Old Lystria



For those who don’t know, this is what I call “old Lystria.” She was my most attached character from World of Warcraft. Lystria Densine, as I had called her, was a gnome warlock who had lots of adventures with her various guilds she had been in over 2 years of gameplay, and has had an even more colorful background history in an unfinished novel I attempted to write. Unfortunately my obsession with World of Warcraft has ended, and old Lystria is now retired. This is the remaining screenshot I could find of her on my computer.

Nonetheless, I still use Lystria as a name for myself (granted I am admittedly male in real life) for other single-player RPGs I play as well as reminisce about the cute little warlock from time to time. Lystria’s story is a complicated one, as she is “Chaotic-Good and misunderstood,” and someday, I might revisit the story if I ever have the time, effort, and inspiration.

Nowadays, The True Lystria just posts reviews about things I like to critique (emphasis on “like;” if you’re looking for someone who likes to bash bad things like there’s no tomorrow, I know a few critics who are like that). Lately I have been reviewing a lot of anime/TV shows, but I will probably check out books and video games as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

So anyway, welcome to my blog. Yay!

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