio and handed a small, but thick stack of papers to me. I skimmed them over.
“Our Pokémon League Trainers Association is led to believe that there is smuggling going on in Pastoria City. One of our other agents had taken pictures of these crates found in the harbor.”
I turned the pages to a photograph of a shipment at the Pastoria City harbor. The boxes shown were long, but not particularly deep. There were a lot of these small boxes lain on the crates. If they were any other items, they could have been placed in larger boxes. These, however, were obviously carrying something either delicate or precious.
“What worries the Trainers Association is that these boxes were traded in for pokémon; and not just freshly caught, but well-trained ones that have been raised meticulously by the Yamazaki Corporation. I’m sure that name rings a bell?”
I nodded. The Yamazaki Corporation is runned by four brothers: Yuichiro, Yujiro, Yusaburo, and Yushiro, respectively. They’re a very traditional family that once owned many parts of the Sinnoh region centuries ago. It goes without saying that they all uphold warlord customs as well.
The eldest, Yuichiro Yamazaki, is the current president of the corporation. His brother, Yujiro, is listed as the most trusted amongst them in my Pokémon Warlord Database. The youngest, Yushiro, has already been arrested for embezzlement, among other crimes he had committed against his own brothers, but he alone doesn’t have a lot of power even within his own family. Not much is known about Yusaburo, so my only guess is that he may have authorized the questionable trade.
“So in essence, it’s our job to find out what kind of contraband the Yamazaki Corporation has been smuggling in?” I asked.
“That’s correct, Prof. Ginkgo,” said Amy.
I hate it when she acts all formal like this around me. It makes me wonder if we’re actually dating.
“The Yamazaki brothers keep their activities very private,” she continued. “However they become much more laxed around women. That’s why I will be taking the lead on this case and doing the initial interrogating. Still, our Trainers Assocation takes extra precautions because they are warlords. That’s why I, I mean, they decided to call you in, Professor.”
I know Amy is trying to stay professional in this situation because of her reputation as a member of Sinnoh’s administrative branch. She doesn’t want to admit that she simply felt more at ease if I was with her on this case. And even though she fails at admitting to it, I still think it was kind of cute for her to hide it.
“You have them with you, right, Shuichi?” she asked, without realizing she said my first name.
“Of course I do,” I said with a quick smile, revealing a pokéball and an item ball from my messenger bag.
Amy blushed from my reaction, then tried to get a hold of herself.
“Why are you smiling at me like that, you pervert?” she said flabberghasted.
“Oh, no reason,” I said coyly. “I am your ‘Shuichi’ after all.”
I gave her a sly wink. She turned completely red from embarrassment and anger and then pounded the top of my head while we were still sitting down.
The plane finally landed in Jubilife City. This was the normal hub where persons flying outside of the Sinnoh region got off, just as those coming to the Kanto region enter from Vermillion City.
“Alright, Prof. Ginkgo,” said Amy as she got a hold of herself again. “Let’s go to Pastoria City.”


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